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Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1813

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1813

The pain was so great that Shirley nearly lost consciousness. Dazed, she only heard someone who kept calling her name.

“Shirley, Shirley! “

The voice sounded anxious and worrying, and Shirley felt like she was dreaming.

It had been so many years. The only time she had seen her parents worrying for her was when Shirley had been younger. She had never experienced it ever since.

She had not known what it felt like to have someone being concerned for her.

Later, she had met Carter as well as stayed in his house and felt cared for, but since the year she left, she no longer could experience it again.

Much later, she had felt as if she was just an emotionless tool.

Shirley had been living emotionlessly for the sake of research and data, as well as helping Carter to achieve success in his life.

She had thought that to be love.

She only realized now, however, that her love was one-sided.

“She’s pregnant.”

While dazed, Shirley heard Adam’s voice, and then she heard Cathy’s astonishment.

“What? Pregnant?” “Yeah.”

Adam’s affirmation made Shirley certain that she was not dreaming.

She opened her eyes and felt the sunlight shining through the window.

However, there was no means of easing the physical pain she was feeling. She felt her strength drained and a vague sensation of pain in every bone of hers.

At that moment, however, she was unbothered by this as she softly placed her hand on her tummy.


‘I’m pregnant?’

Adam, noticing that Shirley was awake, immediately questioned her, “Are you pregnant

with Carter’s child?”   

Although  Shirley  just  woke  up,  she was fully alert.

“I’m asking you a question, Shirley. Are you pregnant with Carter’s child?! ” Adam questioned; his emotional state seemed agitated.

Shirley did not answer Adam.

Shirley, have you gone mute? Don’t you hear me talking to you? Or could it be that this is Carter’s child and you can’t bring yourself to say it?”

” Shirley’s expression turned. She glared at Adam, panting, but still did not speak.

“Adam, please calm down. Why don’t you go downstairs and get some food for your sister? Since she’s pregnant, she should be taking in more nutrition, ” Cathy advised.

Cathy saw Adam getting mad because of Shirley at this moment. He always was a gentle and soft man, but when it came to anything to do with Shirley, he could not face it calmly.

She knew it was because Adam cared too much.

She had intended to advise Adam to step outside for the time being, but as soon as she spoke, she heard Adam speaking coldly.

“What nutrition? This child would not have the chance to be born into this world.”

Adam’s statement stunned Cathy. As for Shirley, it was as if a disaster had struck her. Suddenly, Shirley reached out with her hand and grabbed Adam’s wrist, pulling him over.

“What did you say? What do you mean by that, Adam? You can hate me, go against me, look down on me, but who you are to curse my child! The child’s innocent! “

“Innocent? Do you even know what innocent means?” Adam chuckled. “Those people who suffered because of the poison you’ve created, weren’t they all innocent? Aren’t Jeremy and Eveline innocent?”

“…..” Shirley was at a loss for words at these questions.

“Shirley, I’m going to clearly tell you this once more. This child would not have the chance to make it into this world not because of other reasons, but because you’re the biological mother.”

” Shirley’s eyes reddened. “Adam, what the hell are you trying to say?”

“Do you even know when you got pregnant with
this child? The poison is inside of you. It has flared up thrice, and the anti-toxoid test reagent was just used in this third stage. Do you still think you’d want this child? Could you guarantee that,  when the child is born, the child will be completely fine?”

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