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Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1810

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1810

“What’s wrong? Scared?” Shirley raised her brows. ” I never expected it to be you.”

” . Stop muttering gibberish, Shirley! I’ve already told you that I have nothing to do with you being disfigured and paralyzed. Don’t ever let me see you again!”

Ada shouted at Shirley, then lifted her gown and anxiously ran back to the hall.

Shirley calmly looked at Ada’s figure as Ada fled. Shirley merely clenched her fists.

“You’re right, someone else harmed me.” Shirley seemed to mutter to herself, then chuckled bitterly. “I never would have thought that it would be her…”

“Now that you know you had misunderstood Eveline, are you still unwilling to reveal the formula to the anti-toxoid test reagent?” Cathy seized the opportunity to bring this up.

Shirley remained smiling. “It seems that you’re quite concerned for Eveline, but unfortunately,

even if I do give you guys the formula to the anti-

toxoid test reagent, you guys would still not be able to reproduce it.”

“Couldn’t you make it yourself then? Don’t you think that whatever you’re doing right now is causing harm to others?”

Cathy’s words hushed Shirley for a moment, but before long, she laughed again.

“You should worry less. Eveline won’t die.”

“You’re beyond saving, ” Cathy barked, “I’d say you haven’t come to your senses. In that case, remain here and get a breather! “

After speaking, Cathy spun around angrily.

Shirley did not speak, merely watching Cathy walking onward angrily.

However, she knew that Cathy would not go far.

In everyone’s eyes, she was indeed a cruel and unscrupulous woman, yet no one knew that she was kind too.

Nevertheless, she could not blame how others viewed her because all this while, she was as wicked as everyone thought.

Indeed, to begin with, she was not a nice person. Shirley laughed mockingly at herself, then lifted her hand to touch on the uneven scar on her face.

At that moment, out of the corner of her eye, she saw a figure that terrified her.

She quickly wore the mask but noticed she was currently in a wheelchair. ‘I must not let Carter see me with my legs paralyzed!’

However, Cathy was not beside her then.

Perturbed, Shirley saw the seats in a corner and immediately came to a decision.

She had to move onto the sofa! This way, she could hide the truth about her paralysis.

Her legs had lost their senses, though, and she could not easily move onto the sofa.

However, in her peripheral vision, she saw that Carter was about to turn around to walk toward her. Shirley lifted both her hands to hoist herself up, using the strength of her upper body to fall onto the sofa.

Carter was indeed looking for Shirley. He had received the news about someone with a special invitation card arriving at the wedding scene.

As he was searching now, he heard a sudden muffled sound coming from the balcony.

Carter turned around, lifted his deep eyes, and surveyed.

Beneath the faint lighting, he could vaguely make out a familiar outline on the balcony.

Carter squinted his eyes that was giving off a dangerous vibe, then quickly made his way behind the woman sitting on the balcony sofa.

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