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Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1808

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1808

She could not bring herself to recall the scene of Carter being with another woman, as though the mere thought of it could upset her stomach.

She wanted to vomit but nothing came out.

To prevent Cathy from suspecting anything, Shirley quickly recomposed herself and steered her wheelchair out of the washroom.

Cathy, upon seeing Shirley’s still-pale look, suggested, “Why not we head back home?”

“It’s still too early. I want to head out for some fresh air.” Shirley looked at the balcony at the end of the corridor. “I can go over by myself.”

Knowing Shirley was not in a good mood, Cathy did not force it on her.

She thought of heading over to have a look at Shirley just as she received a call.

It was a call from Adam. Cathy figured that Adam called because was worried about them. Thus, Cathy answered the call without hesitation.

Shirley came onto the balcony by herself.

It was now late at night, and the sky was full of stars.

To her, however, it was as if the brightest star could not shine through the darkness within her.


Shirley suddenly chuckled softly, and warm tears streamed out her eyes.

“Shirley, what foolishness have you been up to all these years?”

She questioned herself and found it hilarious.

“For the sake of a man who doesn’t love you, what have you done?”

“Yeah, what did you do for a man who doesn’t love you, Shirley? Up to this point, do you still not understand it?”

A woman’s scornful voice suddenly came from behind.

Shirley hurriedly recomposed herself.

She turned the wheelchair around and saw Ada, who was in an elegant gown, walking toward her with a victorious smile.

She had not expected Ada to be able to make out her current appearance. Shirley did not know what to do?

She did not wish for Ada to see her in such an embarrassing state.

“You got the wrong person,” Shirley denied, “I’m not the person who you’re looking for.”

As she spoke, Shirley intended to leave, but Ada walked up and stood before her.

“How could I get the wrong person? While we’re not close with each other, we still faced each other quite several times.”

Ada’s red lips curled into a smirk, and the smile on her face grew wider.

“Although you had been adopted by the Gray family back then, Carter had always treated you like a sister. Today, you’re able to attend Carter’s wedding, which makes me, as Carter’s wife, feel happy. However, what’s wrong with you, sister?

Why are you wearing a mask and in a wheelchair?”

Ada deliberately put on a curious look, then revealed a worried and puzzled expression.

“You don’t have the flu, do you? Please don’t pass it on to our guests.”

Hearing what Ada had to say, it was obvious that Ada was provoking Shirley and scorning her.

Shirley clenched onto her fists and tried so hard to control her emotions.

“Rest assured, I don’t have the flu. It’s just a coincidence that I was passing by here with a friend. We didn’t know that you and Carter are getting married,” Shirley denied and lifted her eyes to look at the corridor far away.

She was looking for Cathy’s figure, but she had no idea where Cathy went.

Shirley quickly took out her phone, attempting to contact Cathy.

However, Ada suddenly stretched out her hand and took her phone away; a sinister smile appeared on her face.

“Since you don’t have the flu, then why bother wearing a mask? Let me have a look at what’s going on with your face.”

“Don’t touch me!”

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