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Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1805

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1805

Cathy remembered that she had seen the bride’s name on the wedding invitation card, but it did not strike her as familiar, and she believed that she did not know the bride.

Cathy shook her head. “No idea.” “Hmph. Of course, you wouldn’t know.”

Shirley smiled, seemingly talking to herself.

“She’s considered a childhood sweetheart of Carter’s, but he has always hated this woman, so much so that he had even used Eveline as a shield to rid himself of her.”

Speaking of Carter’s engagement with Madeline, Cathy knew parts of it, but she was not privy to the fact that Carter had been using Madeline to get rid of another woman.

However, on that night, he was about to marry that same woman he had wanted to shake off.

Cathy found it rather ridiculous.

However, after considering Carter’s status, she could see that there were logical reasons behind all this.

“Are you close to the bride?” Cathy casually asked.

“Not at all,” Shirley answered without thinking twice, her eyes glittered scornfully. “Even though I’m not a good person, I think this woman’s wickedness far exceeds mine.”

“What do you mean by that?”

Shirley looked at the corners of the banquet hall, and her gaze finally met with Cathy’s crystal-clear eyes.

“I’m afraid there is a matter that Eveline  is oblivious to even now. Eveline was once kidnapped by someone named Naomi and brought to the port where Eveline had nearly drowned; it was actually a scheme devised by Naomi and this woman.”

Cathy was stunned upon hearing this revelation.

“Actually, Eveline is very intelligent and managed to escape. She just didn’t expect to bump into this woman, who had been standing guard, along the way. After knocking Eveline out cold, this woman just stood aside and watched as Naomi pushed Eveline into the river.”

After hearing that, Cathy was even more stunned and puzzled. “How did you know about this incident so clearly?”

Shirley chuckled lightly. “Of course, I’m aware of it because I was just nearby at that time.”

Cathy, finding it hard to believe, frowned and asked, “That means you were coldly watching from afar? You merely watched as Eveline nearly drowned?”

The smile on Shirley’s face froze, and she no longer spoke a word as if her silence was an admission.

Cathy felt a pinch in her heart, and suddenly she felt she had made a terrible mistake.

Shirley was such a cruel woman, yet Cathy still wanted to care for her.

The more Cathy thought about it, the more frustrated she felt. She suddenly got up, as if about  to leave.

Seeing that Cathy was making her leave, Shirley abruptly lifted her head.

“I also saw that Eveline had not lost consciousness. I knew she could swim and would not have drowned.

Cathy’s footsteps came to a halt following Shirley’s hurried explanation.

She could make out what Shirley was saying in an anxious tone.

Before she could turn around, Cathy heard Shirley continue speaking.

“Whether you believe it or not, at the very least, I’ve never hurt anyone to death.”

“You’re saying that the frightening poison you’ve developed isn’t considered as hurting anyone?” Cathy spun around and asked. “Even now, you still don’t realize just how terrifying the things you’ve done?”

“I don’t think so, ” Shirley answered confidently. Her eyes suddenly lost their aggressive look. She was even passionately looking in a certain direction. “I only know that all I have done was for him.”


Following the direction of Shirley’s gaze, Cathy saw Carter coming out from the entrance of the banquet hall, his bride walking alongside him.

That bride was Ada.

Shirley had thought that once she had completed the task Carter assigned to her, she would then be able to officially be his wife and have this kind of wedding with him.

However, in the end, the wedding was merely a dream.

She also could not believe that Carter would marry Ada.

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