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Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1803

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1803

Cathy spun around when she heard the commotion, and saw Shirley gracelessly falling onto the ground. The wheelchair beside Shirley was turned over, and she was lying flat on the ground, unable to get up.

Upon seeing the situation, Cathy quickly spun around and headed over.

She squatted to help Shirley up, but Shirley rejected Cathy, shoving Cathy’s hand.

“I don’t need your pity!” Shirley bit on her lips, eyes agleam with self-deprecation. “Adam must be overjoyed to see me in such a state, isn’t he? He could restore my appearance, yet he’s unwilling to

perform the surgery on me! The same goes for you a s well.”

Shirley, fists clenched, glanced at Cathy.

“You don’t intend to help me at all. You’re just forced to take care of a useless person like me because of Adam! “

“You know that you’re forcing this on others, then? ” Adam suddenly walked in through the door.

Shirley briefly paused, before letting out a cold chuckle.

“Hehe. Adam, you’re finally speaking your mind. You’ve never thought of helping me. ‘Blood is thicker than water.’ What utter rubbish.”

“Yes, I’ve never thought of helping you. I’ve permitted your stay here just so that I can sneak a few more anti-toxoid test reagents to help Eveline. Let me put it this way. Do you think this makes more sense? Are you satisfied with it?” Adam questioned her emotionlessly.

At that moment, Shirley, at a loss for words, just pursed her lips.

Cathy noticed the tension in the air, so she did not interrupt the conversation between the siblings but offered her hands to help Shirley up.

Shirley, however, was still being stubborn and pushed Cathy’s hands away again.

“I don’t need your pity!”

“Shirley, withdraw your princess temper. No one here owes you anything, ” Adam lectured her. “If it weren’t for Cathy looking after you all this while, do you think your condition would improve this quickly?”

“I never begged her to look after me! ” Shirley said cold-heartedly. She then lifted her cold eyes. “From now on, I don’t need you two looking after me!”

Shirley said it through her gritted teeth, her fists clenched, then crawled her way to the room door.

Adam just stood aside and watched, his frown deepened at every inch Shirley moved.

Shirley bit her lips and forced herself to crawl forth.

She thought back on the days when she could move around as she wished, her long legs which used to allow her to traverse such a distance to exit the room in mere seconds.

Now, however…

Shirley let out a pitifully cold laugh. ‘This is karma.

‘I deserved it.’ “Hurry and get up.”

Shirley was crawling forth and suddenly, she heard a gentle voice drifting to her ears.

Naturally, she could make out that it was Cathy’s voice

“You bought this clothing specifically to attend

today’s wedding. It won’t look nice if you soiled it. “

As Cathy spoke, she squatted and looked at Shirley, who looked lost.

“No one will pity you, and I won’t pity someone who develops poison to harm others. You need not condemn yourself either. Didn’t you keep saying that Eveline had hired someone to mess you up this way?

“Let me tell you, however, that it’s impossible to have been Eveline, so it’s best if you recuperate, then investigate the true culprit who harmed you.”

Upon hearing that, Shirley immediately retorted, ” Apart from Eveline, who else could have done it?! Besides, that woman implied that it was her.”

“That’s not necessarily the case. Isn’t it a common thing to push the blame onto others?” Cathy slowly asked in turn.

Seeing that Shirley was seemingly deep in thought, Cathy then looked at Adam.

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