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Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1790

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1790

Fabian hung up the call and immediately called Evan.

“Do me a favor and see whether there’s a vial of anti-toxoid test reagent on Madeline. If there is one, immediately inject her with it. You’re a doctor so the injection should be a small matter to you. Hurry.

Fabian immediately hung up, not giving Evan any opportunity to reject him.

Naturally, as a doctor, Evan would not reject such a request.

However, he glanced at Madeline, who had been injected with a tranquilizer, and could not help but find this suspicious.

‘Would this be inappropriate?’

However, it was a doctor’s job to save lives. Be it a pediatrician or some other specialist, they share the same responsibility.

He pulled the blanket away and searched through Madeline’s clothing, but he did not manage to find the anti-toxoid test reagent that Fabian mentioned.

He then quickly called Fabian, who was already rushing to the hospital.

After arriving at the hospital, Fabian meticulously searched through all the pockets on Madeline’s clothing. Indeed, there was no anti-toxoid test reagent that Jeremy mentioned.

“Fab, you mentioned looking for an anti-toxoid test reagent to cure the poison? Has Madeline been poisoned?”

Fabian remained silent, belying what he knew in his heart.

‘This must be similar to the poison that Lana gave to Jeremy a long time ago.’

He found this odd. ‘How did Eveline get poisoned as well?’

“Why don’t we wait until she’s awake, then have her tell us where she put the anti-toxoid test reagent?”

“I’m afraid she’ll be worse than before after she wakes up,” Fabian guessed.

The truth was indeed exactly as he imagined. After the effect of the tranquilizer wore off, Madeline woke up.

However, after Madeline had woken up, it was just like what Fabian had predicted. Her mental state worsened.

She looked like she was in much more anguish than before. Her eyes were unfocused, and she kept on muttering Jeremy’s name and saying things like asking Jeremy to believe in her.

Fabian looked at her and felt a sudden heartache.

“You claimed to want to seek revenge on his wife, but I see that you’re quite concerned for her,” Evan said playfully and casually as he stood beside Fabian, yet he saw Fabian’s expression suddenly become serious.

“Back when I first met her, I was truly captivated by her beauty. She’s the most stunning lady I’ve ever seen.”

Fabian praised Madeline’s appearance from the bottom of his heart.

“From the very beginning when I first got to know her, however, she already had eyes for someone else. Hence, I didn’t develop any feelings for her. That was also the reason that I called her Eveline when I first met her.

” She’s smart, extremely brave, and talented. She has encountered many unfortunate events, yet she still managed to overcome them.

“This time, I believe she will overcome it as well.”

Fabian’s comment was suffused with wonderful hope and blessing.

After he spoke, Fabian frowned and turned around to leave, a conflicting expression playing on his countenance.

Evan shrugged his. He had a general understanding of Fabian’s reason for behaving this way.

Fabian had thought of seeking revenge, but he could not resist befriending Madeline, caring for her as a brother would a sister.

Indeed, Fabian was having contradicting thoughts just as Evan thought.

Despite that, he still decided to call Jeremy to inform him of the situation, but Jeremy had his phone switched off.

‘He switched off his phone at such a moment.’

Fabian could only think of one possibility. Jeremy, with a speed that was beyond imagination, was boarding the plane for the sake of Madeline.

A few hours later, Fabian indeed received the call from Jeremy when Jeremy had arrived at F Country.

He was not evasive, and he immediately told him the location of the hospital.

Jeremy immediately took a cab and rushed to the hospital, and saw Fabian, who he had not seen after so long, in front of the entrance of the ward.

Fabian saw Jeremy, and without a second’s delay, Fabian looked in the direction of the ward. “She’s inside. Go in and see it for yourself.”

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