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Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1786

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1786

However, when they were about to catch up to Madeline, they had not expected Madeline, who was sprinting, to suddenly fall in front of the car. “Eveline?! “

Fabian rushed to Madeline’s side. As he supported Madeline up by her shoulders, he realized that Madeline had already lost consciousness and had fainted.

Evan walked over to them and quickly placed his fingers over Madeline’s wrist, feeling her pulse, analyzing it. Evan then frowned.

“Fab, Eveline’s condition seems very suspicious. Bring her to a room now!”

Fabian too noticed that there was some urgency in Madeline’s condition and carried Madeline back to the guest room.

With the space being separated by a wall, Madeline and Lilian were both placed in two rooms.

After carrying Madeline to the bed, Fabian had Evan conduct a checkup on Madeline again.

Even though Evan was a pediatrician, he had still mastered the basic medical checkup procedures.

However, at that moment, he was unable to make out the problem with Madeline.

“Palpitations, cold sweat, and erratic breathing.

I’ve seen such conditions before, but her symptoms seem to be different from ordinary patients.”

Evan felt troubled, and at that moment, he heard Madeline’s semi-consciously talking in her dream. “Jeremy, you must believe me, even if it’s just once, please…”

Despite Madeline’s very weak voice, Fabian and Evan could hear it crystal clear.

“Who’s Jeremy?” Evan asked curiously.

“The number one young master of Glendale. He’s Eveline’s husband, Jeremy Whitman, ” Fabian explained.

Evan was more puzzled when he heard it.

‘Just under what circumstances would Madeline shout for her husband in such a lowly manner, begging him to believe her?’

Evan gave it a thought, then provided a suggestion. “Fab, Eveline’s condition is already beyond my

knowledge. Of course, it might be due to my inadequate medical knowledge. Perhaps she just has a weak body. You could just wait until she

wakes before deciding whether or not to send her to the hospital.”

“I’ll now send her over to the hospital.” Fabian made his decision.

Puzzled, Evan looked at him. “Don’t tell me that you’re worried that, when she wakes, she might realize that you’re actually hiding her daughter, so you’re trying to get rid of her as soon as possible?”

In the face of Evan’s suspicion, Fabian did not feel like explaining himself.

He quickly carried Madeline and immediately drove his car to the hospital.

Along the journey, Madeline kept on talking in an incomprehensive manner.

Evan could not understand a thing, but Fabian somehow knew a part of it.

He had known Madeline for two years. He had learned about the past between Madeline and Jeremy.

Jeremy had once hurt Madeline very deeply, and the words she spoke in her dreams were perhaps

memories of the great pain she had felt. The phase in which she had suffered the most.

Fabian lowered his eyes to look at Madeline, who was unconscious, and started to have mixed feelings.

Amidst the silence, he softly spoke two words. “Oh, Eveline.”

Evan drove the car straight to the private hospital that he had established. After settling Madeline down, Fabian felt much more relieved for some unknown reason.

Fabian had initially thought of waiting until Madeline woke up and after ensuring that she was alright before he returned home. After giving it a second thought, however, he still decided to leave.

He felt that there was no need for him to get involved with Madeline anymore. He bid farewell to Evan and immediately left.

However, as soon as Fabian had driven to and arrived downstairs of his company building, he received a call from Evan.

On the other end of the line, Evan hurriedly said, ” Fab, you better come back here quick. Eveline’s awake but she seems a little off.”

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