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Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1776

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1776

“I truly have no idea who you’re talking about.”


Shirley knew that Adam was doing this on purpose. She genuinely wanted to know how both o f her parents died back then, but she refused to

utter the two words “mom” and “dad”. Feeling displeased, she changed the topic.

“Adam, are you best friends with Jeremy and his wife? Why are you helping them so much? Not only have you been doing whatever it takes to develop the anti-toxoid test reagent for them, you’d even stayed by Ryan’s side as a spy.”

“Even if they’re not my friends, I would still save them because I’m a doctor.”

Adam answered, neither humble nor haughty, then questioned.

“Now, it’s my turn to ask you. How did you know Ryan? Why were you developing a poison to harm Jeremy? Lana got hold of this poison back then, so does it mean you know Lana too? However, Ryan was the one manipulating Lana and Yorick this

whole time. What on earth is the connection behind all of this?”

Adam’s questions came one after another, momentarily startling Shirley.

She had not expected Adam to make such connections between all these many details and come up with this conclusion from them.

However, she knew she absolutely could not tell him the truth behind it all.

She deliberately put up a calm smile, which still looked lively and charming if one were to look at her intact left face.

“Adam, don’t think that you’re so clever. I can’t say what’s the connection between them, but the reason I created the poison and sold it to Lana under your name was that she’d ordered this through certain channels. I’ve merely developed them accordingly.”

“ Is that so?” Adam clearly did not believe her. “ In that case, why did you go the extra mile in making Lana think that I was the one who developed the poison? If you hadn’t done that, why would she find me? She’d even said that as long as I worked for her, she’ll help me achieve my dream in the medical field.”

“That’s because I want to see a doctor’s downfall.” Shirley displayed a wicked smile. “Adam, I too had the chance to become a doctor. They were the ones who denied me this chance. They were the ones who gave up on me to fulfill your dreams!”

Shirley shouted out the dissatisfaction inside her heart at Adam.

However, at this moment, she was only hoping to shift Adam’s attention.

She did not want Adam to continue looking into this.

The truth about Lana, Yorick, and Ryan, including Ryan’s death, could only rot inside her stomach.

“Shirley, from the moment you hesitated and stayed silent just now, I’ve already known your answer.”

Adam’s statement instantly pulled Shirley’s

wandering thoughts back.

She lifted her head to look at the solemn-looking Adam, realizing that the man before her was no longer the little boy in her memories, the boy who would follow behind her and call her name.

He had grown up to be an exceptionally talented person.

Shirley averted her gaze and chuckled softly. “Push me back. I’m a little tired.”

“You’re not tired. You’re avoiding my questions.”

Adam saw through Shirley. She was worried that Adam would continue questioning her, thereby uncovering some clues. She then pressed the button on the wheelchair and turned around herself.

“ Shirley, do you think you can just run away? The truth won’t be hidden forever, and just like your heart, I don’t believe it’ll stay black forever.”

When she heard that, Shirley grabbed the handle of the wheelchair tightly and bit her lip. Although the corners of her eyes had turned red, she did not let the tears fall from her eyes.

She would not allow herself to cry. She looked down on women who cried easily the most. That was why she admired Madeline, so Shirley could not tolerate herself crying.

However, tears were now blurring her vision. She sped up as she headed toward the house and entered. Her thoughts were probably already in a mess as she did not watch where she was going when she got into the living room, crashing into the coffee table and toppling the rubbish bin next to it. The wedding invitation Adam had thrown away not long ago coincidentally fell before the wheelchair. Through her blurry and teary vision, Shirley saw the name that was etched deep inside her heart. She also saw another name that she dared not believe…

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