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Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1774

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1774

However, he felt that they were getting along quite well right now too.

Loving someone did not necessarily mean getting them.

The best scenario would be that both sides felt comfortable.

“Adam, are you home?” At this moment, Shirley’s voice drifted from the room upstairs.

Adam and Cathy shared a look. “ I’ll go upstairs and take a look at her.”

“Okay. I’ll prepare some breakfast for her.”

“Okay.” Adam gently nodded and went upstairs after he saw Cathy turning around.

Shirley had basically accepted the fact that she was now disfigured and crippled. She could not be considered to have fully accepted it, but she had no choice but to face this.

When she saw Adam arriving, her attitude was still cold and disdainful, and it even had a hint of arrogance.

“What were you muttering about with her downstairs? If there’s something to say, why couldn’t you just say it to my face?” Shirley asked in a questioning tone, and her expression was icy.

Adam replied with the same cold attitude, “The person you’re talking about meticulously cares for your daily needs every day, so you’d best change your tone.”

“Hmph. It’s not like I asked her to take care of me. She’s the one who’s been sticking to me.”

Shirley said disdainfully, then shot Adam a mocking look.

“Adam, you’re still capable since you’re able to ask a woman to help you. However, you’d best not forget that you have no place in that woman’s heart. The person she loved is Felipe who was executed.”

Adam was unbothered by Shirley’s deliberate mocking. He did not take it to heart as well.

“You’ve urgently called for me just to tell me this? I’m very busy, and I don’t have time to continue listening to your nonsense.”

After Adam had finished speaking, he turned and walked away with a cold expression. “Stop!”

Shirley quickly stopped him with a hurried tone as she glared at his back.

“Adam, I’ve heard that this woman had also been disfigured back then, and she even had plastic surgery, restoring her looks to how it had been before. Is that true?”

When Adam heard this, he knew what Shirley wanted to say.

“Answer me, now! ” Shirley urged impatiently.

Adam did not avoid this topic. He turned around and calmly looked into Shirley’s anxious gaze.

Neither too fast nor too slow, he said, “That’s right, it’s as you’ve said. Cathy had injured her face back then.”

“You’re the one who operated on her?”


With this affirmative answer, Shirley’s eyes immediately lit up.

“ In that case, you must have a way to fix my face, right? Adam, perform the surgery on me. I want my face to look how it looked before.”

“Hmph.” Adam coldly scoffed. “Your heart is already black, so it’ll be useless no matter how pretty your face is.”

“You… ” Shirley was momentarily speechless, but she did not give up. Instead, she questioned in a threatening tone, “Adam, I’m asking you again. Are you going to help perform the surgery on me”

“Why should I help you? Do you think you could return to that man once your face is fixed? Shirley, wake up! The reason you’re like this now is that you gave everything to that man!”

“Adam Brown, shut up!” Shirley was suddenly worked up emotionally. She did not want to hear anything negative about Carter. “A relationship is about consent, and the person who’s loved is not at fault! ”

Adam laughed even harder when he heard that. His tone sounded even more sarcastic as he spoke. “ I didn’t expect my vile and devious sister to also be the type to grow infatuated.”

“Fine, I can help you fix the wound on your face with surgery, but you must give something in return.”

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