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Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1767

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1767

Jeremy abruptly stopped applying the ointment.

Actually, it had been so long and he still did not understand Fabian’s actions.

However, he was sure that Fabian had gotten some news from somewhere that led to him suddenly resisting them.

Perhaps, that person had given Fabian false news that was detrimental to Jeremy and Madeline.

However, even though Fabian was still young, Jeremy thought that he was not someone who was brainless and would be easily manipulated by others.

“Linnie.” Jeremy grabbed Madeline’s hands softly and got up to sit next to her. He pulled her into his arms. “Linnie, after we raise the kids, I want to find a suburb that’s near the mountain and the ocean so that we can finally live a life with just the two of us.”

Jeremy voiced the wonderful expectation in his heart. He was planning for this happy and blissful future while sincerely working hard to realize it.

Meanwhile, he also hoped that Madeline would be able to forget her troubles at this moment.

Madeline gently leaned her head against Jeremy’s shoulder and closed her eyes while feeling deeply immersed at this moment. Then, she sighed long and hard in silence.

“That day will come. ” She was hoping for that as well. She was longing for the children to grow up healthily and happily so that they were able to take a step back from their role as parents.


Madeline slowly opened her eyes that had reddened. ‘But Lily, where are you?

‘Where should I look for you? Are you okay?’

F Country.

Inside a small secluded detached villa.

A young and handsome doctor in a white coat had just finished examining Lillian.

He looked at Fabian who was accompanying her and walked toward the door.

Meanwhile, Fabian walked to the side of the bed and gently caressed Lillian’s warm cheek. “Lily, I’m going out for a bit.”

He said softly and put a soft toy in Lillian’s hand.

Lillian gently held the soft toy and nodded at Fabian obediently while looking at him.

Fabian smiled slightly before turning around to walk out.

Actually, he had gone back to F Country. However, the chartered plane was just a ruse. He purposely spread the information about this so that Jeremy and Madeline would track him.

In reality, he never boarded that plane. Instead, he took Lillian on a normal flight back to F Country.

“Evan, ” Fabian called out to the young doctor. “ How is she?”

The doctor named Evan furrowed his thick eyebrows. “Her condition doesn’t look too good. It’s going to be difficult treating her.”

Fabian’s heart sank and he almost could not control his emotions. “How is that possible? Her condition has always been stable.

“You’re a top student who graduated from the best medical university in the world and you specialize in treating leukemia in children. If you think this is difficult, who else can I go to?”

When Evan saw Fabian looking extremely worried and uneasy, he turned his head to look at Lillian who was holding her soft toy in bed.

“Fabian, who is this little girl? Why are you so worried about her?”

When Fabian heard this, his expression changed. However, he changed the topic. “You don’t have to worry about who she is. At the end of the day, you have to treat her no matter what.”

“You’re just forcing me to do something against my will now.” Dr. Evan shrugged with a troubled expression on his face.

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