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Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1764

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1764

With the doctor’s confirmation, Eloise was finally more at ease.

Upon seeing this scene, Madeline asked Jeremy to put her down.

Eloise too walked quickly toward Madeline with loving eyes and a smile on her face.

“Thankfully it won’t be much of a problem. I was truly scared just now. Let’s go home now.”

Madeline gave Eloise an earnest look and smiled. “ Mom.”

Eloise nodded at that. “Yes, Eveline. Let’s go home now.”

“Mom,” Madeline called out again.

Eloise was about to respond when she suddenly felt that something was not quite right.

The smile on her face froze, and her expression too was dazed.

It seemed that, at this moment, she realized it.

She stared straight at Madeline, tears moistened her eyes without her noticing. Eloise only spoke a while later; her voice was soft, trembling slightly.


Madeline’s eyes misted over with tears as well.

She looked into Eloise’s kind and gentle eyes and nodded slightly. “Mom, I’m Eveline. The Eveline you’ve been thinking about day and night.”

After Madeline’s voice fell, Eloise burst into tears.

Unable to hold back her feelings presently, she pulled Madeline into a hug.

Madeline held Eloise, leaning against Eloise’s embrace, feeling secure.

“Eveline, my child. I’m so sorry.”

Eloise apologized sincerely. Her speech and expression no longer seemed childish and dazed as they had been before.

She had returned  to her normal mental state.

It had happened when, just as the truck was about to run into Madeline, Eloise instinctively stepped forward to stop the truck. This meant that her mind had been clear of other thoughts, thereby awakening the long-dormant consciousness.

Madeline felt her heart tightened when she heard Eloise apologizing to her.

“Mom, you didn’t wrong me. It’s all in the past now.”

“No, I’m truly not a good mother. I’ve caused my precious daughter so many years of suffering without realizing it. During the period when I had been dazed, I’d already understood. That was the reason I was in that state. It’s all because I felt remorseful.”

Eloise blamed herself, then slowly released her embrace.

When she saw the tears on Madeline’s face, Eloise quickly reached out her hand and gently wiped them away.

“Eveline, you’ve suffered much these days, and you’ve suffered many grievances. I haven’t been able to help or take care of you. It’s such a pity.

You’re all grown up, yet your father and I have never doted on you. Although you’re married now, and you have a family and children, in my heart, you’ll always be my little princess.”

The more Eloise spoke, the more tears fell from her eyes, the more her voice trembled, and the greater the guilt she felt toward Madeline.

“Eveline, could you truly forgive your mom and dad?”

Madeline smiled in relief and reached out her hand to wipe away the tears on Eloise’s face.

“I’ve already let go of those things, so please forget them as well. I know I’m the most important person in your hearts.”

Eloise had wanted to control her emotions and stop crying, but when she heard Madeline’s words, she wanted to cry even more.

Jeremy stood at a side, feeling touched as well.

He could truly empathize with Eloise completely now.

However, he no longer had those negative feelings for a long time. He knew that she had already forgiven her, but sometimes, when he recalled what had happened, he would still feel ashamed and blame himself.

After comforting Eloise, the three of them went home.

The sky had gradually darkened. Karen, worried about Madeline and Eloise, had been waiting by the main entrance this whole time. Finally, she saw Jeremy’s car and  immediately  went  to meet them.

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