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Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1763

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1763

Eloise was vehemently glaring at the driver when she heard a sudden call from behind.

She was staring blankly ahead, then her gaze instantly softened.

Eloise turned around abruptly and sped toward Madeline.

Eloise, still very emotional, reached out her hand to touch Madeline’s cheek. “Eveline, how are you? Are you okay? How’s your leg? Let me see.”

Eloise squatted as she spoke, reaching out her hand, gently touching Madeline’s twisted ankle. It

was clear that Madeline’s ankle was red and swollen.

“Are all of you sick in the head? If you want to reminisce, go home! Don’t get in the way of my delivery! ” snapped the truck driver, his head poking out from the window.

Jeremy lifted his cold, stern eyes. “Do you think you’re still in the right when you’re the one speeding? Someone had clearly fallen on the road, yet not only did you not stop, but you continued to speed. Do you want your license to get revoked?”

Looking at Jeremy’s cold, steadfast, handsome face, the truck driver immediately realized that this was not someone he could afford to offend. After all, he was indeed speeding, and he would be in trouble if they were to investigate this. He then turned his steering wheel and timidly drove away.

Madeline looked at Jeremy, feeling glad that he showed up just in time.

She then noticed that Eloise was still examining her wounds, so Madeline bent down and held Eloise’s hand.

“Mom, I’m fine. Get up now, quickly. We’ll head home.”

“How can you be fine? It’s so swollen!” Eloise’s expression showed that she was very worried and very stern. “Jeremy, where is your car? Take Eveline to the hospital now. It’s no small issue if she broke her bones.”

Jeremy nodded as he heard that. “ I’ll get Linnie to the nearest hospital now.”

As he spoke, he swooped Madeline into a bridal carry.

Eloise followed closely behind.

However, before they could go far, Madeline forcefully tugged Jeremy’s collar.

“Jeremy, wait.”

She called out to Jeremy.

Jeremy, who was very compliant with Madeline, then stopped.

“What’s wrong, Linnie?” he asked hesitantly.

Madeline and Jeremy looked into each other’s eyes, and a light shone in her beautiful eyes.

She shifted her gaze toward Eloise who was following closely behind, then her heart started to race.

Jeremy seemed to suddenly understand.

However, Eloise was confused. She quickly walked toward Jeremy and Madeline with a concerned and anxious look on her face.

“Jeremy, why are you stopping? You must quickly take Eveline to the hospital. What are we going to do if we were to miss the best time to treat her and thus leave her with permanent damage with long- lasting effects? Hurry up, go!”

Eloise ordered sternly.

Madeline pressed her lips together as warmth spread around the corners of her eyes.

However, she reined back her emotions and lifted her head to look at Jeremy. “Jeremy, listen to mom. We’ll go to the hospital first.”

“Okay.” Jeremy, who would naturally listen to Madeline, quickly walked toward the location of his parked car, Madeline in his arms.

It just so happened that there was a hospital nearby that specializes in orthopedics.

When they arrived at the hospital, Eloise immediately went to help Madeline with the registration.

Since it was the evening, there were not many people, so Madeline was able to quickly meet with a doctor.

After examining Madeline, the doctor confirmed that it was merely a common ligament tear.

Although it was not serious, they could not be careless about it.

After treating the injury, the doctor then permitted Jeremy to leave with Madeline.

When Jeremy was picking up Madeline to leave, Eloise, still worried, went to the doctor. “Doctor, is my daughter’s leg fine? Will there be any permanent effect?”

“Don’t worry, madam. If your daughter recuperates properly, she’ll definitely recover.”

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