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Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1758

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1758

Madeline was about to turn at the next junction to stop Fabian’s car, but at that moment,  the  location of the red dot on her phone abruptly changed.

It should have been moving forward, but it suddenly moved back before stopping.

In that instance, Madeline did not know if she should go forward or turn back around.

However, she did not have time to think. She quickly turned her steering wheel and drove to the location where the red dot had stopped at.

The location, however, was in the middle of the road where cars came and went.

The cars criss-crossed on the road, yet the red dot never moved.

Madeline then understood. Someone had disposed of the GPS on Lilian.

She watched the bustling street. It was a rare sunny day in winter, yet a gloom came over her, darkening everything she saw.


Madeline murmured Lillian’s name, feeling extremely helpless.

After Jeremy got the call from Madeline, he rushed to her as fast as he could.

Madeline was sitting by the flowerbed near where Lillian’s tracker had stopped, staring blankly, dejected.

Jeremy was extremely worried at the sight of Madeline’s state.


He softly called out to her and sat down next to her, then gently grabbed her hand, comforting her.

“Linnie, don’t worry. The person who abducted Lily must have a purpose, so she won’t be in danger temporarily.”

“Not ‘temporarily’. She’s certainly not in any danger, ” Madeline corrected. “The person who abducted Lily is Fabian.”


“Yes, I’m sure it’s him.” Madeline sounded certain. When she realized Lillian was missing, she was

anxious but not frantic. She did notice the powder blue baby’s breaths on the sofa and the candy jar.

Aside from Fabian, no one else would secretly give Lillian flowers and candies like this.

“If it truly was Fabian, then we don’t have to worry. He would never hurt Lily.” Jeremy was very relieved. He was certain that Fabian would not do anything to hurt Lillian as well.

However, Madeline let out a dejected and long sigh, anxiously slapping her forehead. “What on earth is he trying to do? If he indeed thinks that we were related to Lana and Yorick’s death, he can come at us. Why is he bothering Lily?”


“Yes, I know he’s not malicious,  and he’s been great to Lily, but she’s sick now. The child is sick, and it’s no ordinary illness. She needs constant treatment. What on earth does Fabian intend to do by abducting Lily now?”

Madeline was extremely fretful. As she spoke, her eyes grew wet, and hot tears dripped onto the back of Jeremy’s hand.

An ache started to burn in Jeremy’s heart.

He grabbed Madeline’s shoulder and pulled her into his arms, giving her warmth and comfort.

“Linnie, don’t be sad. I promise that I’ll bring Lily back to you.”

Madeline leaned against Jeremy’s chest and let her tears flow. “I know. I know you’ll bring our daughter back home. I know…”

“Yeah, there’s no need to cry now.” Jeremy reached out to wipe away Madeline’s tears, then lowered his head to kiss her wet cheek.

“Trust me. Lillian will be back to us soon.” “Okay.”

Madeline sobbed and responded. At this moment, her phone in her bag started to vibrate, and Madeline’s intuition told her that it was from Fabian.

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