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Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1757

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1757

Lillian and Fabian heard Madeline shout.

They looked in Madeline’s direction at the same time; Lillian leaned toward Madeline but Fabian was holding her tightly.

“Let go of my daughter! ” Madeline bellowed at Fabian while she comforted Lillian. “Don’t be scared, Lily. I’m coming over to you now.”

However, Fabian, not heeding Madeline’s words, opened the car door and got in quickly, Lillian in his arms.

“Lily! Lily!”

Madeline repeatedly yelled, but the car had already begun to drive away. She was too late to stop it.

Since she could use the GPS to track Lillian’s location, Madeline ran back to the parking lot and got into her car to give chase.

Although she had never driven this fast in her life, she was completely in control of the steering wheel.

Madeline rapidly caught up with the car that Lilian was in.

Fabian was in the backseat with Lillian in his arms. Through the rearview mirror, he could see that Madeline’s car was right behind them.

“Speed it up when it’s safe to do so, ” Fabian ordered the driver.

“Yes, Young Master Fabian, ” Fabian’s attendant answered.


Lillian suddenly called out to her mother.

Fabian turned and saw that Lillian’s adorable eyebrows were furrowed as she stared, through the glass window of the back of the car, at Madeline’s car that was closing in behind them.

It seemed that she could recognize her mother’s car.

Fabian was heartbroken, but he remained firm on his decision.

He raised his head, caressing Lillian’s head through her hat. “Lily, trust me. I’ll definitely  cure  you, then I’ll take you back to see your daddy, mommy, and brother.”

While Lillian understood what Fabian said, her clear and bright eyes were still filled with melancholy.

Fabian turned and looked back, seeing Madeline’s car was still close behind them.

He asked his attendant who was driving to make a turn and speed up, successfully losing Madeline.

Soon after, Madeline’s car reappeared in the rearview mirror.

Fabian found this odd, but then noticed the red string around Lillian’s neck.

“Lily, can you let me see your red string?” Fabian asked for Lillian’s consent.

Lilly blinked, then put her small hands on the red string, gently taking the pendant down.

It was a crystalline jadeite. While miniature, the jadeite was extraordinarily refined and in the shape of Lillian’s horoscope —a vivid and realistic crab just the size of an average fingernail.

Fabian carefully examined it and finally found a tiny GPS tracking device at the bottom of the crab.

He then understood how Madeline was able to accurately follow them. This was the reason.

“Continue to speed up, and turn left,” Fabian ordered the attendant who was driving.

Madeline was following the car in front of her closely when she saw the car suddenly speeding up and making a turn.

When Fabian saw that Madeline also sped up, he slowly removed the chip that was attached to Lillian’s jadeite and rolled down the window of the car.

“Lily, there’s something dirty on the surface. Let me throw it away for you.”

After he said that, he put his hand outside the window and loosened his grip.

The tiny chip was instantly lost to the wind.

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