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Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1756

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1756

When Lilian saw Fabian at a loss for words, she avoided Fabian’s gaze, hurt evident in her eyes. She then reached out to take the hat and gently put it back on.

In a daze, Fabian gradually gathered his wandering thoughts. At this moment, he made the final decision.


He finally spoke, his solemn eyes looking straight into Lillian’s melancholic, big eyes.

“Lily, do you want to come with me?”

Fabian asked gently but his tone betrayed urgency. He was worried that Madeline would soon return.

Lillian, not understanding what Fabian meant, only blinked and looked at him.

“Lily, I’ll bring you somewhere that could heal you. You’ll be able to get better quickly, then you can talk just like how you could back then.”

Lillian vaguely understood what Fabian meant this

time. She blinked her clear eyes and her pink lips moved to speak. “Daddy. Mommy.”

Daddy. Mommy.

Those were the only two words that Lillian could utter now.

Fabian understood how Lillian felt. She wanted her father and mother.

He gave a gentle smile as he stroked Lillian’s small face. “Lily, do you trust me? I will love you and protect you just like your daddy and mommy. I will take care of you forever.

“Trust me.”

Fabian firmly promised, then suddenly opened his arms to carry the confused-looking Lillian.

Although Lillian was still small, she could recognize Fabian with certainty.

She knew that he had good intentions. He had never bullied her before. Sometimes, he would even show up to protect her.

However, she was confused with the current circumstance and incapable of asking.

Madeline was confused when she came out of the doctor’s office.

The doctor had said that he did not look for her. Lillian’s condition currently neither improved nor worsened, so there was nothing important he wanted to discuss with Madeline.

However, the nurse who cared for Lillian daily had told Madeline that the doctor was looking for her.

Madeline found this odd, so she hastened her steps back to the hospital room. She had expected the nurse to be taking care of Lillian, but Madeline saw that  the door was agape and there was no one inside.

There was only an out-of-place bouquet of powder blue baby’s breaths on the balcony sofa.

Madeline immediately understood. She instantly turned and ran to the elevator.

The moment she was a distance away from the elevator, she saw a tall man carrying Lillian into the elevator.


Madeline hurriedly ran over, but unfortunately, the door of the elevator automatically closed.

This was the seventh floor, and it was a hassle waiting for the hospital elevator. Madeline had no choice. She ran toward the staircase and sprinted to the hospital entrance.

It was an extremely cold winter day, but Madeline was now drenched in sweat.

She examined each car leaving the parking lot, trying to see if Lillian was in any of them. As the cars drove by, however, she still could not find any sign of Lillian.

In between her moments of panic, Madeline remembered the GPS.

She opened the application on her phone and immediately located Lillian. She was on the road next to the hospital entrance.

Madeline dashed over and indeed found Lillian, who was being carried into a car by a man. “Lily!”      

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