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Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1754

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1754

Carter took the tablet and had a look. When he saw the photo on the screen, his eyes were filled with shock. It seemed that he could not believe what he was seeing.

“You want me to marry her?” Carter looked at Camille in suspicion.

Camille nodded firmly. “She’s the most suitable candidate for now, Carter. You’re someone who’s going to achieve great things, so I don’t want you to be driven by your emotions and let a woman affect your bright future.”

Carter looked at the photo on the screen with intense disgust in his heart. However, when he suddenly remembered what Shirley had said, he suddenly laughed.

“Don’t worry, I’ll focus on my career from now on. No woman will be able to affect my mood anymore.”

“Good.” Camille stood up and turned her head to order the butler, “Go and prepare for Mr. Carter’s marriage. It has to be grand, and I want to let everyone in St. Piaf witness that moment.”

“Understood, Madam,” the butler replied and was about to go make preparations.

“Wait.” Carter stopped him.

Camille looked at Carter. “Are you not happy with my suggestion or arrangement?”

“I want the wedding to be held in Glendale,” Carter voiced what he was thinking in his heart.


“I want it to be in the most luxurious hotel in Glendale.”

“However, you have a special identity in St. Piaf. This wedding will not just be a wedding, it’s more o f a contest, ” Camille said earnestly. However, she did not force Carter. Instead, she softened her tone.

“Can you tell me why?” “Jeremy Whitman.”

Carter said those two words without any hesitation.

Camille pondered for a few seconds and then nodded. “We’ll just do it your way, then. We’ll have the wedding in the most luxurious hotel in Glendale.”

She promised and looked at the butler. “Go, we must make it look honorable and grand.”

The butler nodded and answered, “I will not disappoint you, Madam.”

After Camille and the butler left, Carter stood where he was with the tablet still in his hand.

The screen had already darkened, so he lifted his long and thin fingers to lightly tap on it.

The photo that appeared in front of him caused him to feel more resentful.

He threw the tablet on the sofa and walked to the laboratory in the basement.

He looked at the anti-toxoid test reagents that were arranged neatly on the rack. Ultimately, he chose one of the anti-toxoid test reagents.

“Shirley, do you think my plan can’t go on if I don’t have you? I was just using you this whole time.”

He murmured to himself. He was saying that so carefreely, but somehow, a strong unconvinced feeling was disrupting his thoughts.


It was finally sunny.

Even after more than a month of treatment, Lillian’s health was not getting any better. She was still sick.

Lillian would react strongly to every injection. She would feel sick and throw up too.

At the same time, the little princess’ black and soft hair kept falling. Eventually, the doctor suggested that she cut all of her hair.

Even though Lillian could not speak, she understood everything.

Although she would not have hair now, she could still grow it out after she recovered. Her hair would never be as important as her health.

On a bright and sunny afternoon, Madeline carried the little princess to the sofa on the balcony.

When she was just about to sunbathe with her child, the nurse who usually took care of Lillian came to see Madeline. She said the doctor needed to tell Madeline something.

Madeline figured that it was about Lillian’s condition, so she did not hesitate. After asking the nurse to take care of Lillian, she went to the doctor’s office. After Madeline left, the nurse took out her phone to call a number. “Mrs. Whitman has left and Lillian is alone in the ward. You can come now.”

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