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Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 444

Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 444

Inappropriate Words

When Oscar was driving, he received a call from Amelia and picked it up.

“Oscar, how was the talk with Mom? Did both of you argue?” asked Amelia worriedly through the phone.

“Silly, why are you so worried? Why would I argue with my mom? Don’t overthink and focus on your work. I’ll bring you and Tony out for dinner tonight,” reassured Oscar with a faint smile, despite his grim expression.

“Did both of you really not argue?” It was evident that Amelia was doubtful. She had been worried about this for a few hours in the office, afraid that Oscar would quarrel with Olivia for her sake. This was not what she hoped for.

“I won’t fight with Mom. Don’t worry!”

Amelia heaved a sigh of relief.

“That’s great, then. While I was working, I was worried that Mom will put you in a difficult position on purpose. Since you said that she didn’t, I’m relieved. Are you still there, or are you coming back?”

“I’m driving now. I’m going to the office to attend a meeting later.”

“Be careful while driving! After your meeting, remember to have your lunch and don’t starve yourself, okay?”

“Yes, ma’am. I will never dare to go against your wishes.”

Amelia chuckled in amusement.

“I’ll hang up soon. I’m calling you in the toilet now. After I leave, I still have to photocopy some documents. Talk to you later!”

This time, Oscar’s expression turned gloomy. “Why are you photocopying them? Aren’t the other employees supposed to do such menial jobs?”

Amelia burst out laughing. “Have you forgotten? I’m a newbie who has just started work for two days! I’m supposed to handle these menial jobs. Don’t you worry about it since it’s just a trivial matter.”

“No way! You’re my wife. I don’t even bear to let you do such laborious tasks, but a measly advertising company dares to order your around! I’m going to acquire it.”

“Stop messing around, Oscar. I just want to gain more experience instead of just lazing at home. It isn’t hard to photocopy a few documents anyway. Don’t be rash! Otherwise, I’ll actually get mad.” Amelia coaxed, “I’ll give you a kiss. Stop being angry, okay?”

He could hear the sound of a kiss coming through the phone.

Only then did the hardened look on his face fade gradually.

“I really don’t know what to do with you,” said Oscar exasperatedly.

“Don’t you love me because I’m like this? Okay, I’ll stop talking to you. I’ll hang up now! Talk to you tonight.” With that, Amelia ended the call.

Staring at the dark screen, Oscar’s expression turned grim as he called Hugo.

When Hugo picked up the call, he instructed, “Hugo, find out the phone number of Amelia’s company’s CEO. Then, arrange a meeting with him.”

“Yes, Boss,” answered Hugo.

After ending the call, Oscar drove straight to his office.

When he arrived at the entrance, Hugo called.

“Boss, I’ve already sent you his number. However, he’s currently overseas for a business trip and will only return during the weekends,” reported Hugo.

“Okay. I’ll hang up now.” Oscar ended the call and clicked on Hugo’s message.

He called the number in it. The first call did not go through, but the second one eventually did.

“Hello?” A deep and masculine voice sounded.

“I’m Oscar Clinton from the Clinton Corporations. Is it convenient for you to talk now?” asked Oscar directly.

“Mr. Clinton?” It was obvious that the person did not believe him. “Are you joking with me? A small company like ours doesn’t have any business transactions with the Clinton Corporations. To be exact, a large company like the Clinton Corporations won’t even be interested in us! How is it possible that the CEO of the Clinton Corporations is calling me? I don’t care where you got my number from, but I’ll not let this prank slide a second time.”

“I remember that your company sent the manager of the marketing department to talk to my company about a marketing strategy. However, as the plan was inferior to the one proposed by another company, I vetoed it directly. Am I right?” asked Oscar.

“Are you really Mr. Clinton?” The person became excited.

“I am the real deal.”

“You’re really Mr. Clinton! I apologize for my rudeness.” The person’s tone immediately became respectful. “May I ask why did you suddenly call me? Do you have any important matters to tell me?”

“Not really. I just want you to help me take care of a person.”

“How can I ever be qualified to take care of someone under your wing, Mr. Clinton?”

“She’s working in your company. As the boss, you are definitely qualified.”

“Are you serious, Mr. Clinton? I’ve worked in the company for more than a decade, but I didn’t know that there’s someone important to you working here.”

“She’s called Amelia Winters, a new employee in your company. I hope that you can take special care of her and prevent her from getting bullied.”

The person fell silent for a long time before asking hesitatingly, “Mr. Clinton, may I know what’s Amelia’s relationship with you?”

“She’s my wife.”

When Oscar said that, he heard the sound of something dropping.

“So she’s your wife! It’s my negligence. I’ll definitely take good care of Mrs. Clinton when I go back. It’s an honor to have her supporting our small company.”

“All right. As long as you make her happy at work, it is possible for our companies to have a business collaboration.”

“Thank you, Mr. Clinton. Just leave Mrs. Clinton to me! I’ll definitely treat her like a deity and protect her from any bullying.”

“There’s no need to alert her about it. I don’t want her to know that I’m intervening in her work excessively, understand?”

The man fell silent for a while before chuckling. “I understand, Mr. Clinton. Don’t worry, my lips are sealed.”

“Good. I like to talk to smart people like you. I recall that your company has just started a research project on toners. I’m actually quite interested in it! Why don’t you come to my office with the proposal? I’ll discuss it with you personally.”

“Really? Thank you, Mr. Clinton!” exclaimed the man in a mixture of surprise and delight.

“That’s all. I’ll hang up now.”

After ending the call, Oscar strode into the office expressionlessly.

Meanwhile, Amelia continued with her work after calling. As she had just started working, there were a lot of miscellaneous tasks for her to do. Although Rory wished to ask the rest to stop assigning such dirty work to her, Amelia opposed it.

Amelia photocopied a hundred documents and distributed them to the various departments. Despite having lived in luxury for a few years, she ended up doing what she did when she was a fresh graduate then. While she worked, she did not even know how to describe how she felt.

After she finished the task, she could barely take a breath before someone stopped her in the pantry. She raised her head and saw that it was Jamie.

“What’s wrong, Jamie?” Amelia asked.

“Amelia, I only told you that piece of gossip yesterday because I like you. If you didn’t like it, just forget about it. Why did you have to complain to Rory? I was summoned to the manager’s office and scolded for no reason. Why are you so malicious? You’ve just started work for two days, but you’ve already learned how to suck up to the superiors,” interrogated Jamie viciously as she glared at Amelia.

Amelia had no idea how to react.

Although Jamie was much younger than her, she had no sense of courtesy. Having lived in comfort for a few years, it had been ages since someone scolded Amelia to her face. Although she was not used to it, she was not foolish enough to get mad at a young girl.

It was embarrassing, after all. If she were to stoop to Jamie’s level, she would seem rude.

“Jamie, I did not say anything bad about you to Rory behind your back. I don’t know what grudges you have toward her either. All I want to do is to work in peace. I have no intention of meddling in all these affairs,” stated Amelia. After a slight pause, she continued, “Also, you’re still young. What you should do is to improve yourself. You’re a very cute girl, so I don’t want you to destroy yourself with that silly habit of yours. I suggest that you remain quiet. That way, more people will like you, including me.”

While Jamie was still stunned, Amelia left. She was gone by the time Jamie returned to her senses.

She stomped her foot resentfully. “What a fake b*tch! You’re just pretending to be nice. How dare a newbie like you bully me? Just you wait! I’ll make life difficult for you too.”

Naturally, Amelia did not hear what she said.

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