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Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 440

Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 440

 Complaint Of The Son

After eating, Amelia and Rory went back to work until six. The manager stopped by to inform them it was time to get off work. He also told them the welcome party that night was postponed to the following Monday because the superior was on a business trip.

The only good thing about the company was that they would not force their staff to work overtime. Moreover, employees were allowed to take their work home to complete it. Hence, fewer and fewer employees stayed behind to work overtime.

As Amelia was wrapping up her stuff, Rory came over. “Amelia, are you heading home?”

Amelia nodded. “I will go to Tony’s grandma’s house to pick him up. He has never spent time alone with his grandma. I wonder how he is doing.”

“Okay. I still got some work to complete. Please say hello to me to your parents. And please tell Tony that I will visit him some other days. It’s been so long since we last met. I wonder if he can still recognize me.” Rory smiled.

“Sure. I got to go. See you tomorrow.” Amelia grabbed her bag and left hurriedly.

After she left, Rory’s smile disappeared right away. The next moment, she cast an angry look at Jamie, who was still in the office.

Jamie stood up and went out. Rory knew the former would go to the washroom every time before getting off work. Hence, she went out too.

As such, Rory blocked Jamie in the washroom. Jamie was stunned momentarily seeing Rory appear suddenly. She staggered a step back and stuck her neck out. “Rory, what do you want? Don’t you think I will be afraid of you because you have the manager at your back? I despise people like you the most.”

Rory stared at Jamie coldly. “Jamie, I know you spread the rumor because you were jealous of me. After all, you don’t have my look and my body. But it’s pointless. Not only does the rumor fail to hurt me, but it ruins your reputation. No one dares to get close to you anymore. I think you should at least think about your mistake, or else I’m afraid you could never get married.”

Jamie’s chest heaved up and down in rage.

“Rory, you’re the one who could never get married. You’re just someone from the village. Do you think you belong here? If you didn’t sell your body, there would be no way someone your age could become a supervisor so quickly. Don’t you forget that the HR department has not announced the final result yet? We still don’t know who the supervisor in the end will be.” Jamie bit her lip as she spoke.

“Yes, we don’t know about that yet, but I’m sure it won’t be you,” Jamie provoked. “Please stop spreading rumors about me. If not, I will report to the manager. I think the manager won’t want to hire a gossiper either.”

“Are you threatening me?”

“Yes, I am.”

Jamie was rendered speechless, her gaze filled with wrath. “You’re being preposterous!”

Seeing Jamie stomp her way out, Rory’s lips curled into a cold smile. “You’re no match with me. One day, I’ll make you leave this company in dismay.”

With that, Rory walked out pridefully in her high heels.

Meanwhile, Amelia had no idea about the conflict between Rory and Jamie. She stopped by the farmer’s market and then called Oscar on her way back. She told him to pick Tony up after he was done with his work. She planned to personally cook a nice meal for them.

After Amelia reached home, she started doing the house chores. Molly had gone back to her hometown as her daughter-in-law had just given birth. Hence, she would be away for a few days. Meanwhile, Oscar did not like to hire other housekeepers. As such, Amelia and Oscar would be handling the house chores themselves.

During these two years, Oscar had improved a lot in his cooking. In fact, he was even better than Amelia. He was no longer the dumb man who did not know how to do household chores. Sometimes, Amelia could not help but worry that the other women might snatch away such a perfect man like Oscar.

Nonetheless, whenever she thought of how much he loved her, she felt extraordinary proud.

As Amelia was busy preparing food in the kitchen, she heard Oscar and Tony quarreling outside. To be precise, it was Tony’s voice alone.

“Big Meanie, let go of me. I don’t want you to hold my hand,” Tony shouted with displeasure.

After hearing Tony’s loud voice, Amelia heaved a sigh of relief.

It seems he had a good time at the Clinton residence.

Amelia walked out of the kitchen, with the ladle still in her hands. “Tony.”

“Mommy.” Tony ran toward Amelia and hugged her tightly. “I miss you so much. Didn’t you say you were going to come and fetch me? Why did Big Meanie show up instead?”

Amelia caressed his hair gently. “I came home earlier to prepare your favorite food. Wasn’t it nice that Daddy went to pick you up?”

Tony shook his head indignantly. “Mommy, not at all. I don’t like Big Meanie. He will bully me when you’re not around. He even called me Anthony Clinton just now. People who like me always call me Tony. I’m sure he doesn’t like me. Mommy, let’s not like him too, okay?”

Amelia laughed in amusement.

Amelia shifted her gaze to Oscar, wanting to know what happened.

Oscar walked toward them helplessly.

“On our way back, we went past a river. There were two cows drinking water there, and he insisted on getting down to look. I got pissed and scolded him. He didn’t go eventually, but he keeps calling me Big Meanie. He keeps saying Kurt is better than me. He treats his real father as a bad guy,” Oscar uttered casually.

Amelia stared at Oscar apologetically.

“Tony, you shouldn’t be so rude to Daddy. Please apologize to him now. Or else I will be angry for real.” Amelia knelt and displayed a stern look to Tony.

Tony pursed his lips and said unwillingly, “Big Meanie, I’m sorry.”

Oscar let out a laugh upon hearing that.

What an interesting kid. He’s smarter than the usual kids, and he always listens to Amelia. Yet, he is so stubborn whenever he’s with me. I wonder where he got this personality from.

Amelia went inside the kitchen to check on her soup. Seeing it was ready, she tasted it and added some more salt.

Oscar helped her take out all the dishes. As he was carrying the last dish, he kissed her gently. “Thanks for cooking.”

Amelia smiled and followed Oscar out.

“Oscar, please start eating with Tony. I’ll take a shower.”

“Let’s eat together.”

“Mommy, we’ll wait for you.”

The father and son spoke simultaneously.

“Oscar, please feed Tony first. It’s quite late already. A kid should not eat so late.”

Upon saying that, she turned to Tony. “Tony, be good and listen to your dad. Please eat now, okay?”

Tony nodded.

After Amelia finished taking a shower, she saw Tony not eating properly. Oscar was holding him up in the air. His legs kept kicking naughtily.

She suddenly felt her temples throbbing. She could not understand why both of them kept pissing her off.

“Oscar, what’s wrong with you and Tony? Why isn’t he eating properly?” Amelia walked over and grabbed Tony.

Oscar’s expression darkened. There was a trace of anger in his gaze. “He’s too naughty. He threw his food at me. If I don’t discipline him now, he will become worse in the future.”

Amelia’s face turned grim too.

“Tony, is what Daddy said true?”

Tony stared at Amelia and suddenly burst into a cry.

“Mommy, you don’t love me anymore. You only love Big Meanie but he doesn’t love me. I want Daddy. I don’t want Big Meanie, and I don’t want Grandpa and Grandma.”

Upon hearing that, rage and sadness filled Amelia’s heart. She had been trying her best to make Tony blend in with the Clintons. Yet, the latter did not seem to appreciate her effort.

Staring at the table full of dishes, Amelia let out a deep sigh.

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