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Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 439

Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 439


Rory then pointed to the place at the right corner and uttered, “Amelia, you can sit there. I’m sitting over there.” As she spoke, she pointed to the position on the other side. “We’re in the same department. We’re colleagues from now on.”

In response, Amelia flashed her a polite smile.

“Amelia, you can go and sit down on your seat. Our boss said that he would hold a welcome party for the new employees tonight. Will you come?” asked Rory.

Amelia’s brows drew close to a frown. “Tonight?” I’ve promised to go back and cook Tony his favorite food. If I attend the party tonight, I’ll have to break my promise.

Nonetheless, she had to get accustomed to it as many things would be out of her control once she started working.

“What’s the matter? You’re busy tonight?” inquired Rory.

Amelia shook her head and replied, “It’s just that I’ve promised Tony to cook for him. If I go to the welcome party, I’ll have to break my promise.”

“Let me talk to the manager for you. There’s nothing you can do since you’ve to take care of your son. I haven’t seen Tony for a long time. When I’m free, I’ll go and meet him with some presents. I kind of miss him,” remarked Rory.

“Sure. He must be very happy to see you.” The two of them chatted for a while before they each sat down in their seats.

Within ten minutes, the manager of the design department summoned Rory. Amelia watched as Rory walked seductively next to the manager through the glass. She felt weird when she saw Rory acting so intimately with the manager.

Then, she knitted her brows and felt pity for Rory. She used to be a pure and innocent girl. However, she had learned to use her sexual appeal to seduce her superior within a few months. At that moment, Amelia could not help recalling what Tiffany had said.

She said that Rory was a gold digger, and once she entered a workplace, she would definitely make use of her beautiful appearance and venture down a path of no return. Unexpectedly, her words had come true.

As a matter of fact, Amelia did not mind if girls wanted to find a capable man in order to improve their lives. However, they should improve their abilities and temperament to attract men with their unique charm, not by using their sexual appeal.

She was somewhat disappointed to see that Rory had changed for the worse. Furthermore, she was afraid that the young girl would prioritize on fulfilling her unlimited wants and end up on a path that she would regret in the future.

Anyhow, fate had brought them together. If she could, she would like to give Rory a hand because she would hate to see Rory sell her body and become an immoral person.

When Amelia was focused on her work, someone suddenly pushed a chair over and sat beside her.

Instantly, Amelia turned her head and saw that it was a woman in her mid-twenties. She then glanced at the name tag on the woman’s chest and found out that her name was Jamie Lindt.

“Amelia, do you and Rory know each other?” Jamie inquired mysteriously.

Amelia kept her reply simple. “She was one of my interviewers. After hiring me, I had a few chats with her. I guess we can be considered as acquaintances.”

Blinking her eyes, Jamie glanced at the other colleagues. At once, Amelia knew that she liked to gossip.

She did not hate gossiping. It was just that she did not like people who talked nonsense and gossiped about other people’s privacy. Hence, she decided to only get along with Jamie on the surface.

“Amelia, I only want to remind you that Rory’s relationship with the manager is a bit inappropriate. You should be careful of her and don’t get deceived by her. Although she’s young, she’s actually very cunning.” Clearly, Jamie disliked Rory, so she tried to drag Rory’s name through the mud.

“The manager seems to be in his late forties, and Rory’s possibly at the age of his daughter if he has one. I think you must have misunderstood,” responded Amelia.

Hearing that, Jamie immediately grew anxious. “Amelia, you have to believe me. Several people saw her kissing the manager at the stairs. She didn’t even feel disgusted when the manager touched her. Everyone in the department is saying that she’s the manager’s mistress. If you don’t believe me, you can ask around. Some of the male colleagues who like her are very disappointed. They also said that they didn’t expect her to be this kind of woman. I’m telling you this so that you can be careful of her. Don’t offend her. It’s hard to find a good job these days.”

Nevertheless, Amelia only smiled and replied, “Thank you for your reminder. I’ll be careful, but I think there must be some misunderstanding.”

Pursing her lips, Jamie commented, “You’re new here, but don’t get deceived by her appearance. She’s young but vicious. Actually, she was planning to seduce the boss through the manager. I heard that she initially worked at the Beshya headquarters and was sent here because she tried to seduce the boss there.”

In an instant, Amelia came to a realization. Rory was introduced to the company by Tiffany using Derrick’s name. If nothing’s wrong, she shouldn’t be transferred here. So that was what happened.

Regardless of whether those rumors were true or not, she believed that there was no smoke without fire. If Rory did not do any of those, there would not be rumors about her. Thinking of Rory’s intimacy with the manager earlier, Amelia let out a long sigh.

She did not chat much with Jamie and only focused on her work.

At noon, Rory came back and suggested to Amelia affectionately, “Amelia, are you going for lunch? Let’s go together.”

Standing up calmly, the latter nodded. “Sure. Let’s go. I heard that the food in the cafeteria is pretty good.”

“Yes. You can try it later,” replied Rory with a smile.

In the meantime, Jamie, who was sorting some documents, looked at the two who walked out side by side, and her face blanched. She was afraid that Amelia would tell Rory about the gossip.

“Jamie, you have to be careful. This morning, you gossiped with the newcomer, but I think that this newcomer seems to be quite close to Rory. You’d better watch out or you might lose your job.” A young woman crossed her arms in front of her chest and was obviously gloating within.

“It’s none of your business.” Jamie slammed the documents on the table and left.

The woman sneered coldly and uttered, “What the hell. I bet you’ll soon lose your job because of all this gossiping.”

Of course, Jamie did not hear those words.

When she arrived at the cafeteria, she saw Amelia and Rory sitting in the corner, chatting and laughing while eating; she was filled with indignation.

“What a liar.” Jamie walked toward the counter like a girl who was throwing a tantrum.

After she ordered her food, she walked past the table where Amelia was sitting and enunciated, “Amelia, you’re lying.” With that said, she walked away without looking back. Meanwhile, Amelia was confused, not knowing what she meant by that.

“Amelia, you don’t have to care about what she says. She loves to gossip and is well-known in the department. She’ll always tell everyone about the gossip she hears. Don’t get too close to her.” Rory frowned. It was obvious that she did not like Jamie.

“She’s just a little girl. I think her age should be similar to yours. Young people like you should have more common topics,” stated Amelia.

A hint of disgust flashed across Rory’s eyes as she replied angrily, “Amelia, don’t blame me for speaking ill of her. I’m close to the manager because he’s the uncle of my former boss. Out of respect to Mr. Hisson and Tiffany, my former boss asked his uncle to take good care of me. That’s why when I first transferred here, the manager was kind to me. I’ve also met the manager’s wife. Even if I’m from the countryside, I’m not that shameless to seduce a married man. Moreover, the manager is so much older than me. I didn’t expect this woman to spread rumors in the company. The manager also talked to her about it. However, she didn’t repent at all. If she didn’t get the job through family connections, she would have been fired a long time ago. The company doesn’t need such an employee who loves to gossip and spread rumors about others.”

Amelia was rendered speechless.

It was her first day at work, and she had already heard of so much gossip. However, she chose to believe Rory. Knowing that Rory was not as bad as the rumors said, she was relieved. Since Rory had tried her best to take care of her when she was blind, she did not want Rory to lose herself after coming to the city.

“Since it’s just a rumor, it’s better to ignore it. The others would only think that you’re covering up if you tried to explain. As long as you didn’t do anything wrong, these rumors will disappear over time,” advised Amelia calmly while eating.

“I’m just afraid that you’ll misunderstand me as well,” responded Rory after some hesitation.

Upon hearing that, Amelia was astounded. “Of course not. I can tell if you’re a good person or not.”


Amelia nodded in response.

“That’s great. I’m finally relieved. I was afraid that they would talk nonsense and cause your impression of me to get worse.”

“What makes you think so?”

“Amelia, you’re the only person who treated me kindly after I left my hometown. I really think of you as my elder sister. I know that Tiffany doesn’t like me, but I still want to get close to you. Do you find me annoying?” In front of Amelia, Rory looked like a coquettish young lady.

Sometimes, Amelia could not see through Rory’s real intention. Even though she was young, she seemed like a woman who was full of schemes. I hope she only likes to play some tricks and is actually still pure and innocent.

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