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Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 436

Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 436

Do Not Judge A Book By Its Cover

“Oscar, let’s head back,” suggested Amelia.

Looking at his watch, Oscar replied, “Wait for a while. James is arriving at eleven o’clock.”

At that moment, Eva stepped in front of him, scrutinized him from head to toe, and commented, “Oscar, you’re seriously handsome. What a fine and capable man. You’re a match made in heaven with Amelia.”

Upon hearing that, Oscar suddenly felt that her hippie style was not that irritating anymore.

“Eva, you have a good eye,” he complimented while curling his lips upward into a smile.

Eva flung her yellow bushy hair and placed her hands on her hips. “Handsome Oscar, can we leave now? I’m hungry.”

“A friend of mine from abroad will arrive in half an hour,” explained Oscar with patience.

Nodding, Eva waited patiently.

When James came out of the airport, he first gave Oscar a big hug. As he wanted to greet Amelia, a yellow-haired girl abruptly rushed in front of him. Looking at the unfamiliar girl, he jumped in shock and asked, “Who are you?”

Eva stared at James, who looked like a prince charming, in admiration and greeted in broken Erihalese, “H-Hello, my name is Eva Winters. Handsome, d-do you have a girlfriend?”

James could hardly make out what she was saying. Listening to her Chanaean-style Erihalese, he almost burst out in laughter.

“Hi, I can speak Chanaean. You can speak Chanaean to me,” he responded awkwardly and looked at Amelia subconsciously as if asking who the girl was.

Amelia’s brows drew close to a frown as Eva’s sudden action had caught her off guard.

She tugged at Eva’s shirt and said embarrassedly, “James, this is my cousin. Her name is Eva Winters. She’s a bit unpredictable, but don’t be frightened by her. In fact, she’s very lively and cheerful.”

The next moment, James stretched out his hand to Eva and said gentlemanly, “I see. My name is James Baylor. I’m Oscar’s best friend. I met him when we were studying abroad together.”

Immediately, Eva grabbed the man’s hand with both hands and smiled like a lovestruck woman. “James. It’s a good name. I like it. Do you have a girlfriend? If not, I’m going to pursue you, so you’d better be prepared for it.”

Her words caught Amelia, Oscar, and James by surprise.

James flashed her an awkward smile and stated, “Y-You’re pretty good, but I prefer busty and sexy women. You’re not my type. I think we’re more suitable to be friends.” Subsequently, he took a step back and glanced at Amelia for help.

Tugging Eva’s shirt, Amelia stopped Eva. “Eva, stop fooling around. Let’s go back first. I’ve asked Molly to prepare a feast of delicious food for you. Dad told me that you like sweet food, so I requested Molly to prepare honey BBQ pork ribs. I think you’ll like it.”

Eva widened her eyes and inquired excitedly, “Really? Let’s go back now.”

Once again, Amelia was at a loss for words. Her cousin was indeed a spur-of-the-moment type of person.

Sitting in the car, Eva could not help but initiate a conversation with James. “James, I’m actually pretty busty. It’s just not obvious because I’m wearing clothes. If I take off my clothes, it’ll definitely cause nosebleeds in men. Look at Amelia. Isn’t she beautiful? After I remove my makeup, you’ll see that I actually look similar to her. I have a great figure too. If you become my boyfriend, I won’t let you down in bed.”

Instantly, Amelia’s expression darkened while James and Oscar could not help clearing their throats.

After all, it was not a good thing to discuss a woman’s figure in front of men.

“Eva, stop messing around. You have just met James for the first time today. You’re going to scare him off,” reminded Amelia.

Nevertheless, Eva was not bothered about it. “Amelia, you don’t understand. It’s love at first sight. When I meet someone I like, I must take action immediately. Or else, I’ll regret it if someone else snatches him away from me.”

Amelia was rendered speechless by her reply.

After a while, Eva added proudly, “Amelia, as a millennial, I should move forward fearlessly. No matter it’s for work or love.” Then, she fixated her gaze on James and praised, “James, you’re so handsome. A different type of handsome from Oscar. Amelia is so lucky to be surrounded by so many handsome guys.”

Glancing at Eva, who was extremely outgoing, Tony remarked, “Aunt Eva, if you continue to stare at him, your eyes are gonna fall out.”

Eva turned her head to look at him and squeezed his cheek. “How dare you say that? I’m going to teach you a lesson.”

In an instant, Tony hid in Amelia’s arms to distance himself from Eva. “Aunt Eva is a bad woman.”

Amelia hugged her son in her embrace. As a matter of fact, she had never hated Eva for being unreserved. Instead, she felt that her lively personality was quite contagious.

Soon, Oscar drove into the neighborhood. After he parked the car, everyone went upstairs together.

It was Tiffany who opened the door. When she saw the hippie-style girl standing next to Amelia, she was full of doubts.

“Tiff, you’re here?” Amelia led everyone in and closed the door before introducing, “Tiff, this is my cousin. Eva Winters.”

Tiffany could not help but twitch her mouth.

“Is she your cousin?” She still could not believe it. As far as she could recall, the Winters family did not have such an avant-garde daughter. Could it be that the personalities of the Winters girls have changed drastically over the years?

On the contrary, Eva hugged Tiffany intensely as if she had met a close relative and uttered enthusiastically, “You must be Tiffany. You still look the same as eight years ago. I recognized you at a glance. Now that I’m grown up, you may not recognize me, but when I was a child, I used to follow you around. Do you remember?”

Tiffany tensed up immediately as she was not used to having physical contact with someone she had just met.

“Ms. Win… No, Amelia’s cousin, can you please let me go first?” said Tiffany awkwardly.

Eva let go of her and patted her chest immediately. Startled, she took a step back subconsciously and could not help but feel dissatisfied with Eva.

“Tiffany? Are you angry?” It was rare that Eva could read the atmosphere.

Suppressing the dissatisfaction in her eyes, Tiffany responded with a grin, “No, since you’re Amelia’s cousin, then you’re my cousin as well. I’ll try my best to like you.”

“I knew it. I’m everybody’s darling. I know you won’t hate me.” Eva was the type of person who would take a mile when given an inch. In a flash, she was back to her cheerful self.

Tiffany cast a brief look at Amelia subconsciously. However, the latter only shrugged resignedly at her.

Later, Amelia asked Eva to wash her hands, and the group of five adults and a child sat at the dining table. Eva took the spoon and enunciated cheerfully, “Oscar, Amelia, Tiffany, James, Tony, let’s dig in. I’m going to eat to my heart’s content.”

After she finished speaking, she started gobbling down the food in an unsightly manner. Everyone at the table looked at her and was completely frightened.

She was practically ingurgitating the food.

Amelia hurriedly reminded, “Eva, eat slowly. Don’t choke yourself.”

Hearing that, Eva lifted her head and replied, “It’s okay. I’m used to it. Why aren’t you guys eating? Are you scared by how I eat?”

In response, Amelia shook her head. “Of course not. We only want you to eat slowly. Eating too fast is bad for your stomach.”

“Amelia, I’m used to it. When I was eighteen, I was sent to the military by my father and became a soldier for several years. If I eat slowly, I can only starve. Soon, it became a habit. Please don’t think that I’m rude just because I eat faster than others.” As she spoke, she filled her mouth with several mouthfuls of food.

Curious, Amelia queried, “You were once a soldier?”

In the meantime, Tiffany, who was sitting on Amelia’s left, was observing Eva closely. She was afraid that Eva’s unruly behavior would cause trouble for Amelia.

Geez. Everyone from the Winters family is so troublesome. Can’t they let Amelia live in peace? Why do they have to mess up her life again?

“Of course. I was indeed a female soldier for a few years. Although I dressed unconventionally, I’m actually a training coach. My job is to train bodyguards. To be honest, my combat skills are pretty good. I’ll show you next time,” declared Eva while eating.

Everyone looked at her in astonishment. It was unbelievable that such a hippie girl was actually a training coach.

As expected, one should not judge a book by its cover.

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