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Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 432

Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 432

 Stay Away From Her

Both of them sat at the cafe for almost two hours. Rory glanced at her phone and said, “Amelia, I need to head back to work. I’ll talk to you when you’re at work next Monday. Ah, at last. I won’t be so lonely anymore with you there.”

As Amelia was driving Rory back to the office, the latter glanced discreetly at the interior of the car. A look of envy flashed past her eyes as she blurted, “Amelia, you’re such a great woman, and you have an ex-husband who cannot stay away from you. You practically have everything. There’s really no need for you to remain in a small company and get scolded by the boss whenever he’s unhappy. It’s not worth it.”

Acting as if she did not see the look of envy in Rory’s eyes, Amelia said, “I’ve been spending most of my time at home. Peaceful days can be quite boring after some time. It’ll do me some good to get some training by working at the company.”

Rory gave a hollow laugh as a feeling of jealousy over Amelia’s calmness filled her heart.

Amelia drove off immediately after Rory got off the car.

As soon as she reached home, Tony leaped toward Amelia like a little rabbit and hugged her legs. “Mommy, you’re back! I really missed you!”

Amelia bent forward and picked the little boy up, who landed a kiss each on both sides of her cheeks. He said in a cute voice, “Mommy, where did you go? I missed you so much.”

Amelia chuckled and her mood instantly lifted.

She carried Tony to the sofa and sat down. “I went for an interview. It must’ve been your luck that helped me to get hired without going through the second round. Thank you for your support, Tony. I’ve decided to make your favorite baked fish today. What do you think?”

“Really?” Tony’s eyes lit up immediately, making his delicate little face even more good-looking.

Tiffany, who was in her apron, walked out of the kitchen. “Thank goodness you’re back, Amelia. Do you have any idea how this little devil has been muttering your name into my ears for hours? I swear I’ve lost some weight from the torture.”

Tony scrunched his tiny nose and said, “Tiffy, don’t talk bad about me.”

Upon hearing that, Tiffany went forward and gave his forehead a gentle tap. “You little rascal. I’ve been making so many yummy foods for you since morning and you’ve never praised me. And now you’re complaining to your mommy the minute she’s back.”

Tony buried himself in Amelia’s embrace.

Tiffany turned to Amelia and asked, “How did your interview go?”

“I’m hired, and I can start working next Monday.” Amelia thought for a moment and uttered, “Guess who I met during the interview?”

“Who?” Tiffany asked without taking a moment to wonder.


“Who’s that?” Both Tiffany and Rory had not been in touch for some time, and the latter was not an important person. Hence, it was understandable for Tiffany to not recall who the person was.

Amelia explained briefly to her.

Tiffany frowned and cursed, “This woman is so annoying. I thought I won’t be seeing her for the rest of my life. Who would’ve known that you’ll end up being her colleague?”

“Rory hasn’t done anything terrible. Don’t be too hard on her,” Amelia said.

Tiffany waved her hand dismissively. “I’m going to check on the dishes. We’ll continue talking about this during the meal.”

Before long, she was already done preparing the dishes which included beef bourguignon. They looked and smelled amazing.

“Babe, we can dig in once Tony has washed his hands,” Tiffany said while removing her apron.

After making Tony wash his hands, both Amelia and Tiffany sat at the dining table.

Tony held his special tiny spoon and said, “Mommy, Tiffy, let’s dig in.”

Amelia responded with a smile, “Alright.”

Tiffany served everyone with beef bourguignon while saying, “Babe, can you tell me more about Rory’s situation?”

Amelia explained, “It’s actually the company that transferred her here. Besides, she did take care of me for quite some time in the past, which makes me indebted to her. She’s here all alone. I think we should treat her to a meal, regardless of the past.”

Tiffany snorted and said, “I’m just worried you won’t be able to get rid of her after the meal.”

“She’s not as manipulative as you think. She’s just a village girl who’s left home to earn a living in a big city. It’s totally normal if she wants to find someone to rely on. It’s not wrong for her to do so either. We had the same dream when we were younger. Don’t be too hard on her. You’re going to frighten her.”

Tiffany scoffed and continued in a mocking tone, “Oh, Babe, I didn’t know you have such kindness in you. Sure, some people can be given support. However, there are others who will take advantage of it. The kinder you are to them, the more they will demand. They’re just like ungrateful foxes.”

She could not bring herself to like Rory, no matter what.

Amelia shook her head. She was clueless as to why Tiffany did not like Rory. It’s true that Rory looks like she harbors evil intentions on the surface. But deep down, she still has an innocent character of a village girl. As long as she’s not brainwashed by the materialistic society, she’ll still be a good person.

“Babe, I think you should quit that job. I have a feeling that you won’t have a peaceful life once you are acquainted with her,” suggested Tiffany as she took a bite from her spoon.

Amelia responded, “This is so unlike you, Tiff. We’ve met all kinds of people in the past few years. We’ve even dealt with hypocrites. Why are you able to forgive them but not a little village girl?”

Tiffany lowered her head to take another bite before saying, “My judgment is never wrong. Please trust me and quit that job. You must stay away from her. She’ll definitely have ill intentions because she’s still young. I’d be surprised if she isn’t attracted by Oscar, who’s perfect in every way.”

Amelia was rather amused.

So this is the problem Tiffany is worried about.

“You think too much, Tiff. If my relationship with Oscar can be taken away by a random young girl, then there’s no need for me to do so much for him. Don’t you think so? Besides, do you think she can be worse than Isabella and Cassie?” Amelia asked, munching on her food.

Tiffany looked at her, baffled.

“Trust me. One day, you’ll regret not listening to me. I can tell that she’s an ambitious person. And this kind of person will never stop until she gets what she wants because she doesn’t know what’s the definition of shamelessness. I bet she’s willing to give herself to a fifty or even sixty-year-old man as long as there’s money in it. Since you’re determined to get acquainted with her, then don’t come running to me with complaints when she clings to you like a leech.”

Amelia pondered about it.

“Tiff, I’m actually quite happy with this job,” she said determinedly.

Tiffany almost choked in disbelief when she heard those words.

“Looks like everything I said earlier was just useless,” she said as she gritted her teeth.

Amelia merely grinned in response.

In her opinion, Rory still did not pose a threat to her relationship with Oscar. However, there was something she did not know. In the upcoming days, Rory and Isabella would team up and almost tear down their relationship, which they took much effort to mend.

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