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Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 427

Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 427

 No Longer Hiding Her Affection

After bidding Jerry farewell, Amelia sat alone in her car. Watching the flow of cars and pedestrians through the window, she was filled with mixed emotions.

The more she heard about Oscar’s condition during the two years from different sources, the more intense her love for him became.

When a thought struck her, Amelia decided to drive to the ground floor of Clinton Corporations. Checking her watch, she realized it was already five-forty. There were twenty more minutes to go before six.

Hence, she gave Oscar a call which he quickly answered. “Oscar, are you busy now?”

“I’m just tying up some loose ends. What is it? Are you missing me already?” Oscar’s affectionate voice rang out from the phone.

“Yes, I am. I’m missing you more than you can imagine,” Amelia answered candidly.

She was then greeted by a long silence.

Glancing at her screen, she thought something had happened to Oscar. She checked anxiously, “Oscar? Oscar?”

“Where are you now?”

“I’m right outside your office. I was hoping that you can accompany me to go grocery shopping since we haven’t done so in a while. Suddenly, I have the urge to show off my perfect husband to the world,” Amelia lavished him with praise.

In response to her words, Oscar felt as if his heart was about to melt. At the same time, she could hear a gentle grunt over the phone.

“Wait for me. I’m coming down right now.”

“Sure, I’ll be here.”

After ending the call, Amelia broke into a smile.

As for Oscar, he quickly packed his things and dashed out of his office like the wind.

When Linda and the other secretaries saw what a rush Oscar was in, they exchanged glances. One of them leaned toward Linda and asked, “Linda, what’s going on? Why is Mr. Clinton in such a rush? Did something happen at home?”

Linda gave her the side-eye. “We’re not supposed to stick our nose into the boss’ affairs. We should focus on our work instead.”

Even though the secretary was still curious, she didn’t dare gossip anymore.

Oscar took the elevator alone to the ground floor. Just when he exited it, a figure coincidentally walked out of another elevator.

“Oscar.” It was none other than Isabella.

Feeling as if she was haunting him like a vengeful spirit, Oscar felt the urge to scream.

As he quickened his footsteps, Isabella followed behind him. The moment they left the building, Isabella saw Amelia waiting in the car from the corner of her eye. In the heat of the moment, she picked up her pace and hugged Oscar from behind.

“Oscar, I really love you,” Isabella declared.

Meanwhile, the staff who were passing by turned their heads when they saw what happened. Amelia too had noticed the same.

“Oscar, don’t be so cold to me. After all, we are about to get engaged,” Isabella lamented in a voice audible enough for all the bystanders to hear. Just when everyone was waiting with anticipation for Oscar’s response, he grabbed her hand at lightning speed and threw her over his shoulder in public.

Everyone who was watching gasped in shock. No one had expected Oscar to publicly humiliate someone as pretty as Isabella.

Even Isabella could barely recover from the shock.

Looking down at Isabella who had been thrown onto the floor, Oscar warned, “Stop trying to get close to me. Or else, it won’t just be a simple shoulder throw the next time.”

“Oscar, how can you do that to Isabella?” Stephanie, who was walking by with Noah, quickly made her way through the crowd when she saw Isabella on the ground.

Kneeling down to help her up, Stephanie asked, “Isabella, are you all right?”

Looking at her scraped elbow, Isabella’s eyes reddened. She then stared at Oscar with an aggrieved expression and questioned, “Oscar, do you really hate me so much?”

All Oscar did was give her a look before turning to leave.

With a devastated tone, Isabella called out, “Oscar!”

Pretending not to hear, Oscar strode toward where Amelia’s car was parked.

After getting in, Oscar leaned in toward her, put his hand behind her head, and kissed her on her lips. Pushing his tongue past her teeth, both of them were locked in a passionate kiss.

By the time they were done, Amelia looked a little lost with her cheeks blushing intensely.

As he stared intently at how beautiful Amelia had become, Oscar’s eyes burned with passion. “Honey, you truly look stunning!”

After taking a few breaths of air, Amelia finally regained her senses.

Looking at Isabella, who was sitting on the ground and leaning against Stephanie, she asked, “Oscar, why did you have to humiliate her in public?” After all, Isabella worked at Clinton Corporations. Given what happened, news of it would have spread through the entire office building in ten minutes. As a result, Isabella would end up becoming a laughing stock.

“What’s wrong? Do you enjoy watching others throw themselves at your husband?” Oscar commented with a hidden smile as he gently lifted Amelia’s chin.

Knitting her eyebrows, Amelia slapped Oscar’s hand away. Then, she leaned in to give his lip a gentle bite. “Oscar, although what you just did was really rude, I can’t deny that it was the perfect response.”

After all, she wasn’t an angel. There was no way she could tolerate another woman fawning over her man. In fact, she was filled with satisfaction when she saw Oscar ruthlessly slamming Isabella onto the ground.

Admitting that she wasn’t someone kind, Amelia didn’t pity Isabella for being humiliated at all.

“Oscar, you were so dashing just now. What am I going to do, now that I realize I’m falling even deeper in love with you?” Amelia asked as she closed in on his ear and gave it a gentle nip.

Oh, what a vixen!

The thought flashed across Oscar’s mind.

Staring at Amelia, Oscar was filled with the urge to ravage her.

“Amelia, do you know that you’re playing with fire right now?” Oscar asked in a hoarse voice.

Giggling, she replied softly, “Oscar, isn’t it obvious that I’m seducing you?”

Oscar could feel the burning passion raging through his body.

“Oscar, what’s wrong? You’re blushing.”

Unable to resist his urges any further, Oscar pushed Amelia toward the corner of the seat and the door.

Amidst his actions, Amelia let out a burst of laughter.

Pushing him back with both her hands, Amelia suggested with a coquettish voice, “Oscar, I’m hungry. Let’s go and get the groceries, shall we? I plan to cook up a feast tonight. Also, I’ll get Tiff to babysit Tony for the night so that we can have a candlelight dinner. And then, you can do whatever you want to me. How about that?”

With a darkening gaze, Oscar took a few deep breaths before he managed to suppress his urges.

After giving Amelia another passionate kiss, both of them parted their lips breathlessly. Looking at how she was smiling, Oscar declared, “Amelia, there’s no escape for you tonight.”

Amelia smiled. After she had learned from Jerry how much Oscar did for her, she no longer held back her feelings for him. After all, she loved him and wanted to face all adversities together with him.

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