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Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 422

Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 422

The Price We Pay And What We Get In Return

After sending Amelia off, Carter started driving toward his office. However, halfway there, the man turned his car around to go home because he suddenly remembered something.

When Carter reached home, he parked his car and took the elevator upstairs. As soon as the elevator door opened, he saw a slender figure curled up and squatting right outside his home.

The man could guess who it was without even looking at the face, for it could only be Jennifer.

With a hardened look, Carter slowly walked toward the woman.

Jennifer lifted her head before jumping to her feet when she noticed that Carter had returned. Her eyes were still bloodshot.

“Carter,” called out Jennifer.

Carter only glanced at the woman before taking out his keys to unlock the front door. “Come inside.”

Even though the invitation was cold, Jennifer decided to accept the offer and enter the abode anyway.

“I thought you were mad at me,” continued Carter without even turning to face the woman as he took off his jacket and loosened his necktie.

Facing the man’s back, Jennifer gritted her teeth with discontent. Why is he still treating me so indifferently when he knows just how upset I was? Doesn’t he care about my feelings at all?

At that moment, Jennifer could feel a sense of bitterness in her heart. She loved Carter so much that she was willing to let go of her dignity. Still, the man remained distant toward her.

I just don’t understand. What did I ever do wrong? What is it about me that makes Carter treat me this way? No matter how hard I tried to pretend to hate him, he just never seemed to care nor take pity on me. All he ever cares about is Amelia. To him, I’m just a nobody, and nothing I did ever matter to him. As much as I want to, I just can’t seem to change his feeling for me.

“I’m sorry, Carter. I know I shouldn’t have behaved like that, and I hope you can forgive me,” pleaded Jennifer submissively, ready to give up her dignity for the man once again.

Sighing, Carter swiftly turned around and pushed Jennifer to the wall before towering over the aggrieved woman.

“Jennifer, you’re a good woman. That much is undeniable, so I’m sure there are a lot of men out there who would kill to marry you. Why do you waste your time on me?” questioned Carter rhetorically.

Jennifer smiled wryly as she gazed at the man. “I’ve done so much for you, Carter. You know how much I love you. Don’t you think it’s cruel to just push me away like that?”

“What is it that you like about me? Tell me, and I’ll change it just so you’ll stop feeling that way about me,” instructed Carter impatiently.

Furious at those words, Jennifer angrily gave the man push. “You’re a big fat jerk, Carter!”

Carter stared coldly at Jennifer before continuing without a hint of emotion, “You knew from the beginning that I was a jerk who would never reciprocate your love, didn’t you? So why get yourself attached to me? You even told my mother about our sexual relationship. Do you have any idea how annoying you are to me?”

“Are you treating me this way because Amelia is back?” questioned Jennifer as her body trembled uncontrollably.

“This has nothing to do with her. Even if she didn’t return, I still wouldn’t fall for you. It’s just not possible. All you’re doing is making both of us miserable. I’m sure we’ll both feel much better if you just forget about me.” Carter tried to talk some sense into Jennifer, but he had forgotten how persistent this woman could be. They would not even be having that conversation if she were someone he could reason with.

Carter would have been crueler toward Jennifer if he had not slept with her. Nevertheless, it had happened, so he could not turn her away as if she was a stranger.

The man only indulged Jennifer because he felt somewhat guilty about what happened between them. However, he never expected it would give the woman hope to keep pursuing him.

Taking a deep breath, Jennifer tried to recompose herself before explaining, “Carter, I’m not here to fight with you. Let’s just go back to the way we were. Please?”

“Jennifer, you know I’ve always treated you like a sister. Why do you have to make this so difficult for me? If you keep this up, you’re…”

“You must be hungry, Carter. Let me go prepare something for you to eat. I practically stuffed the fridge to the brim yesterday with the groceries I bought. I’m going to fix you up with a few recipes that I have just learned. We’ll see if they’re to your liking.” With that, Jennifer hurriedly made her way to the kitchen, refusing to listen to what else Carter had to say.

After watching the woman disappear into the kitchen, Carter sighed as he turned to go upstairs.

When he returned downstairs after taking a hot shower, Jennifer had already set up the dining table for them.

“Come sit down, Carter. Dig into these dishes while they’re still hot. I’m sure you’re going to love them!” exclaimed Jennifer excitedly as if the serious conversation they had a few minutes ago never happened.

Carter could smell the food from a distance away, and it smelled amazing. It’s almost unbelievable how much Jennifer has changed for me. A rich girl like her never had to step into the kitchen, but she was willing to learn how to cook for me. Any other man would have been moved by her dedication. I have to admit that if I had met her first instead of Amelia, I probably would have given her a chance because she’s almost perfect. Unfortunately, fate has a wry sense of humor and a thing for love triangles. We’re all just victims to the cruelty of ill fate.

“You go ahead and enjoy. I have something else in mind,” stated Carter.

“What does that mean? Where are you going?” Jennifer quickly stood between Carter and the door to stop the man from leaving.

“I’m not going to eat the food you prepared because I don’t want to risk getting diarrhea.”

“Why would you say something like that? It’s not as though you’ve never tried my cooking. You were perfectly fine the last time,” responded Jennifer to the man’s hurtful words. She had worked too hard for Carter to simply brush her off like that. “Carter, please. If you don’t like what I’ve prepared, I can whip up something else. Just tell me what you want to eat, and I’ll make them. Please, I just want you to appreciate my effort.”

Seeing how miserable Jennifer was, Carter finally decided to be straightforward with her.

“Stop cooking for me, Jennifer. I’m not going to eat anything you prepare no matter what you cook. And stop wasting your time and effort on somebody who doesn’t care about what you do at all. It’s not worth it. I’m just a heartless b*stard.”

“No, that’s not true. I know how much you care for Amelia, so you must be able to feel the same way for me. She’s already taken, Carter. But I’m not. So would you please consider me? I promise you that I’m every bit as worthy of your love as she is. Please!” pleaded Jennifer, whose eyes had begun to well up. “I’m begging you, Carter. Just stay and share this meal with me. That’s all I ask.”

In the end, Carter could not bring himself to leave the pitiful woman.

Jennifer finally turned her frown upside down when the man agreed to her request. “Here, I made these just for you. Try them and tell me what you think.”

“It’s not bad,” commented Carter indifferently after taking a bite.

After hearing that, Jennifer continued to serve the man more food. “You should eat more then. You’ve lost so much weight. I know how busy you’ve been lately, but you shouldn’t overlook the importance of a healthy diet.”

Carter said nothing else until he was finally done eating.

“Just leave the dishes in the sink. The housemaid will wash them tomorrow, so you don’t have to do it. Also, you don’t have to cook for me anymore. I’ve already hired someone to do that. You don’t belong in the kitchen.”

Still cleaning up the table, Jennifer lowered her head in disappointment after listening to Carter.

She then left the dishes in the sink as instructed and washed her hands before coming out of the kitchen. “I’ll be going now, Carter. I’ll come over to cook for you again when I have the time. And about the document, I’ll email it to you once I get home.”

With that, Jennifer bid her farewell and left through the front door.

Carter had mixed feelings about what he had said to the woman as he watched her walk out the door with a dejected look on her face.

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