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Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 420

Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 420

 Why Must You Return

The exchange between the both of them was sweet. Then, someone suggested going for a cup of coffee together.

“Sure!” Carter agreed. After that, he shifted his gaze toward Amelia. Before she could react, he walked toward her hurriedly and gave her a friendly hug. “Welcome back, Amelia,” Carter said in a low voice.

Amelia felt awkward and avoided his passionate gaze. “Let’s go.”

Carter’s gaze turned dark with a hint of disappointment for a moment before he smiled and said, “Let’s go. I know a place that serves incredible coffee. Besides, Tony would definitely love the desserts they have.”

His suggestion was met with no objection.

Upon arriving at the cafe, Carter and Kurt went to the cashier to order some drinks and food. While they were away, Jennifer took the opportunity and asked, “Amelia, why do you have to come back?” Now that you’re back, all my efforts would have been for nothing!

Amelia was stumped.

Tiffany let out a sardonic laugh. “Ms. Larson, are you trying to be funny? Did she need your permission to come back?”

Jennifer’s face immediately tensed up as she gritted her teeth. Without giving Tiffany a response, she glared at Amelia. “Don’t you that know once you’re back, Carter will be all over you again? All my efforts were for nothing! Since you’ve already been gone for two years, why don’t you just stay away forever? You showed up the moment things were just looking better for me. However, Carter will never love me if you’re around.”

Amelia remained calm and collected. “I’m sorry if my presence inconveniences you, Ms. Larson. I never even thought of contacting Carter. We’ve just bumped into each other by accident, and we’re just friends. Besides, I have no control over who he loves. You should be having this discussion with him instead of me.”

Jennifer was rather annoyed upon hearing that.

Carter and Kurt were still in the process of ordering because the cafe was packed.

“You’re such a pretentious woman, Amelia. You know da*n well about his feelings for you, yet you had the audacity to say you two are just friends? If you don’t love him, why don’t you just stay away from him? Why must you show up in front of him again? It’s all your fault he’s such a workaholic now. If he hadn’t met you in his life, he’d definitely be happier. Are you satisfied now that his life is ruined because of you?”

Suddenly, Amelia looked especially stern. She was getting fed up with all the baseless accusations. I don’t care if Carter loves me or not. It’s not like I have any control over who he falls for. Why does everyone see me as a vixen?

Somehow, her emotions had affected Anthony. He glared at Jennifer with contempt and scolded with his adorable voice, “You’re a bad woman! Why are you bullying Mommy?”

After that, he took a napkin from the table and threw it at Jennifer. His action caught both Amelia and Tiffany by surprise.

Amelia immediately carried Anthony up and fumed, “Tony, what did I say? Where are your manners? You can’t just throw things at someone. Apologize to Ms. Larson now for what you did.”

That was the first time Anthony was scolded by his mom. He couldn’t help but pout as tears gathered in his eyes.

The atmosphere was tense when Carter and Kurt returned. While Anthony was sobbing softly, Tiffany and Jennifer were glaring angrily at each other. Amelia, on the other hand, was flustered.

Seeing that, both men were curious about what had happened. Carter asked, “What’s going on?”

Kurt then carried Anthony into his arms. Instantly, the boy sobbed, “Daddy, Mommy scolded me for defending her. That woman was bullying Mommy.”

Carter was stupefied when he heard how Anthony addressed Kurt. While holding a cup of coffee in his hand, he was trembling as he stared at Amelia.

“Amelia, you’re married to him?” As if the scene wasn’t awkward enough for everyone, Carter just had to make it worse.

Amelia shook her head as she was aware of what Carter was implying. “Kurt is Tony’s godfather. He got used to addressing him that way because he was brought up by Kurt.” She felt the need to explain the situation because she was worried that words might get around and reach Oscar.

Carter felt a sense of relief upon hearing that. He then changed the topic and asked, “What happened here? Why is Tony crying?”

“There was a misunderstanding between Ms. Larson and me. Tony is just a child so he might’ve been too sensitive about his emotions. He was just being protective because he thought Ms. Larson was bullying me. I’ve already asked him to apologize to her.” Amelia then looked at Carter and said, “I think my presence has made Ms. Larson feel uneasy. How about we meet some other day? Besides, Tony is throwing a tantrum now. We shall make a move.”

Carter panicked, and he grabbed Amelia’s hand. “Amelia, we haven’t seen each other in two years! Why don’t you just stay for a cup of coffee?”

Amelia turned toward Jennifer upon hearing that.

Carter then glanced at Jennifer and instructed, “Why don’t you leave first, Jennifer? I’ll have a chat with Amelia before going back to the office.”

Suddenly, Jennifer burst with rage. She stood up and wailed, “See, you only have Amelia in your mind. Why are you so obsessed with her? Am I invisible to you? You were busy consoling the kid and Amelia when you arrived. How about me? Have you thought of how I am feeling now? Do you know that ill-mannered kid threw a napkin at me? Why haven’t you consoled me? Why are you so heartless, Carter? I’ve given you everything! Am I not worthy of your attention?”

The situation turned awkward fairly quickly for Carter. He then whispered, “Stop your nonsense at once, Jennifer.” At that point, he was still worried that Amelia would find out about the two of them.

“Nonsense?” Jennifer chuckled internally. She was absolutely heartbroken. He doesn’t care for me one bit! Yet, my love for him is unfaltering.

Carter’s expression darkened as he said, “Jennifer, bring that attitude of yours out of here. No one wants to deal with your tantrum now.”

“You haven’t spoken to me with such a condescending tone in a while, Carter. I was foolish enough to think you’ve changed your view of me. Now that the woman you love is back, you’ve dumped me to the side again. Have I always just been your side piece? Well played, Carter. But just you wait, I’ll make sure I get to stay by your side for the rest of my life.” Tears started to gather up in Jennifer’s eyes.

With that, she took her bag and stormed out.

Amelia felt bad for everything that happened before her eyes because she knew she was the cause. “Go after her and apologize to her, Carter.” Amelia let out a long sigh.

Carter regained his composure and sat down instead. “It’s fine. That’s just her typical spoiled attitude. What did she say when I wasn’t around? She could be unreasonable at times.”

As women, Amelia and Tiffany sympathized with Jennifer. They knew the pain of unrequited love.

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