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Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 419

Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 419


“Tiffy, you’re here!” Tony dashed and lunged into Tiffany’s arms.

While hugging the chubby boy tightly, Tiffany laughed and said, “Hey, Tony! You’re awake! I was just talking to your mom about you.”

Anthony wiggled around in Tiffany’s arms and raised his gaze toward her. “Did you and Daddy agree upon visiting me at the same time? Stay here with me, please. It’s not fun being around Big Meanie,” Anthony pleaded sweetly.

That was when Tiffany noticed Kurt’s presence.

She greeted Kurt enthusiastically before picking Anthony up and said, “Oh my sweetheart, you must be lying! You said it’s no fun being around your dad, but you’ve gotten so chubby! You must’ve been having the best time of your life!”

Glaring at Tiffany gloomily, he complained, “Tiffy, I’m not chubby. I’m handsome!”

Tiffany froze for a second before bursting into laughter.

She then affectionately pinched Anthony’s cheeks and said, “You are so vain at such a young age. Wow, you’re just like me!”

However, Anthony was still sulking. When Tiffany was still pinching his cheeks, he said, “I’m still angry at you, Tiffy!”

Both Tiffany and Amelia burst into giggles upon hearing that.

As Tiffany was kissing Anthony’s cheeks, she exclaimed, “You’re so cute, my sweetheart! I love you so much that I wish you were my son! Actually, I really hope I’ll give birth to a son as adorable as you after I get married.”

Although he was sulking, Anthony let her kiss him as she wished.

Suddenly, Tiffany asked, “What if I give birth to a beautiful baby girl? Would you marry her when you grow up, Tony?”

Anthony tilted his head as he stared at Tiffany’s belly. “Are you pregnant, Tiffy?”

Tiffany froze in an awkward manner. I haven’t even done it yet! How could I be pregnant?

“No, I’m not. It’s just a hypothetical question. So, what do you think? If I give birth to a pretty little girl, would you marry her when you grow up?”

Anthony frowned and thought for a while before asking, “Will she look as attractive as me?”

Wow! He knows how to prioritize looks at such a young age! “Do you think Mr. Pretty is good-looking?” Tiffany asked.

“Yes!” Anthony answered unhesitantly. “Mr. Pretty is even better looking than Mommy!”

“So do you think his child will be good-looking?”


“Then, don’t you think if he were to have a daughter with me, she’d be good-looking as well?”

Suddenly, Anthony seemed to have wrapped his head around something. His eyes sparkled as he looked at Tiffany. “Okay, Tiffy. I want her to be my wife!”

Tiffany smiled as she poked his forehead affectionately. “Tony, you shouldn’t be so obsessed with someone’s looks! Otherwise, everyone’s going to be an ugly monster as long as you think they look worse than you!”

“I don’t want any ugly monster. I want your daughter.” Anthony then wrapped his arms around Tiffany’s waist and whispered at her tummy, “Come out of Tiffy’s tummy soon, all right? I’ll be here waiting for you. I’ll love you unconditionally.”

Amelia and Tiffany burst into laughter once again upon seeing that.

“Babe, your son is unbelievable! He’s only two but yet, he knows how to prioritize good looks! He’s going to hold such a high standard when he’s all grown up. As the heir to Clinton Corporations, I wonder what kind of girl he’s going to choose for himself in the future.” Tiffany exclaimed.

“Didn’t you tell him it’s going to be your future daughter?” Amelia asked cheekily.

“I was just joking! What am I going to do if I give birth to a boy instead?”

Amelia shook her head slightly and joked, “To be honest, it does sound like a good idea! If you do give birth to a baby girl, please save her for Tony, okay?”

“Hold your horses, Babe! I was just joking! Who does that in the twenty-first century? We could plan all we want now, but what if they aren’t into each other in the future? Are we going to force them to get together?”

Amelia responded with a smile. “That’s true. Besides, you aren’t even married yet! We’re getting way too ahead of ourselves.”

Tiffany smiled as well.

Anthony then interrupted, “Hey Tiffy, you’ve promised me, okay? I must marry her in the future. You can’t go back on your words. Or else, I’ll cry!”

Both Amelia and Tiffany were amused by his words.

“All right, I promise you. If I happen to give birth to a baby girl, I’ll let her marry you, deal?”

Anthony was overjoyed.

Little did Tiffany know, things wouldn’t always go according to plan. Especially in this case, the more someone pressured themselves into having kids, the less their wishes would come true.

Besides, Tiffany never considered the fact that she might not be as fertile as she thought she was. Till then, she wouldn’t know how devastated she would be when she eventually received the news.

But that’s a story for another time.

After chatting for a while, Tiffany suggested a visit to the mall to get some clothes for everyone.

Soon, the three of the adults along with Anthony went downtown.

After parking their car, Tiffany looked at Kurt and asked, “Kurt, do you mind being our sponsor of the day?”

Kurt shook his head.

“All right, just pay for whatever we’re buying today! Amelia and I are going on a shopping spree!” Tiffany was filled with excitement when she pulled Amelia into the mall.

They were indeed on a shopping spree. After numerous visits to various shops, they bumped into two people Amelia really did not want to see.

When Jennifer saw Amelia’s sudden appearance, she panicked and glanced at Carter. Not only was Carter surprised to see Amelia, but he was also rather ecstatic! Fearing that he might run toward Amelia, Jennifer subconsciously grabbed Carter’s arm.

Jennifer had a bad feeling. She was worried that Amelia’s emergence could bring an end to her relationship with Carter. I hate you so much, Amelia. After everything I’ve done for Carter, all it took for you to capture his heart is simply by just showing up.

Jennifer chuckled bitterly to herself. It seems like no matter what I do is just insufficient. Why? Am I so ugly that I don’t deserve happiness? Or is it that I’ve fallen head over heels for a man that’s just not meant to be with me?

Carter was so thrilled to see Amelia. He couldn’t believe his eyes, and he thought he was dreaming.

He blinked and stared at Amelia. While he was staring, he mumbled, “Jennifer, pinch me. Am I dreaming?”

His words were like daggers to her heart. She held her emotions in and said, “You’re not dreaming. That’s Amelia.”

At that moment, Carter shifted his gaze toward Jennifer. All he could see in her eyes were disappointment and sadness. Suddenly, he came back to his senses.

He had just realized that there was a woman who loved him dearly standing next to him. I know I shouldn’t hurt her feelings, but how could I contain myself when the woman I’ve been searching for throughout the past two years just showed up in front of me?

On the other hand, Amelia remained calm and unmoved. Her romantic feelings for Carter had faded over the years. Hence, he was merely a friend in her eyes.

“Amelia, should we go over and say hi?” Tiffany whispered.

Amelia nodded.

The four of them walked toward them. Amelia smiled magnanimously and greeted, “Hi, Carter and Ms. Larson! It has been a long time.”

Tiffany greeted as well, “Indeed, it has been a while! Hello, Jinx and Ms. Larson! Are you guys a couple now?”

Before Jennifer could utter a word, Carter answered hurriedly, “No! Jennifer is like a sibling to me. There’s nothing going on between her and me, Amelia.” Despite the fact that it was Tiffany who asked, Carter was directing his answer toward Amelia.

Upon hearing that, a hint of pain flashed across Jennifer’s eyes. However, she held her head high because she didn’t want the others to notice it.

When Jennifer saw Anthony, she asked, “Is this Tony?” Her question shifted Carter’s attention toward the child.

As Carter looked at the child that resembled Oscar, he said with a tender gaze, “Hi, Tony. I’m Carter Scott. I’m a good friend of your mommy’s. It has been two years since I last met you! You’ve grown into such a handsome boy.”

Anthony was a sucker for compliments on his looks. Without a doubt, Carter had established a perfect first impression.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Scott. Have we met before?” Anthony greeted.

“Yes! I carried you around in my arms when you were little.”

“Really?” Anthony asked.

“Yes,” Carter reassured.

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