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Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 406

Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 406

Fighting For Custody

Tony was brought back to the place by Kurt later. When Amelia saw them, she quickly rushed over and squatted down in front of Tony. She hugged him so tightly that she was about to crush him.

Smiling and crying at the same time, she asked, “Tony, where did you go? You have scared me. What would I do if I couldn’t find you?”

Tony started wailing as well. He patted Amelia and said, “Mommy, Grandpa and Grandma said that you’re marrying someone else, and you don’t want me anymore. They said that you’ll have your own baby and stop loving me. Is it true?”

Tony was an intelligent child. However, he was still young, so he could not differentiate right and wrong properly.

Amelia’s expression changed drastically. She did not expect Owen and Olivia to be so unscrupulous. They were clearly degrading her in front of Tony. How could they say these things in front of a two-year-old who can’t even differentiate right and wrong? What a shameless act.

When Oscar heard that, he turned to look at Owen and Olivia with an indecipherable look.

A hint of awkwardness flashed across Owen and Olivia’s faces.

“Dad, Mom, I know that both of you have a conflict with Amelia, but you shouldn’t say that in front of the child. You’re adults, so you should know that your words would hurt him. He would think that his mother doesn’t love him and wants to abandon him,” Oscar commented in a deep voice. His tone was filled with castigation.

Olivia adjusted the shawl on her. “Oscar, your dad and I didn’t mean it. However, Amelia and you have divorced. In the past two years, she has been staying with Kurt. Who knows what had happened between them? Maybe both of them have gotten together. I know that you love her and you won’t believe that, but it’s a fact that she and Kurt have lived together for the past two years. The Clintons won’t accept a daughter-in-law who’s had anything to do with another man out there.”

Oscar’s expression turned grim. Beside him, Amelia’s body stiffened as she was holding Tony in her arms. She could not believe that Olivia had uttered such harsh words.

“Mom, Amelia is my woman. I hope that you’ll respect her,” Oscar stated in a deep voice.

Olivia glanced at Oscar in response before she held Owen’s arm and walked to the sofa in an aloof manner.

“Amelia, it seems like there’s a telepathic link between you and Kurt. You just arrived, and he instantly brought Tony here. It’s hard to believe that both of you have nothing for each other,” Olivia mocked as she glanced at Tony, who hiding in Amelia’s arms.

Upon hearing that, Amelia felt rather unhappy.

“Mom, I know that I was wrong for leaving with Tony without a word two years ago. However, please stop talking about nonsense in front of Tony. Kurt and I are best friends. You can humiliate me all you want, but stop getting Kurt involved in this,” Amelia warned sternly as she picked Tony up.

Before Olivia could say a word, Tony interrupted, “Mommy, why are you saying that you and Daddy are just best friends? We are family.”

His words caused everyone’s expressions to drastically change. Everyone instantly fell into deep thoughts.

Yet, Olivia calmed down and stared at Tony as she asked, “Tony, what did you call Kurt?”


“Tony, have you been calling him Daddy? Is he very close with Mommy?”

“Of course-” Before Tony could finish speaking, Amelia quickly covered his mouth.

“Mom, Tony is still young,” Amelia explained. She was afraid that Tony might speak any misleading statements.

Glancing at Oscar, Olivia chuckled. “Amelia, you and Oscar have divorced. I can’t control you on who you want to be with. You and Kurt look good with each other, but I can’t let you take Tony with you anymore.”

Hugging Amelia’s neck, Tony objected in a clear voice, “I want to be with Mommy and Daddy. I don’t want to stay here.”

Olivia bent down to look at Tony in the eyes before she said gently, “Tony, you’re a big boy now. Mommy is going to find her happiness now. You have to behave yourself and stay with Grandpa and me. I’ll play with you every day and treat you well.”

In response, Tony hid his face on Amelia’s neck and said aggrievedly, “Mommy, I don’t want you to leave me. Let’s go home. It’s so scary here. Let’s go back home. I want to stay with you, Daddy, Tiffy, and Mr. Pretty. I don’t want to be here.”

Upon hearing his words, Amelia felt her heart ache.

Right at that moment, Oscar had walked to Amelia’s side and helped her stand up with Tony in her arms. Then, he took Tony from her. Tony was probably too terrified because of Olivia and Owen’s words, so he did not resist being in Oscar’s arms.

While consoling and calming Tony down, Oscar turned to look at Olivia. “Mom, Kurt has watched Tony grow up. It makes sense that Tony feels close to him. Moreover, he is Tony’s godfather, so Tony can call him Daddy. Kurt and Amelia are just good friends. I hope that you’ll respect me.”

Olivia was heartbroken to hear that. The son who she had nurtured was now going against her for a woman. She was overwhelmed by the unspeakable feeling at that moment.

Mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law were usually enemies. In the past five years, Olivia doted on Amelia because Oscar had neglected the latter. Her love for Amelia was just a sign of sympathy and show-off on her. Now that the relationship had reversed, her status was threatened, and her son was gradually getting out of her control. She could not help but have her guard up and tried to make things difficult for Amelia.

She wanted an obedient daughter-in-law. Yet, Amelia clearly did not match the condition. Thus, he would go against any woman who would threaten her relationship with her son.

“Oscar, your son is calling another man his dad, and you’re still covering for her. Are you going to believe that she has cheated on you only when you see it with your own eyes?” Olivia questioned.

Oscar took a deep breath and replied, “Mom, Tony has had enough for today. I’ll send him and Amelia back. We’ll talk some other day.”

“She can leave, but Tony has to stay. I’ve filed a case to the court. I’m getting Tony’s custody back,” Olivia uttered.

Amelia was so shocked that she instinctively held Tony tighter.

“Mom, you’ve promised that Tony’s custody belongs to me. You can’t go back on your word,” Amelia stated.

“I’ve promised you back then because I thought that you were joking about the divorce. I didn’t expect you to leave with Tony without a word. If you have Tony’s custody, you might leave with him all of a sudden again. How would I see my grandson after that? I don’t want to do this in front of Tony, but he’s going to stay here. After all, he’s the Clintons’ grandson. He’ll be the heir of Clinton Corporations in the future. As for you, you’re going to marry someone else,” Olivia explained, not leaving any room for discussion.

Amelia turned to look at Oscar subconsciously.

The latter could feel his temples throbbing relentlessly.

“Mom, don’t do this,” Oscar pleaded exasperatedly.

“This is our decision after some discussion between me and your dad. We want Tony’s custody back. Your father has chosen Tony as the heir of Clinton Corporations. When he grows up, he’ll inherit all the properties of our family. If you marry another woman and she gives birth to your children, they will not inherit Clinton Corporations regardless of their gender. This is the special privilege that your dad and I have given to Tony.” She clearly doted on Tony.

“Mom, I’m grateful for your love for Tony. However, I only have Amelia. Both of us love Tony. It’s up to her whether she wants more children in the future, but Tony is our eldest child. When he grows up, I’ll let him inherit the company. If he has brothers and sisters in the future, Tony will take care of them as their eldest brother. You don’t have to worry about it.”

“Oscar, are you trying to drive me crazy?”

“Mom, I respect you, and I wish for you and Dad to live a long life. seeing that he is about to retire soon, both of you can travel around the world, and I’ll arrange the trip for you. Since Dad has always been busy with work when he was younger, it’s a great time for him to spend more time with you now.”

“Oscar, do you think I’m too old now? Is that why you’re trying to chase me away?”

“Mom, that’s not what I meant.”

“I know you mean it.” Olivia became adamant as she added, “Oscar, you’re rebelling against me. Don’t forget that your father has the most authority in the company now. He’s still the decision-maker in Clinton Corporations. If he removes your management rights, you’ll lose everything.”

Oscar lowered his gaze, and no one saw the tumult of emotions in his eyes.

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