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Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 405

Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 405

Chaotic Scene

With Amelia’s company, Oscar finally got some quality sleep. Both of them woke up at nine o’clock in the morning. Meanwhile, in the Clinton residence, Tony woke up at half-past eight in the morning. When he woke up and could not find Kurt and Amelia around him, he was in a panic.

He called out, “Daddy! Mommy!”

“Mr. Anthony, you’re awake.” After the door was pushed open, a chubby middle-aged woman walked in.

Tony immediately took several steps back. With a stern look, he asked warily, “Who are you? Where’s Mommy and Daddy?”

“Mr. Anthony, Mr. Oscar and Ms. Amelia have returned to the apartment in the city. They’ll be here in some time. Let me bring you to wash up in the washroom, okay? Mr. Clinton and Mrs. Clinton are waiting for you to have breakfast together downstairs.” The middle-aged woman tried to butter Tony up.

Tony then replied defensively, “Don’t come near me. Where’s the phone? I need to call Daddy and Mommy. Mommy told me before that if I ever wake up in an unfamiliar place and they’re not around me, I’ll have to call them and the police. If you retain me, I’ll call the police and let them arrest you.”

The woman felt exasperated. She did not expect Tony to be so difficult to deal with. He’s just two years old and he knows the police. Seems like he’s going to be difficult.

“Mr. Anthony, let’s go to the washroom to brush your teeth and wash your face. Mr. Oscar and Ms. Amelia will be back soon.”

“I want a phone. Give it to me.”

In the end, the woman had no choice but handed Tony her phone.

Tony called Amelia first, but she did not answer the call. Feeling upset, he phoned Kurt, and the latter answered it almost instantly.

“Daddy, I’m Tony. Where are you? Come and get me. I’m scared to be alone here,” Tony pleaded. “Daddy, come quickly. Don’t leave me. Or else, I’m going to start crying.”

Exasperatedly, Kurt consoled, “Tony, be good. I have something on. Please listen to Grandpa and Grandma. Don’t make things difficult for Mommy, all right?”

Tony was an extremely sensitive child. He sobbed as he asked, “Daddy, did the Big Meanie appear again? Is that why you don’t want me now? Are you going to separate from Mommy?”

There was no response from the other side of the line.

“Daddy! Daddy, are you still there?”

“I am.”

“Daddy, come and pick me up, okay? I’m scared here. I don’t want you to leave. Don’t leave me and Mommy, okay? Come quickly. Or else, I’m really going to cry,” Tony complained aggrievedly.

After a long time, Kurt still rejected him, “Tony, I’m still busy now. You have to behave yourself. Otherwise, I’ll really have to leave.”

“Okay. I’ll behave myself. Please pick me up soon. I don’t like this place.” Tony finally gave in.

Upon hanging up the call, the woman said carefully, “Mr. Anthony, let’s go brush your teeth and wash your face.”

“Just carry me in there and I’ll do it myself,” Tony replied coldly. He was throwing a fit because he woke up to a place where all his loved ones were not around.

After washing up, Tony went downstairs without letting the woman hold his hand.

When Olivia and Owen finally saw Tony as they had been waiting for him at the dining table, they immediately stood up. Olivia greeted him with excitement, “Darling, come here. I’ve prepared something for you.”

Tony ignored her. When he wanted to climb onto his chair, he failed because the chair was too tall for him.

Owen immediately stepped forward and picked Tony up before putting him on the chair. Looking at Owen, Tony felt a sense of affection. He had the desire to get closer to the man.

“Hug.” Tony stretched out his arms for Owen.

The latter had a pleasant surprise. Olivia widened her eyes in shock when she saw that. She quickly came in front of Owen and said, “Tony, let me hug you.”

“No! I don’t want you to hug me. You chased Mommy and Daddy away. You’re a bad person. I don’t want you to hug me.” Tony quickly withdrew his arms, having no respect for Olivia at all.

Upon hearing that, Olivia’s face fell. She had been longing to see her precious grandson, yet he had just accused her of being a bad person right in front of her. She felt extremely dejected.

After putting Owen on his seat, Owen turned to console Olivia, “Olivia, take it slow. You’ve scared him yesterday. Amelia is the one who has taken care of him in the past couple of years. Children are very sensitive. He can certainly feel that you’re against his mother. Just be more careful in front of him.”

Olivia then returned to her seat. She was still enthusiastic as she said, “Tony, I’ve ordered them to cook this soup for you. Try it. It tastes really good.”

While speaking, she scooped some soup into Tony’s bowl.

Tony glanced at the bowl of soup before he started drinking. After that, he wiped his mouth with a napkin and said, “Grandma, thank you for your soup, but it doesn’t taste as good as Tiffy’s soup.”

Olivia was not bothered at all. She smiled endearingly and replied, “Tony, what else do you want to eat? I’ll cook for you. I have great cooking skills. You’ll certainly like it.”

“I don’t want to eat anything. I just want Mommy and Daddy.”

A look of annoyance flashed across Olivia’s eyes, but she suppressed her emotions so that she would not scare Tony.

“Tony, the Clinton residence will be your home from now on. Your mommy is with someone else now, and she’s going to live with that person. She can’t live with you anymore. From now on, you’ll stay with Grandpa and me. I’ll make all sorts of good food for you. Also, your daddy will marry a soft-spoken and thoughtful woman, and she’ll take good care of you too,” Olivia said inconclusively. Until now, she still thought that the “daddy” Tony was talking about was Oscar.

Tony blurted in a childlike tone, “You’re a bad person. Mommy won’t marry someone else. You’re badmouthing Mommy. Mommy said that only bad people badmouth others. I don’t want to talk to you anymore.”

He tried to slide down from the chair, but he was not tall enough. Seeing that, Owen hurriedly came to help him. Squatting beside Tony, he consoled, “Tony, Grandma didn’t mean it. She’s telling you that even Mommy has married someone else, she’ll still be your family. Mommy will still dote on you, but you’ll have to stay here from now on.”

Tony looked at Owen in confusion before he asked, “Why is Mommy marrying someone else?”

Owen answered, “Daddy and Mommy got a divorce. However, they’ll still love you. Even if they marry someone else, you’ll still be their child. You’ll live with me and Grandma from now on, all right?”

Tony’s eyes instantly reddened as he pouted and looked at Owen aggrievedly.

Looking at his expression, Owen’s heart melted.

“You’re lying. Both of you are big liars! I don’t want to stay here with you.” After pushing Owen away, Tony ran out of the house.

“Tony-” Owen and Olivia got a shock, and they quickly ran after him.

Although Tony was tiny, he ran extremely fast. Owen and Olivia were old now, so they had to run after him strenuously.

It took some time before Owen managed to grab a hold on Tony.

“Tony, listen to me. Even if Mommy gets married to someone else, she will still love you. It’s just that she won’t have that much time to visit you. You’ll stay with me and Grandma,” Owen explained.

Meanwhile, Tony was struggling violently.

Therefore, when Oscar and Amelia arrived, they saw a chaotic scene in the Clinton residence.

Both of them exchanged looks with each other, not knowing what had just happened there.

Then, Oscar grabbed one of the maids and questioned in a deep voice, “What happened?”

“Mr. Oscar, you’re finally here. Mr. Anthony is missing.” When the maid saw Oscar, tears of joy began to well up in her eyes.

Yet, her words gave Amelia and Oscar a terrible shock.

Amelia asked anxiously, “How did he go missing?”

The maid briefly explained the situation before she said, “Ms. Amelia, everyone’s looking for Mr. Anthony. I’ll need to continue looking around now.”

Amelia was so panicked that she wanted to look for Tony as well, but Oscar pulled her hand. “Amelia, don’t panic. Tony is still in the house. There are many security guards out there, so they’ll surely see him if he runs out.”

“Let’s find him inside then.” Amelia pulled Oscar into the house anxiously. Unexpectedly, they could not find Tony anywhere inside, as if he had just disappeared into thin air. Amelia was on the verge of crying.

Even her hands were trembling.

“Call the police. We need to call the police. I can’t let anything happen to Tony again.” Amelia paced around anxiously.

That was when Oscar pulled her into his arms and consoled softly, “Amelia, calm down. I’ve sent everyone to look for him. We’ll find him soon.”

Amelia blurted in a panic, “Oscar, I shouldn’t have brought Tony here. I should have let go of this. I really regret it now.”

Upon hearing that, Oscar’s eyes darkened, and his expression turned cold.

“Amelia, you’re not in the right mind now. I’ll pretend that you didn’t say anything. Calm down. I promise that Tony will be fine.”

Amelia knew that she had misspoken out of a panic, but Tony was still missing, so she had no time to explain herself. Therefore, she merely apologized, “I’m sorry.”

Oscar kissed her forehead and said, “Don’t apologize. Calm down. I’ll send everyone to search around outside and inside the house. I promise that I’ll find him soon.”

Amelia finally calmed down.

She clutched Oscar’s sleeves tightly as she leaned on him.

Oscar phoned Hugo to let the latter search around the residence. He wanted to find Tony in the shortest time possible.

“Amelia, don’t worry. Tony will be fine. He’s my son, and I love him too. I’ve always loved you and him,” Oscar said as he left a kiss on Amelia’s cheek.

“Sorry about… just now,” Amelia replied. Uttering mean words during an argument was the biggest taboo between a couple. After Amelia had calmed down, she would regret it because the damage was done. It would be difficult to make up for it after that.

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