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Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 403

Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 403


After putting Anthony to sleep, Olivia and Owen sat on the couch, whereas Amelia and Kurt stood by the side. Olivia stared at them and asked in a haughty tone, “Kurt, how has our family been treating you?”

Kurt lowered his eyes and replied, “Your family treated me really well, Mrs. Clinton. I owe it to Boss for everything that I am today. I wouldn’t be who I am today without him.”

“So, you knew.” Olivia crossed her arms. She gave off an invisible pressure with her icy demeanor. “Oscar personally taught you everything. Is this how you repay him? He spent a lot of effort training you, but you betrayed him by taking his son away from him. We spent two years looking for him. Is this how you show your gratitude?”

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Clinton. I’m willing to accept any kind of punishment.”

“Punishment? You deprived me of the opportunity to watch Tony grow up. No amount of money can ever buy back the two years I’ve lost. Tell me, how can you compensate me for that?”

“You can do whatever you want with me. I won’t utter a single complaint.”

Olivia banged the table, stood up, and made her way toward Kurt. She raised her hand and gave him a tight slap. “From this day onwards, you are fired. You will have nothing to do with us anymore. I want you to leave this city,” she said.

Kurt’s cheeks grew numb from the slap.

He gave Amelia a look and replied, “I can’t leave just yet, Mrs. Clinton. I promised her I would protect her.”

Olivia scoffed.

“Looks like a lot has happened in the past two years. Look, Oscar, your ex finally found someone new, a man who’s willing to protect her. I think it’s time you realize you’re being cheated on.” Olivia was insinuating that Amelia had moved on with Oscar’s bodyguard while he was still hoping for a reconciliation.

The air immediately became thick with tension upon her words.

Olivia continued, “Amelia, pardon me for my harsh words. You insisted on getting a divorce two years ago because of your differences in ideals and values. I’ve accepted the fact that the both of you just weren’t meant to be. You left with Tony without saying goodbye and took away my pride and joy. I accepted it only because Oscar was still very fond of you. He only had good things to say about you. Now that Tony is back, you can do whatever you want with Kurt. However, Tony’s last name will remain as it is, so just let him stay with us. I wish you both much happiness. I have nothing to say to you anymore, Amelia.”

Oscar walked over and circled his arms around Amelia’s waist. “Mom, Amelia is mine.”

Olivia’s face twisted in fury.

She took a deep breath and said, “Oscar, you’re going to get engaged with Isabella soon. Everyone in the upper-class society knows about it, so stop messing around. We Clintons and Walkers will not put up with such humiliation. Moreover, your sister is going to marry Noah. Our bond will be even stronger after that. You’ve made a fool of yourself for the past two years. Enough is enough, so don’t ruin our familial ties for this flirtatious woman.”

Oscar’s face darkened. “Mom, I have nothing to do with Isabella. I hope you will stop trying to pair us up because she will be the one who will be utterly humiliated in the end.”

Olivia pointed at Amelia as her face clouded over.

“How could you be so irresponsible? Don’t forget the fact that you’ve slept with Isabella. The Walkers and I have seen it with our own eyes. Are you trying to shirk responsibility now? Is that what I’ve taught you growing up?”

Oscar’s eyes glinted coldly, and he narrowed his eyes.

He never thought that his mother would go as far as to lie through her teeth. He was suddenly consumed with fear because it felt like he didn’t know his mother anymore.

How could she put me in such a difficult situation for her own selfish needs? Is she still the gentle and loving mother I knew?

Oscar’s heart sank upon the thought.

Amelia also felt torn. Her eyes widened as she was reminded of Isabella holding hands with Oscar two years ago. Oscar seemed to enjoy it very much and let her be. She had tried so hard to repress the memory, but in a flash, the scene played out once again.

Oscar, have you really moved on with Isabella during the past two years that I’m not around? If that’s the case, why are you messing around with me? Is it purely because you want to seek revenge on me for leaving without saying goodbye?

Amelia’s mind was in a mess. She knew she should trust Oscar wholeheartedly, but she couldn’t shake off the fact that she felt annoyed by the two women pestering Oscar.

Oscar tightened his grip around her as if he could tell what was going on in her mind. “Trust me, Amelia,” he whispered.

Amelia shook off her doubts and smiled at Oscar. “You will always have my trust,” she replied.

Oscar brushed a finger slowly down her nose and chuckled, “You silly woman.”

Olivia was fuming mad as she watched Oscar and Amelia show off their love for each other as if no one else was in the room.

She picked up the ashtray on the table and threw it in their direction. Kurt swiftly moved in front of Amelia and Oscar to block it.

He remained expressionless even though he was covered in ash and stood in front of Amelia.

“Kurt, are you okay? How are you feeling?” Amelia asked worriedly as she stared at Kurt.

Kurt’s face softened as he stared intently at Amelia. “I’m fine, Amelia.”

Oscar pulled Amelia into his arms. She quickly covered her nose as she collided with his chest. Ouch! It hurts.

Olivia mocked as she watched the scene unfold. “Don’t you see, Oscar? The woman you’ve placed in high regard is flirting with another guy in front of you. Can you really put up with this? You really are my filial son if you can.”

Oscar’s face clouded over.

“Mom, it’s getting late. I’m taking Amelia and Tony back to our apartment. We can talk tomorrow.” Oscar put an arm around Amelia and was about to head upstairs. “Stop right there!” Olivia said coldly.

Oscar stopped in his tracks.

“She can leave, but not Tony. Be prepared to visit me in the hospital if you insist on taking Tony away,” Olivia threatened.

Oscar turned around and replied patiently, “Mom, Tony is only two years old. He cannot leave his mother’s side. Moreover, Amelia got custody of Tony when we got divorced. You can’t be so unreasonable.”

Olivia smiled wryly and pointed at herself. “I’m being unreasonable? You better watch it, Oscar. How dare you call me unreasonable for the sake of this woman? Why didn’t you reprimand her for being selfish? See, Owen? Your son is being so rude to me, and it’s all because of that woman.”

Owen walked over and placed his arm around Olivia. He shot Oscar a warning look. “Oscar, apologize to your mother.”

Oscar’s face fell as he kept his temper. “I’m sorry, Mom.”

Amelia stared at Olivia, who was fuming mad. She broke free from Oscar’s grip, walked over to Olivia, and bowed. “Mom, I’m sorry for taking Tony away for the past two years. It’s all my fault that you didn’t get to bond with him. I won’t fight back if you want to hit me or reprimand me. I only want you to be healthy,” she said solemnly.

“Lift your head.”

A tight slap landed on Amelia’s face the moment she looked up. The force of the slap was so strong that her face swiveled sideways.

“Mom, how could you slap her?” Oscar’s heart ached for her. He was about to make his way toward Amelia when Olivia glared at him. “Oscar, you stay out of this. This is between the two of us. Don’t even think about me forgiving her if you get involved.”

Oscar halted in his tracks.

“Amelia, this slap is for me. I would have been better off giving a dog all my affection. At least it can act coquettish with me. But you, I’ve really wasted all my effort in treating you as if you’re one of my own. Have you ever thought about us when you took Tony away? I’ve always wanted a grandchild. How could you whisk him away without telling us? What were you thinking? You’re a heartless woman. All you think about is yourself. Both me and Owen are already one foot in the grave. Have you ever imagined the pain we’ve gone through of not being able to see our grandchild? Are you even human? How could you be so cruel?”

Amelia lowered her head.

“I’m sorry, Mom.” A lump formed in her throat. “I didn’t have a choice. I was going blind at the time. I’ve lost everything besides Tony. But the both of you could have more grandchildren. I thought your grieve would be short-lived after Tony was gone. I never thought…”

“You never thought? Amelia, do you think we’re heartless? I thought you were smart and sensible, but it turned out that you don’t have a heart. Did you ever consider how we would feel to have our grandchild disappear before our very eyes? Did you know that I almost had a heart attack when I lost Tony? Day and night, Tony was the only one on my mind. I even dreamed that Tony was covered in blood. Oscar, on the other hand, turned into a workaholic. He lost a lot of weight and was even admitted to the hospital twice for gastric perforation. The doctor told him he was going to die if this were to carry on. Do you know how many people got hurt in the process because of your ignorance?”

Amelia felt a shiver down her spine when she heard that. She was guilt-ridden. She had failed to take the Clintons into account when she took Anthony away. Their love was Anthony was no less than hers.

“Mom, I’m sorry.” That was all Amelia could say.

There was nothing she could do now.

“Mom, Amelia didn’t do it on purpose. Please stop reprimanding her. She knows she’s at fault now.” Oscar’s heart ached for Amelia. “You can take it out on me instead. She’s innocent. Life hasn’t been a breeze for her in the past two years. She lost her sight and couldn’t move around freely. She didn’t want you to see her in such a sorry state. She had her reasons for taking Tony away. Let’s all take a step back. Don’t be so overbearing. You’re going to scare her.”

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