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Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 392

Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 392

Life Is Good With Him Around

After spending another night in the mansion, they woke up and had breakfast the next morning. Amelia had wanted to ask Tiffany if she could doll her up a bit so that she could look presentable in front of her donor’s parents, but James suddenly received a call saying that the young man’s condition had worsened quickly overnight. They were forced to cancel their lunch plans.

James rushed to the hospital while Amelia and the others waited in the mansion. Whatever happened was serious enough that they heard nothing from James until that night. He called Amelia and asked her to come to the hospital so they could do a few check-ups on her. If all was well, they could conduct the operation within the next couple of days.

Amelia was feeling rather excited, but also a little sad at the same time. Her getting her corneas replaced would mean another family would have lost their child. She couldn’t even imagine the pain that family would be put through at the loss of their son, much less ever getting over his death.

She decided that if her operation was successful, she would definitely go to visit his parents. She wanted to meet the parents who were so kind that they were willing to donate their own son’s corneas to a stranger they had never met. As a parent, that was probably one of the hardest decisions they ever had to make.

Amelia was to go to the hospital with Oscar and the others while Kurt was to stay and watch over Tony.

“Stay here with your godfather, okay? Mommy will be going out for some time, and I’ll be able to see you when I come back. Doesn’t that sound great?” she said to Tony.

The boy replied, “Mommy, are you going to the hospital?”

Amelia stroked his hair and smiled. “Yes, Tony. I am going to the hospital, but I’ll be back very soon. Stay here and be a good boy, all right? When I come back, we can go home.”

“Okay! I’ll wait here with Daddy. When you come back, we can go home without Big Meanie!” Tony said.

Amelia frowned. “Tony, that’s your dad. Don’t call him Big Meanie again, or I’ll get very angry.”

“No! He will always be Big Meanie.”

Amelia was about to scold Tony when Oscar hugged her from behind and picked her up. “Come one, it’s time to go. If Tony really wants to call me Big Meanie, he can do it all he likes. As long as he’s happy, he can call me any names he likes.”

Amelia finally softened.

“Oscar, maybe you should put me down first,” Amelia said bashfully.

He placed her back on the ground carefully.

They finally arrived at the hospital after a few more minor setbacks.

James greeted them personally in his white doctor’s coat, looking pretty exhausted.

“Amelia, I’ve already prepared a private room for you that you can stay in for tonight. If your results are fine after tomorrow’s check-ups, we can conduct the surgery once the patient’s corneas are removed.”

Amelia widened her unseeing eyes and asked, “How’s that young man doing?”

“We’ve done all we can, but he’s still in a very bad condition. We’ve moved him into the ICU. If he manages to wake up within the next 48 hours, that means his condition may have improved; if he doesn’t wake up within that time then it means he won’t wake up ever again,” James said severely. Doctors may have been used to death and loss, but watching a patient you cared for slowly wither away would stress anyone out. After all, anyone would feel despair over the sight of such a young patient passing away.

Amelia was beginning to feel even worse and said cautiously, “Where are his parents?”

“They’re waiting outside his ward. They’re extremely sad and exhausted right now, so I don’t think you should go over. If you really want to see them, I’d recommend thanking them after your operation is a success. Let’s give them some time as a family,” James said, perfectly guessing Amelia’s intentions.

Amelia nodded.

When they entered the private ward, she said, “Thank you for planning all of this for me, James. Once my eyes heal, Oscar and I will buy you a meal.”

“Okay, deal. No going back on your word,” James said breezily, familiar with Chanaean customs. “After I migrate back to Chanaea, I’ll be going over to your place so much you two will get sick of me. I hope you won’t hate me too much then!”

“Of course, we wouldn’t. Our doors are always open to you,” Amelia said with a soft smile.

“I’ll take you up on that offer,” James said. “Just wait here for a minute while I go and check on some things.”

Amelia nodded.

Once James left, Tiffany looked around the fancy private ward and said, “James is pretty efficient, babe. The moment you stepped into Anglandur, he already organized everything for you.”

“I was the one who asked him to help and also paid for everything,” Oscar interrupted.

Tiffany simply rolled her eyes at that.

Oscar, since when did you care so much about this stuff? I can’t believe you’re actually taking credit. Still, if it weren’t for you, James might not have helped so readily. But I guess with James’ reputation, it’s not like getting this private room was anything difficult, she thought.

Bitterly, she said, “Mr. Clinton, I can’t believe you’ve gotten even more possessive after two years. You used to not care about taking credit in the slightest.”

“Of course I had to take credit to prove my love.”

Tiffany just shuddered at Oscar’s cheesy response.

“Mr. Clinton, can you not be so poetic all of a sudden?”

Oscar merely glared at her and looked away, lazy to entertain her.

The corners of Tiffany’s mouth twitched. As expected, she would never be on the same page as Oscar.

“Let’s go back first, Tiff. We should give the two of them some space,” Derrick said as he wrapped his arms around Tiffany.

She thought about it for a second and ended up nodding in agreement.

After the two of them left, only Amelia and Oscar were left in the room.

Amelia was starting to find it hard to hide her excitement. “Oscar, am I finally going to be able to see again?” After Dr. Jackson and the other doctors’ treatments, she had slowly begun to lose hope of ever seeing again. Still, fate was a fickle thing. After throwing such a large obstacle in her way, it had somehow given her a second chance that she hadn’t seen coming.

“Yes. You’ll be able to see very soon,” Oscar said as he pulled her into his embrace with a chuckle.

Amelia leaned against him and took in the subtle, familiar scent of his clothes. “Oscar, I feel really bad for that young man. I seriously can’t thank him enough for agreeing to donate his corneas to me. If my operation is a success, I’ll never do anything to harm my eyes again.”

“He’s a good man. People like him have a spot in heaven,” Oscar replied.

Amelia couldn’t help but giggle.

“What is it?”

She shook her head and said, “Nothing. I just think you’ve changed a lot. You would have never said such a thing back then. I think you’re beginning to soften up.”

“Don’t you like this new version of me?”

“I love it. I love it because you’re finally letting down your guard and softening up to people. However, I must say I’m quite impressed by the terrifying front you put up with women who chase after you. I guess I’m just selfish that way. Now that you’ve courted me back, you can only keep me and only me in your heart from now on, okay?”

Oscar couldn’t help but burst out laughing, which caused Amelia to laugh as well.

Even though they were in the hospital, Amelia was still happy with the atmosphere they had created. Whenever Oscar was with her, she felt happier than ever. Despite being unable to see, she knew that if he was around, all would be well with the world.

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