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Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 391

Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 391

 A Little Ungrateful

“Oscar, Amelia, your son is way too cute! It feels like I’m talking to a disgruntled old man trapped in a little boy’s body. Is he really only two years old? He’s so smart for his age!” James began to gush the moment he reached the mansion.

Oscar looked at Tony, who was still standing next to Kurt. As if throwing a tantrum, he grumbled, “Yeah, and all that goes toward bullying his own dad.”

James chuckled loudly. He had waited for far too long to see this side of Oscar.

Oscar glared at him and said, “This is funny to you, huh?”

James shook his head and said gleefully, “I just didn’t know you had this side to you. You used to be so determined and competitive. I can’t believe you’re actually losing to your own son.”

Oscar was much too lazy to continue dealing with James’ teasing.

Amelia listened to their conversation uneasily and was about to walk toward Oscar, but since the mansion was an unfamiliar environment, she nearly tripped and fell. Oscar jumped and hurriedly ran over to catch her.

“Are you okay? Did you hurt yourself?” he asked urgently.

Kurt instinctively jerked toward her direction, but at the sight of Oscar catching her, he forced himself to stay in place.

Tony let go of Kurt’s hand and ran toward Amelia worriedly. “Mommy, are you okay?”

Amelia nodded and smiled. “I’m fine. Calm down, the two of you.”

Tony blocked Mommy from Oscar and pushed him away with his small hands as he shouted, “Go away, Big Meanie! The moment you came, Mommy stopped loving me and she’s ignoring Daddy too. You stole her away. I hate you!”

Oscar didn’t seem ruffled and knelt down. “Your mother nearly died when she tried to give birth to you. When you were finally born and the doctor brought you to me, I told myself that I wouldn’t get mad at you no matter what.”

Tony tilted his head, seemingly unable to understand what Oscar was saying.

Oscar pulled his son into his embrace and Tony almost immediately began squirming and struggling. “Let go of me, Big Meanie! Let go!”

Oscar was still perfectly calm and simply planted a soft kiss on Tony’s little porcelain face. “You really are my baby boy. You’re just like how I was when I was younger. I love you so much.”

Tony slipped out of his embrace and ran away as he glanced at Oscar. “Big Meanie.” Despite his words, he was looking at Oscar with just a hint of longing. Perhaps it was because of his natural instinct toward his dad, but he was starting to feel more affectionate toward Oscar.

Amelia was terrified that they would start quarreling again and said loudly, “Tony, don’t talk to your dad like that. Haven’t I taught you manners before? Don’t shout at adults. Have you forgotten all the lessons I’ve taught you?”

After completely cutting off the Clintons back then, Amelia had never brought Oscar up in front of Tony. That was why Tony thought Kurt was his real dad and not Oscar, who had suddenly appeared.

Amelia was feeling rather torn. Because of her own selfishness, her husband and her son were like fire and water.

Just then, James clapped his hands and said, “Let’s take a seat, everyone. I invented a new game. Let’s all play it together.”

As he spoke, he walked toward Tony and said, “Do you wanna play too, Tony? It’s especially fun for super-smart young kids like you.”

Tony blinked his large eyes, which had lit up in excitement. “Okay! Let’s play.”

James brought Tony away, but not before turning back to tilt his head teasingly at Oscar as if to say, Look, you may be the businessman here, but your kid still likes me more than you. James – 1, Oscar – 0.

James was practically glowing with pride, but Oscar couldn’t care less.

“Hugo, watch Tony for me. I’m going to bring Amelia upstairs.” After that, Oscar helped her up the stairs while Kurt’s gaze continued to follow her with a hint of sorrow in his eyes.

After Oscar had brought her upstairs, Hugo gave Kurt a pat on the back while Tiffany said, “Kurt, can we step out for a second? I just want to talk.”

Kurt followed her out silently.

“Kurt, I’m sorry that I couldn’t help you,” Tiffany said apologetically. She had seen how well Kurt had treated Amelia for the last two years. He had truly done his best to lay everything out for her so she never had to worry about anything. If Amelia wasn’t already absolutely head over heels for Oscar, Kurt would already have been her best choice. It wasn’t easy to meet a man who loved one so much, but emotions just couldn’t be forced.

“It’s not your fault. Please don’t apologize.”

Tiffany swallowed and said, “I think you should go back to working under Oscar. Amelia is back with him again, and if you stay with her, things will start to get awkward. Amelia would feel bad too and you wouldn’t like to watch them be all mushy all the time, right? Maybe letting go is the right choice. That would also stop Amelia from being caught in the middle.”

Kurt looked at her silently.

She cleared her throat awkwardly and touched her nose. “Kurt, I’m saying this out of only good intentions toward both of you. I know you love her, and I know I sound like I’m burning bridges. Still, I know you don’t want to see her hurt or confused, so letting go would be the best choice for the two of you.”

“I won’t give up on her,” Kurt said firmly. He may have found true love later than most people, but that didn’t mean he could let go of it so easily.

“Kurt, please understand where I’m coming from. The Clintons wouldn’t like the way you interact with her either. Why would you force her into such a hard situation?” Tiffany said, starting to get annoyed.

“She’s married to my boss. I won’t get in the way of her marriage. All I want is to be there whenever she needs me. I’m willing to wait for however long it may take,” he said matter-of-factly. He couldn’t just move on so easily. Apart from Amelia, he had never felt this way for another woman.

Tiffany decided to give up.

She shrugged in defeat and said, “Whatever. I’m just saying that if I were Amelia, I wouldn’t want you to waste all of your time on me. You’re practically a brother to her, so of course she wouldn’t want to hurt you. I should have stopped her from going with you back then. Maybe you wouldn’t have fallen so deeply. After two years, it’s only natural to begin having feelings for somebody. If Amelia hadn’t met Oscar first, she might actually have fallen for you, too. You’d be a great husband.”

Kurt’s lips were pressed tightly together as he started to clench and unclench his fists.

Tiffany glanced at him as if she wanted to say something but couldn’t figure out how.

“Tiffany, I can tell you’re not done yet,” Kurt said.

“Don’t call me biased, okay? I’m just doing it for Amelia’s sake. But please keep your distance from Tony from now on. I don’t want the rift between Tony and Oscar to grow any more than it is. It’ll only make Amelia sadder if this goes on. I know you and Tony have a great relationship, but…” Tiffany trailed off. She had known Kurt for two years and was honestly leaning toward his side rather than Oscar’s, but from Amelia’s standpoint, she would hate being stuck in this situation as well. She had to play the devil’s advocate for the sake of Amelia.

“Please don’t blame me, all right? I just don’t want Amelia to go through any pain again after finally getting back together with the man she loves. As a man, I’m sure you can understand, right?”

Kurt’s gaze sharpened and he was practically glaring at Tiffany as if he wanted to skin her alive.

She was taken aback by the intensity of his stare and stepped back as she folded her arms over her chest defensively. “You’re not going to hit me, are you?”

However, after a quick pause, she said, “But, if it makes you feel better, then go ahead.”

Kurt simply continued to stare at her until he finally spoke, his voice sounding raspier than usual. “If that is what Amelia wants, I will do my best to stay away from Tony. If she wants me to go back to the boss, then I will do so without hesitation. I love her, so I wouldn’t want to do anything that might hurt her. I wouldn’t want you to feel so torn, either.”

Tiffany looked down and said guiltily, “I’m still really sorry, Kurt. Not only did I fail to keep my word and help you, I even said those ungrateful things to you. If you really are mad at me, please feel free to slap me.”

“I don’t hit girls,” Kurt said before turning to walk away.

She looked up and called after him, “Where are you going?”

“I just need some time alone. I’ll be back soon.”

Tiffany sighed as she watched him leave. Kurt had helped both her and Amelia a lot, and in return, she had said all those things to him the moment Oscar showed up again. No one would feel good hearing those things. In the end, she was the selfish one here.

I’m sorry, Kurt. I know I’ve hurt you, Tiffany thought.

She was still pretty beat up over everything. She liked Kurt and wanted him to be together with Amelia instead of Oscar, but feelings couldn’t be forced. If they could be, then heartbreak wouldn’t be so common.

She couldn’t help but sigh again at Amelia’s overwhelming amount of admirers. Every single man who fell for her only ended up crushed and disappointed, especially someone as determined and loyal as Kurt. He rarely fell for anyone, but when he did, the emotions hit him hard and furiously. If the target of his affection failed to return his emotions, he would end up twice as hurt.

Sigh! Tiffany didn’t know what to do.

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