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Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 388

Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 388

Burning Bridges

The next morning, Oscar ordered Amelia to stay put while he clumsily packed her clothes for her.

He only took what he could fit into a single suitcase as they could always shop for clothes after arriving in Anglandur.

“Let’s head out for breakfast, Honey,” Oscar said after he was done with the suitcase.

Amelia nodded, and the two of them left the bedroom.

Kurt and Hugo were already waiting for them by the time they came downstairs.

Oscar shot them a glance and commented, “You two sure are early today.”

“We’ve only just got here a while ago, Boss,” Hugo replied.

Oscar carefully sat Amelia down on the sofa before turning toward Hugo. “Are the flight tickets all prepared?”

“Yes, Boss.”

Just then, Tiffany came running out of the kitchen with a spatula in hand. “Hey, Oscar! Just so you know, I’ll also be joining you guys on your trip to Anglandur! You’re not taking Amelia there without me!”

Oscar shot her a cold glare as he asked, “You promised Derrick yesterday that you’d go back with him if he was all right. It has only been one night and you’re going back on your word already?”

Tiffany was clearly a little intimidated, but she refused to back down and argued defiantly, “I’m not! I’m just worried about Amelia, that’s all! You just showed up all of a sudden and asked her to go to Anglandur with you! For all we know, you could be trying to trick her into going there so you can sell her to human traffickers or something! I have to go with her to ensure her safety!”

Tiffany’s excuse was so lame that even she herself found it hard to believe.

“Me? Sell her off? Your ability to insult people sure has decreased significantly over the past two years, huh, Tiffany?” Oscar replied with a smile so unnatural that it gave her the creeps.

“You, on the other hand, have gotten a lot better with your comebacks, Mr. Clinton!” Tiffany said with an awkward chuckle.

“Thank you for the compliment.”

D*mn… Not only did he become more shameless, but he also got snarkier too! I don’t even know if I can beat him in an argument now!

With that in mind, Tiffany sat down beside Amelia and held her hand as she said, “I don’t care, I’m going to Anglandur with you, Amelia! I’m really worried about you and Tony!”

“What about Derrick, then?”

“I’ve talked to him about this last night. We’ll go back to that city once you return from your surgery in Anglandur.”

“Did he agree to it?”

“He has to. We’ve been having a long-distance relationship for almost two years now. I’m sure we can handle being apart for a couple more months.”

“Tiff, you two should start discussing your marriage now that your relationship has stabilized.”

“Babe, getting married two years into a relationship is a little too soon. Besides, we haven’t even introduced each other to our parents yet.”

The Hissons are a wealthy and powerful family, so it won’t be easy for me to marry into it. Derrick’s parents are bound to disapprove of our relationship, so things are only going to get difficult once we return to that city…

Tiffany fell silent at the thought of that, while Amelia tried to comfort her best friend by holding on to her hand.

Naturally, Oscar could tell what their concerns were based on the looks on their faces. “I’ll take you in as my godsister once Amelia’s eyes are all better. Even a prominent family like the Hissons wouldn’t dare give you a hard time then.”

Amelia and Tiffany both glanced at Oscar in unison.

Tiffany had a conflicted look in her eyes as she didn’t expect him to help her out, especially after all the trouble she had caused him for Amelia’s sake. Oscar would never have cared about my personal affairs before. He must really love Amelia if he’d agree to help me out like this!

“Oscar, do you really mean that?” Amelia asked.

“You’re afraid of the Hissons objecting to Tiffany’s relationship with Derrick, right? If she becomes my godsister, the Hissons won’t have the guts to bully her even if they don’t like her family background. Those who wish to collaborate with Clinton Corporations would know better than to go against me!”

Oscar wasn’t even being cocky as he most certainly had what it took to support his statement.

Tiffany gave him a smack on the shoulder as she said excitedly, “Since when did you become such a generous person, Mr. Clinton? I actually thought you’d blame me for leaving with Amelia!”

“Oh, I was planning on holding you accountable at first. However, seeing as you took such great care of her and Tony, I’m willing to let this slide.”

“You’re such a gentleman, Mr. Clinton!”

“I knew I was right to make you my friend, Mr. Clinton! You’ll be our hero once Tiff and I get married!” Derrick said as he served up breakfast from the kitchen.

Hmph… I knew this guy had a motive for befriending me! D*mned bootlicker… Oscar thought to himself as he shot Derrick a cold glare.

Derrick waved at him with a gleeful smile on his face as he said, “Don’t look at me like that, Mr. Clinton! I just think your family is the only one capable of going against mine, that’s all! Tiff and Amelia are such good friends, so I’m sure you wouldn’t just sit by and watch our relationship suffer, right? Allow me to thank you on behalf of Tiff in advance! Make sure to be generous with our wedding gift when we get married, okay?”

Oscar found himself speechless as he never knew Derrick was that shameless.

Even Tiffany gave him a strange look that said, “I’ve never heard you say anything this shameless before, Derrick! Are you really the same Derrick that I used to know?”

It seemed that Derrick had just shown her yet another side of him that she never knew existed.

Back then, Tiffany saw Derrick as a handsome and excellent man that she could never hope to be with. However, her perception of him changed the moment they started dating, and she realized he wasn’t a cold and unapproachable person like she had imagined. On the contrary, he was such a romantic guy that she found herself struggling to handle his displays of affection.

She even believed that she had lived a great life simply because she had found someone who understood her so well.

After breakfast, Oscar turned toward Kurt and said, “Kurt, I am grateful to you for looking after Amelia over the past two years, but she has me now. I’ll take good care of her and Tony, so you can head back to the company. I’ll take Hugo with us on this trip instead.”

Kurt paused for a moment and stared at Oscar with a conflicted look in his eyes. “I wish to go with Amelia, Boss.”

Oscar’s lips twitched slightly as he replied, “You’re extremely thoughtful and have great fighting skills. It would be a waste of your talents to have you stay by Amelia’s side, so I’m thinking of having you serve as my right-hand man instead. I’m sure you wouldn’t want Amelia to feel guilty for holding you back, right?”

Kurt’s lips trembled as he stared at Amelia, but no words came out of them.

“You should say something too, Amelia.” Just like that, Oscar had put her in the spotlight.

Amelia tightened her grip on her silverware and tried her best to collect her thoughts. She then forced herself to look at Kurt as she said, “I think you should return to Oscar’s side as it would benefit your career the most. I’ve wasted two years of your time on me, so I don’t want you risking your life going on those dangerous personal missions anymore. That type of money may come fast, but it isn’t worth risking your life for me and Tony like this. It would benefit both of us if you would return to Oscar’s side, Kurt. Don’t make me feel any more guilty than I already do, okay?”

Amelia actually struggled to say all that as it felt like she was being unfair to Kurt. However, having him work for Oscar was the most ideal option available. Not only would this keep her out of his mind, but it would also benefit his career and future.

She had selfishly dragged Kurt into her mess two years ago, only to selfishly push him away afterward. As Amelia had only thought about herself, she ended up neglecting Kurt’s feelings.

She thought she had come up with a great excuse by claiming it was for his own good, but it was no different from burning the bridge after crossing it.

Kurt’s expression grew increasingly gloomy as he pursed his lips and clenched his fists.

“I want Daddy, Mommy! I’m not going to Anglandur if you won’t let Daddy come along! I don’t want to go there with Big Meanie! I want to be with Daddy! He’s such a nice guy! If you don’t like him, then I’ll stay here with him!” Tony spoke up all of a sudden.

A hint of awkwardness flashed past Amelia’s eyes when she heard that. Fearing that Oscar would get the wrong idea, she quickly corrected him, “Tony, you’re supposed to call him ‘Godpa!’“

“But why, Mommy? I used to call him ‘Daddy’ all the time! Is it because of Big Meanie over here? I hate him! I don’t want to go to Anglandur with him! He’s trying to take me away from Daddy!” Tony then shot Oscar a hateful glare as he continued, “I hate you, Big Meanie! First, you take Mommy from me, and now you’re trying to take Daddy away from me, too!”

The look on Oscar’s face changed instantly.

Amelia slammed her silverware down on the table and shouted angrily, “You mustn’t speak to your father like that! Apologize to him now or I’m going to get angry!”

It was her first time getting angry at Tony, and his eyes reddened instantly.

Tiffany quickly scooped Tony into her arms as she said, “Tony is still too young to understand these things, Amelia. You need to talk to him nicely about stuff. Kurt has been the one looking after him throughout the past two years, so it makes sense that he would be upset about leaving him. Kids are really sensitive, so it’s normal for him to throw tantrums every now and then. Why don’t you let Kurt go with you? It’d be hard for them to leave each other so suddenly. What do you say, Mr. Clinton?”

“What if I were to say no?” Oscar asked with a calm look on his face.

“Come on, can’t you make an exception for Tony’s sake?” Tiffany exclaimed.

“Are you asking me to accept the fact that my son is calling another man ‘Daddy?’” Oscar snapped back at her.

“Well, Kurt has been looking after us throughout the past two years, Mr. Clinton! You can’t make us do such a heartless thing to him!” Tiffany replied after giving it some thought.

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