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Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 382

Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 382

A Relenting Heart

With Amelia in his arms, Oscar sat on the bed and said, “Amelia, we will be heading to Anglandur tomorrow. As for Mrs. Hutton, do you want me to investigate her background? Given how much you resemble her, it’s impossible for you two not to be related by blood.”

“Are you saying that she’s my biological mother?” Amelia stated out loud what he was inferring.

“Yes, I noticed that her concern for you exceeds what an ordinary person would have. Haven’t you suspected that she has an agenda by trying to get close to you?” Oscar asked while fiddling with her hair.

Smiling wryly, Amelia replied, “Of course I did. However, since she’s unwilling to acknowledge it, there’s no point in me breaking that barrier. After all, I’m just happy with the way things are.”


Amelia briefly related how Benjamin treated her.

With a sharpened gaze, Oscar declared, “You do not need his approval. Given that only I am allowed to bully you, he has crossed the line by doing so. It looks like I must have a chat with this Mr. Hutton you speak of.”

With her troubles all behind her now, Amelia gradually beamed.

“There’s no need to. He’s just worried that I’ve approached his wife and daughter with an agenda. After all, everyone that’s rich suffers from the same fear,” Amelia replied with a smile. With regards to Benjamin, Amelia wasn’t too keen on getting to know him better even if he might be her biological father. Not only do they have incompatible personalities, but Benjamin also disliked her. In fact, he resented the idea of accepting her into the Hutton family, and that was the reason why he objected to Eleanor interacting with Amelia.

In truth, Amelia felt that there was no need for Benjamin to behave that way.

Oscar scratched her nose and joked, “You shouldn’t forget that you’re rich too. The assets that I have placed in your name are more than enough for you to live a life of luxury without needing to work a single day. Although you have closed all of your old accounts, I have tracked down your new one and transferred the assets into it.”

Burying her head in his arms, Amelia wondered in a melancholic tone, “Oscar, why are you so nice to me? I left with Tony without saying a word and disappeared for two years. Judging by what I did, shouldn’t you hate me instead?”

“Do you want me to hate you?” Lowering his gaze, Oscar threw the question back at her, causing her to fall silent.

After a long while, she replied softly, “Oscar, over the last two years, I was always afraid of dreaming about you telling me that you hated me. There were a few times when I dreamt that you told me to get lost. Those were the times when I would jolt awake and could no longer sleep. Whenever that happens, I would walk to the window to admire the beautiful scenery outside. Unfortunately, it’s obvious that I can’t see anything at all. Deep in the night, I would simply feel the gentle breeze blowing in my face. During those moments, I would ask myself what I would do if you hated me. To be honest, I have no idea, as that is the thing I fear the most.”

As he held Amelia tightly, Oscar’s heart ached at how she always let her imagination run wild. How could I have ever assumed that she was a materialistic woman back then?

Leaning into his arms, Amelia listened to his heartbeat and asked again, “Oscar, do you really not hate me?”

“If I did, would I have gone through so much trouble to find you a suitable cornea? However, I do blame myself for not caring enough in the beginning. The fact that you chose to leave before you lose your eyesight entirely shows that you didn’t believe I could protect you from the malicious rumors. In the end, you chose to suffer alone instead. During the first month after you left, I kept wondering if I was a failure. Or else, why didn’t you believe in me?” Oscar related his sorrows with a grim voice.

Feeling around randomly, Amelia grabbed his hand and held it tightly. “No, it wasn’t because I didn’t trust you. I just didn’t have enough self-confidence. You can call it overthinking or just me being melodramatic, but I simply couldn’t come to terms with the fact that I was suddenly blind. Given how capable you are, I was sure you would do your best to get my eyes cured. However, a compatible cornea just isn’t that easy to come by. In the beginning, I might still be able to reassure myself. But as time passes, I will definitely develop an inferiority complex.”

Oscar’s heart broke at her words.

Tightening his hug, he felt the urge to cocoon her within himself.

“All right, that’s all in the past now, so let’s stop talking about it. Tomorrow, we will go to Anglandur together for your cornea transplant, and you will be able to see again. After that, the three of us will never be apart,” Oscar reassured her softly as she leaned against his chest in silence.

A few minutes later, Amelia raised her head and asked, “Oscar, what about your parents? Don’t they already hate me?”

Stroking her face, he replied, “Don’t worry, I’ll deal with them. Even though Mom looks as if she’s an easygoing person, the decades of people fawning over her have made her used to getting her way all the time. As such, she is unable to tolerate anyone going against her wishes. She was indeed furious that you left without saying a word. In fact, she has a bad impression of you now. But don’t you worry, I will definitely resolve this.”

Amelia smiled wryly and said, “It’s not surprising at all. Back then, Olivia was fond of Cassie too but ended up hating her. And now, the same situation is happening to me. To be honest, I don’t think Olivia is ever going to forgive me. Oscar, if there comes a day where the Clintons fight me for Tony’s custody, I will never give it up. Tony is my only support, and I cannot lose him.”

In response, Oscar’s expression darkened while his hand on Amelia’s cheeks twitched. “If Tony is your only support, what am I to you?”

You are my emotional pillar, was what Amelia thought of Oscar.

Narrowing his gaze, he cupped Amelia’s cheeks forcefully. “Amelia, you really are cruel. Not only am I lower in priority than Tony, but I’m also less important than your friend, Tiffany. Am I right?”

Feeling desperate, Amelia tried to grab Oscar’s hand. However, she didn’t expect him to avoid it.

“Amelia, all this while, I thought that I was the most important person to you. But now, I realized that I have overestimated my place in your heart.”

Feeling her throat drying out, Amelia replied with a raspy voice, “Oscar, what do you mean by that?”

Oscar smirked.

“Amelia, you understand very well what I mean,” he replied with a frosty tone. “When I give my soul to you, I also hope that you’d do the same in return.”

As she got to her feet, Amelia’s eyes were filled with helplessness.

“Oscar, that’s not what I meant,” she clarified.

When he saw the look in her eyes, Oscar relented with a sigh. He had wanted to impress upon her how important he was, but in the end, his heart was too soft to follow through with it.

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