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Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 381

Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 381


After they entered the bedroom, Amelia pulled her hand away from Oscar’s. Taking a few chaotic steps back, she warned, “Oscar, don’t come over yet.”

The moment he felt his hand go empty, Oscar’s gaze darkened, as he had no idea what sort of nonsense was going through Amelia’s head again. Just a short while ago, the atmosphere in the living hall was amicable while Amelia behaved submissively. Even when faced with Eleanor’s questions, she had accorded him due respect. As such, he was now puzzled as to what had suddenly changed.

Did the two years create such a huge gulf between us?

“Amelia, what’s wrong?” Oscar asked patiently.

Taking a deep breath, Amelia tried to suppress the surge of emotions within her. “Oscar, we are already divorced. So, I hope you will stop going around saying things that will cause others to misunderstand. You are Tony’s dad, and I have no objections to you forming a relationship with him. As for the two of us, I hope you can keep your distance.”

Oscar smirked.

“Amelia, when I declared that you’re my wife just now, you didn’t deny it at all. So, why are you trying to draw a boundary between us now? You have to give me a reason,” Oscar demanded with his hands spread to the sides.

Taking a step back, Amelia thrust her chin into the air. Even though she couldn’t see, she didn’t want to show any weakness in front of him. This was despite the urge to throw herself into his arms and vent about how she had suffered for the last two years.

“Oscar, we are now divorced. Also, I have grown used to living without you for the last two years. Given that you’re the heir to the company, I don’t want to be involved with you anymore.” Shaking her head, Amelia contradicted her own feelings.

Suddenly, Oscar stepped forward and hugged her. Burying his head by her neck, he spoke with a suppressed tone. “Amelia, do you know how cruel you were to leave without saying a word? I was on the brink of going mad. I searched every city and even begged those that I never imagined I would, causing me to be indebted to many others. Now that I’ve found you, it’s all right if you don’t want to talk about the past, but how can you sever our relationship just like that? Do you even have a conscience? Because of you, I was hospitalized for a high fever and almost dropped dead from overwork. And now, you want me to stay away from you? I haven’t even held you accountable for leaving without saying a word. I’m not going to let you leave my side again for the rest of my life.”

In her attempt to free herself from his embrace, Amelia anxiously felt his cheeks, his nose, and his eyes. In fact, in her haste, she almost stabbed her finger into his eye.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Amelia nervously added, “I didn’t do it on purpose. What do you mean by almost dropping dead? Have you recovered now? How can you not take care of yourself? Do you want me to be burdened by guilt for the rest of my life?”

Oscar enjoyed watching Amelia fret. Grabbing her hand, he uttered word by word, “Amelia, you still care about me, don’t you? That’s why you can’t bear to see me hurt.”

Amelia fell silent. However, it didn’t bother Oscar.

Feeling relieved, he pulled her into his embrace and relished in her familiar scent. With a deep voice, he added, “Amelia, I have missed you so so much. To stop myself from being consumed by it, I buried myself in work, to the extent my staff thought that I had gone nuts. Every day, I would count myself lucky if I could get five hours of sleep. Without you by my side, I had to rely on sleeping pills instead. Sometimes, I would even be scared awake by a nightmare where you appear before me, drenched in blood. I was so worried that you were suffering wherever you are. Hence, I looked up everyone that you and Tiffany were in contact with and finally found you. Because of the video you made, I didn’t dare to approach you until I found a donor with a compatible cornea, as I was worried that you would go on the run again. Amelia, you have been extremely cruel to me.”

Upon hearing his words, Amelia felt her heart ache.

“I’m sorry.” Out of all the words in her mind, those were the only ones she could muster.

“An apology from you is indeed what I deserve for spending so much time looking for you. Now that I have become ugly, you’re not allowed to be frightened by how I look,” Oscar teased.

Amelia couldn’t resist giggling amidst her sobs.

“Oscar, I can’t believe you’ve learned to crack jokes in the two years we were apart,” Amelia remarked with a teary-eyed smile.

When Oscar saw how fragile Amelia looked, his heart simply melted as he helped her wipe her tears away.

“I’m sorry. Do I look horrible right now?” Amelia avoided Oscar’s intimate gesture.

“No, you look stunning. No matter how you have changed, you will always be the most beautiful woman to me,” Oscar replied affectionately.

Amelia broke into a smile as her heart melted at his words.

After leaving his embrace, Amelia hugged him again before he could react. Burying her head in his chest, she listened to his pounding heartbeat with a grin on her face.

She no longer wanted to hide her longing for him. After all, she too missed him a lot after two years apart. In fact, she would often run her fingers over the necklace he gave her whenever she thought of him.

She had assumed that her memories of him were enough to sustain her for the rest of her life. But the moment she leaned in his embrace, she realized how naive she was. Whenever she was around Oscar, she would become greedy. She wanted to be the only person he loved. In fact, she didn’t care if he already had someone else.

“Oscar, I missed you too. I think of you every single day,” Amelia mumbled.

As a smile descended upon his face, Oscar was filled with delight. The suffering he felt for the last two years was alleviated the moment he heard her admit her longing for him. Consequently, he could no longer bring himself to admonish her any further.

Both of them embraced each other and lost track of time.

Amelia explained, “Tony was raised by Kurt. Since he is smarter than children his age, he called Kurt Daddy once he learned how to speak. We tried getting him to call Kurt Godpa instead but he refused. However, we didn’t really force him either. I hope you won’t take it to heart.”

Oscar’s expression darkened. “You silly woman. Are you trying to make me jealous on purpose?”


“You not only divorced me but also left with another man. My son calls me Big Meanie, while he addresses someone else as Daddy. Is it wrong of me to be jealous? I really feel like giving you a spanking to make you aware of my threshold. Or else, you will keep forgetting I have one.” Obviously, Oscar was joking about the spanking.

“Oscar, no, it isn’t like that.”

Oscar put his hand on her lips to stop her. “There’s no need to explain. Let bygones be bygones. I won’t dwell on it, and I don’t want to know what your relationship with Kurt is either. All I care about is that you’re my wife.”

Amelia was moved by how Oscar trusted her unconditionally.

“Thank you, Oscar,” Amelia uttered sincerely. Even though they had been apart for two years, it didn’t put any distance between them.

Resting in his embrace, Amelia felt a sense of security that no one else could give her.

Oscar ran his fingers through her silky hair. “If you really feel guilty, then don’t leave me next time. Do you know that I divorced you just so that I could pursue you all over again? Instead, you didn’t even give me an opportunity and left without a word. Can you imagine how devastated I was back then?”


“Of course, I would never lie to you.”

Amelia broke into a smile. The knot in her heart from two years ago was untied by Oscar’s words. Filled with bliss, she finally realized what it truly meant to be happy. It was a sensation that no amount of money could buy.

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