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Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 377

Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 377

His Eyes Are Like Those Of Amelia

In the meantime, Oscar stood beside the window as he asked, “James, can you ask that leukemia patient to meet me?”

Standing up from the sofa, James questioned, “Why? Give me a reason. You know the donor is willing to donate his corneas and has signed a confidential contract. If you don’t have a legitimate reason, I’m afraid I’ll have to refuse you.”

Oscar spun around and shot a sharp glance at James.

“Don’t trick me with your fancy words, James. Can I meet him or not? Just answer me,” asserted Oscar.

Shrugging, James chuckled. “Since you’ve already made the request, do I have the right to say no? If you want to meet him, I’ll discuss with his family. However, he’s a young man who had just reached twenty. He’s an Anglandur-born Chanaean and his family is quite rich. The man agreed to donate the corneas, so they’ll probably be willing to meet you.”

“Arrange a date with them quickly. I want to meet him as soon as possible.”

“Why do you insist on meeting him? Forgive me for being blunt, Oscar, but I’ll not allow you to do anything illegal. Although the young man’s in the final stages of leukemia, he still has the right to continue living,” warned James.

Rolling his eyes, Oscar replied in sarcasm, “James, I didn’t know that you had the potential to become a scriptwriter.”

“I’ve been obsessed with a few sci-fi films recently,” James responded with a shrug. “So I was actually quite tempted to quit my job as a doctor and become an author.”

Naturally, Oscar did not believe his nonsense.

“I just want to see what the eyes that are so suitable for my wife look like. After all, they’ll be following her for the rest of her life,” explained Oscar.

“Okay, I’ll arrange for it. However, you must not threaten or tempt the patient.”

Oscar ignored him.

As a very efficient man, James quickly set up a date for both of them to meet. Oscar even flew to Anglandur, especially for that.

When he and James entered the restaurant, a Chanaean girl, who was studying overseas there, welcomed them.

“Follow me upstairs, sirs.”

The two of them went upstairs and entered the private room. There were three people already seated inside—a middle-aged couple and a young man who looked like he was in his twenties.

Standing up, the middle-aged couple greeted, “Hello, Dr. James.”

James smiled at them before walking to the young man. “Glenn, how are you feeling?”

Although his face was pale, he was quite handsome. More importantly, he was very polite. Even though he was already suffering from the final stages of leukemia, he did not show any resentment for life.

“Hello, Dr. James. I’m feeling fine. Thank you for caring for me over this period of time,” said Glenn. Struggling to stand up from the chair, he extended a hand to James.

Shaking his head, James uttered, “Glenn, this is the husband of the woman whose corneas are highly similar to yours. He wants to see what the person who can cure his wife looks like.”

Glenn glanced at Oscar and said with a smile, “Are you from Chanaea, sir? I’m glad that my corneas can return to Chanaea. Although my parents are from Chanaea, I was born in Anglandur. I’ve never been to Chanaea even once. Initially, I wanted to study overseas at Chanaea for college and visit my parent’s hometown, Norham. But I guess that is impossible now. After I die, I hope that the person who receives my corneas can go there for me and see if it’s as beautiful as my parents describe it to be.”

When Oscar took a brief glimpse of Glenn’s eyes, he could not help but admit that they were indeed beautiful—his eyes were huge and his eyelashes were long, just like Amelia’s.

Feeling as though he was looking right at Amelia, Oscar fell into a daze.

“Your eyes look like my wife’s,” remarked Oscar subconsciously.

“Really? That is an honor,” said Glenn. “Sir, you look like a very accomplished man. Since you’re good friends with James, you must be very exceptional, too. Your wife must be a beautiful lady as well. I’m glad that I can donate my corneas to her.”

Upon hearing that, Oscar could not help but smile.

He chatted and ate with the family for one and a half hours. By the time he came out, the streetlamps had been lit. The night scenery in Anglandur was extraordinarily gorgeous.

“How was it, Oscar? Isn’t the young man polite? You must be satisfied that Amelia can receive such a pair of corneas,” remarked James as he hung his coat over his arm.

Nodding in satisfaction, Oscar agreed, “His eyes look just like Amelia’s.”

James shoved Oscar’s shoulders and teased, “Oscar, you and Amelia are already divorced. Yet, you spent so much time and money to find a suitable pair of corneas for her. Even if you’re lovesick, she might not reciprocate your love.”

“If it’s for her, everything is worth it.”

James shrugged nonchalantly.

“It’s my first time seeing you do so many things for a woman, Oscar. It’s already beyond my expectations. I can’t figure out why Amelia left all of a sudden, even though you’ve changed so much. When I heard you got a divorce from her, I was really shocked.”

After a slight pause, he continued, “I thought that people here are less conservative, but I didn’t expect the divorce rates in Chanaea to be so high as well. Just when I was so confident that both of you won’t get a divorce, news of it came to me so suddenly. Needless to say, I was flabbergasted.”

“James, you’re talking too much.”

“You can’t say that, Oscar. Without my help, could you have found a suitable pair of corneas for Amelia so quickly? You haven’t even returned the favor to me, yet you’re making such sarcastic remarks. You’re being ungrateful, you know?”

“I’ve already bought the building opposite Clinton Corporations and am planning to establish a private hospital. I’ve already prepared the medical staff and equipment. It’ll start operations next month. You will be the director of the hospital. Treat it as my compensation to you. As for the profits, I’ll get 70%, and you’ll get 30%,” said Oscar as he fidgeted with the key in his hand.

James grabbed the key from him and replied with a smile, “I like your gift a lot, Oscar. I was planning to reside in Chanaea, and you’ve already settled my job for me. From a mere doctor, I’ve been promoted to the director in an instant! It’s a huge leap, but I like it a lot. Thank you!”

“I’m not giving it to you for nothing. I want the hospital to profit, okay?” Pausing for a while, Oscar questioned, “How long does the leukemia patient have?”

What an abrupt change of topic!

“At the very least, three months,” James replied honestly. “At the maximum, half a year. His illness has been dragging on for three years. It’s considered a miracle in the medical field. It’s a huge pity—he’s a decent lad.”

Oscar did not care whether it was a pity or not. All he wanted to know was whether Amelia’s cornea transplant could proceed as planned. Seeing how similar the young man’s eyes were to Amelia’s, he was very satisfied.

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