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Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 376

Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 376

 Give Each Other A Chance

Eleanor came moments after Benjamin left. When Tiffany opened the door for her, she stood there and said in a polite, yet distant manner, “Mrs. Hutton, our humble house can’t possibly accommodate such an important person like you. It’s better if you don’t enter. Otherwise, your husband might accuse us of approaching you for ulterior motives. I don’t even know what you have that’s worthy enough for us to spend so much effort approaching you!”

With an embarrassed look, Eleanor protested anxiously, “Tiffany, I can explain myself. Where’s Lia? I want to meet her.”

“She’s not here, so please go back. We’ve only met by chance, so there’s no need for you to ruin your relationship with your husband.” Tiffany made it very clear that it was time for Eleanor to leave.

“Tiffany, please let me in. I just want to see Lia!” pleaded Eleanor.

“Mrs. Hutton, I have a question for you. If you answer it honestly, I’ll let you enter. Otherwise, I have no choice but to refuse,” stated Tiffany solemnly as she stared at Eleanor.

“What is it?”

“Why are you so nice to Amelia? From what I remember, both of you aren’t biologically related,” asked Tiffany directly.

Eleanor was stumped by the question.

“Is it difficult to answer that question? If so, I’m sorry. I’m going to close the door now.”

“Don’t! Please, I just want to have a glimpse of Lia. My husband did that because he wanted to protect me. My mental health hasn’t been great recently, so he’s afraid that I might get scammed. If he said something nasty to you, I apologize on his behalf. Please don’t mind him!” pleaded Eleanor with a tone of despair.

Tiffany’s resolve wavered. However, she still could not figure out the elder woman. Since she has already come here, why is she refusing to acknowledge Amelia as her daughter? She was completely clueless about what had happened.

Benjamin was afraid that Amelia was approaching them for ulterior motives. However, the Hutton family might be getting close to them for other purposes as well. The goal might be the Clintons, whom Amelia was affiliated with. Even if Amelia had already gotten a divorce from Oscar, she was still raising Tony. It was possible that the others wanted to use her as a stepping stone to build a relationship with Oscar. They had no choice but to guard against such evil intentions.

After all, looks could be deceiving. While others might be wary toward them, they would also be worried when others were nice to them for no reason.

“Mrs. Hutton, we don’t mind what Mr. Hutton said to us. However, Amelia doesn’t want to be involved with you unnecessarily. I think that there’s no reason for you to be so nice to her out of nowhere. When that happens, there’s either an ulterior motive or the person is up to no good. I don’t care which one of them applies to you, but I just don’t approve of Amelia interacting with you excessively. You should come after figuring out who Amelia is to you. I’m sorry, but I’m going to close the door now.” With that said, Tiffany shut the door.

Eleanor stared at the closed door. She opened her mouth but could not utter a single word, as if there was something blocking her throat.

Opening the door, the other Amelia walked toward Eleanor. “Mom, have you given up? If so, return to Saspiuburg with me. Dad doesn’t want you to acknowledge her, and she has no intention of acknowledging you as her mother, either. There’s no need to force her. Go back with me! Don’t make Dad angry again.”

Eleanor cast a glance at her before entering the apartment.

Amelia followed her in. After closing the door, she looked at Eleanor, who was sitting on the sofa, and persuaded, “Mom, come back to Saspiuburg with me. Do you know that your dearest daughter instructed someone to terminate our company’s contracts? Had I known that she’s such a vengeful person, I wouldn’t have approached her deliberately, let alone test her DNA against yours and Dad’s.”

“Amelia, don’t go too far. How can you frame your own sister? She’s blind and doesn’t have any family in Beshya. How can a girl like her intervene with the company’s affairs? I didn’t expect you to be so evil that you’ll defame your sister like that,” chided Eleanor unhappily.

Crossing her arms, Amelia smiled wryly. “Are you accusing me of defaming her, Mom? Do you know that Kurt, who’s with her now, admitted to Dad that he’s responsible for making the company fall into a financial crisis? If you don’t believe me, you can ask him.”

“Even if Kurt might be responsible for it, it doesn’t mean that your sister instructed him to do it! Your sister is very kind-hearted. I won’t let you say anything bad about her!” scolded Eleanor. It had not been easy for her to find her long-lost daughter. Hence, she would not let Amelia suffer anymore, especially not at the hands of her own family.

Clenching her fists, Amelia exclaimed furiously, “Mom, you’re delusional! How can you defend a daughter who doesn’t want to acknowledge you as her mother? She even caused the company to get into trouble!”

“Amelia, if you say this again, I’ll be angry. Your sister is very kind. She’ll never do something like that!”

“You must be out of your mind, Mom. How can you be so biased for the sake of an estranged daughter? Aren’t you afraid of hurting the entire family? To be honest, I’m disappointed in you. I thought that you’d be objective, but… Forget it. I won’t say anything else. If you continue acting like this, you might just betray your loved ones one day.” With that, Amelia stomped into her room directly, leaving Eleanor sitting on the sofa alone.

Her expression was grim as she lost herself in her own thoughts.

On the other side, Tiffany entered the bedroom and informed, “Babe, I sent Mrs. Hutton away. If you don’t want to be overly involved with her, there’s no need for us to interact with her.”

Standing beside the window, Amelia turned around and replied, “Thank you, Tiff.”

When Tiffany was about to say something, a call came. Seeing that it was from Derrick, she accepted the call.

She and Derrick exchanged sweet nothings for a while before he brought up the main topic, “Tiff, Oscar’s men have already found Amelia’s location. His good friend, James, who’s also working as a doctor in Erihal, has already found a suitable pair of corneas for her. It’s donated by a patient suffering from the final stages of leukemia. He has already signed the organ donation contract. After he leaves the earth, we can let Amelia undergo the surgery.”

“For real?” Tiffany blurted excitedly. “They’ve truly found a suitable cornea for Amelia?”

“That’s what the intel from Oscar’s side said. He’s really something. For Amelia, he spent a lot of effort and reached out to a lot of his social networks all over the world to find a suitable pair of corneas for her. He’s genuinely in love with her. Tell Amelia to stop escaping. If she misses a man like him, it’ll be impossible to meet another one in the future,” advised Derrick through the phone.

Tiffany shot a glance at Amelia instinctively before asking, “Let’s discuss that when the time comes. Where is the patient from? Can we meet him personally?”

“I don’t know. The organ donation contract is supposed to be signed in secret. Were it not for this piece of insider information, outsiders like us would be completely oblivious about this. If you want to know, you can ask Oscar personally. However, since the patient is still around, the surgery for Amelia cannot proceed anytime soon.” After thinking about it for a while, Derrick continued, “Tiff, I heard from Oscar that he might look for Amelia soon. He said that he has given her almost two years, so she should’ve figured things out by now. This time, she’ll probably stay by his side.”

Finding it a bit strange, Tiffany blurted, “Mr. Hisson, are you familiar with him?”

“Well, we became closer through our disagreements. I don’t want him to put you in a tough spot because of his desire to find Amelia. Hence, as your boyfriend, I have no choice but to get along with him,” explained Derrick.

Even though Tiffany was touched, she knew that Derrick was merely teasing her. The real reason was that if he cooperated with Oscar, it would be beneficial for both his publishing company and their two families.

In the corporate world, it was mutually beneficial for two powerful people to become acquainted with each other. It was also desirable for potential business collaborations.

“All right, I’ll stop messing with you. I miss you a lot. I’ll come and find you after a while,” said Derrick. “Don’t tell Amelia that Oscar will be looking for her soon. Give her a huge surprise when the time comes.”

Tiffany glanced at Amelia, who was trying her best to feign nonchalance despite her curiosity. She fell silent for a while before saying, “Okay.”

After she ended the call, Tiffany walked toward Amelia. Holding her hand, she guided the former to sit on the bed before taking a seat herself. “Babe, you’ve probably heard my conversation with Derrick on the phone. Oscar had exhausted a lot of resources for James to find a suitable pair of corneas for you. In fact, he had spent around two years before he succeeded. It’s from a patient suffering from the final stages of leukemia. When he’s gone, you can undergo the cornea transplant surgery.”

Hearing that, Amelia grabbed her dress excitedly. When she was about to speak, she realized her throat was exceedingly dry.

She swallowed her saliva before regaining her voice. “Tiff, is that true? Has he really found the cornea for me?”

“Other than Oscar, who else is rich enough to find the cornea within a short period of two years? Some people who went blind from an accident can’t find a suitable cornea despite waiting for their entire lives. To be honest, you’re very lucky, Amelia.”

Grabbing Amelia’s hand, Tiffany realized the former’s hand was warm because of how excited she was. Patting her hand, Tiffany said, “I think that Oscar’s genuinely nice to you. Since it has been almost two years since both of you met, I thought he would’ve forgotten about you. I didn’t expect him to have such a huge surprise prepared for you. Just from this, it’s hard to deny that he genuinely loves you. If your eyes can be cured, give him another chance. As for Kurt, I’m afraid that you’ll have to disappoint him.”

Tiffany was not saying that because it was advantageous to the situation. Instead, she knew Amelia had never forgotten about Oscar. If that was the case, why should she still separate two lovers who were fated to be together?

As the wise saying went, one would rather destroy ten temples than ruin a relationship. She was not powerful enough to separate two people forever.

Amelia fell silent for a long while before asking, “Tiff, can my eyes really be cured?”

“Once the leukemia patient dies, there’ll be a suitable pair of corneas for your surgery. When that day comes, you’ll be able to see the light again,” assured Tiffany with a grin.

Hearing that, Amelia smiled in relief. The burden that had been tormenting her for two years had finally been lifted off of her.

She decided that if she could see again, she was willing to give both Oscar and herself another chance. She would give Tony a complete family, for she did not want him to grow up in a single-family without experiencing the joys of having both parents.

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