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Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 362

Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 362

When Are You Getting Married

Since then, Amelia Hutton would head over for dinner and keep Amelia Winters company. In the blink of an eye, a year and a half had passed. Tony was almost two years old. Not only could he run fast, but he was also smart. He was especially good with numbers, having the ability to remember all the numbers he had seen. As for Amelia Winters’ eyes, there was still no improvement. Although she underwent the treatment enthusiastically, she still could not see anything.

Frustrated, Tiffany asked, “Boris, you said you could cure Amelia’s eyes in two or three years, but a year and a half have passed, and her condition hasn’t improved at all. Can her eyes really recover? Have you found a suitable cornea for her? I didn’t mean to argue with you. I’m just anxious about Amelia’s condition.”

Boris wore a solemn expression and did not exaggerate like he did at the beginning. “Tiffany, we’re still researching. At the same time, we’re also looking for a suitable cornea for her. If we find one, we’ll definitely conduct surgery on her.”

Before Tiffany could say anything else, Amelia tugged at the corner of her clothes and piped up, “Tiff, Boris has tried his best, so you shouldn’t behave this way. Hurry up and apologize to him.”

Taking a deep breath, the former compromised and uttered, “Boris, I’m sorry. I was too anxious just now. If I’ve said anything that offended you, please forgive me.”

In response, Boris flashed her a smile and replied, “It’s all right. Back then, I bragged that I could cure Amelia because I was too confident in my medical skills. It’s my dereliction of duty that her condition hasn’t improved. I thought that I’d perfected my medical skills, but the truth is I’ve overestimated myself.”

Looking in his direction, Amelia comforted, “Boris, your medical skills are good. There’s nothing we can do if you can’t find a suitable cornea. You don’t need to blame yourself. This isn’t your fault.”

Boris pondered with a sullen face and stated, “Amelia, you should go back with Tiffany first. I’ll see you during the next check-up.”

“Okay. We’ll take our leave then.”

After leaving the clinic and getting into the car, Tiffany slammed the steering wheel angrily and complained, “They said they’ve gathered the best ophthalmologists from all over the world and would be able to operate when they came up with a complete plan. It’s just bullsh*t. It has been so long, but your condition hasn’t improved at all.”

On the contrary, Amelia was calm and collected. “Tiff, there’s no need to be angry. It’s not easy to find a suitable cornea. Don’t blame Boris.”

Infuriated, Tiffany spoke without thinking. “Amelia, do you want to be blind your whole life?”

At that, Amelia’s face blanched, and her eyes turned dull.

Knowing that she had made a mistake, Tiffany hurriedly explained, “Amelia, that’s not what I meant. I’m just worried about you.”

Amelia leaned against the passenger seat and said indifferently, “I know.”

Tiffany moved her lips but did not know what to say.

All of a sudden, the atmosphere in the car became a little awkward.

Both of them were silent along the way back to the neighborhood. As soon as they alighted from the car, Amelia Hutton walked toward them.

“Amy, Tiffany,” she greeted them with a smile.

“Hi, Amelia.” Seeing that she had a suitcase with her, Tiffany questioned, “Where are you going?”

“My mom misses me, so I’ve to fly back to Saspiuburg. I probably would stay there for ten to fifteen days,” answered Amelia Hutton.

“I see. Say hello to Mrs. Hutton for me when you see her,” remarked Tiffany.

At the same time, Amelia Winters also reminded, “Be careful. Give us a call when you arrive in Saspiuburg.”

“Okay, Amy. Then I shall leave now. I’ll contact you once I arrive in Saspiuburg.”

After saying goodbye to each other, Tiffany helped Amelia into the apartment.

Looking at Amelia, she queried, “Babe, are you still mad at me?”

Amelia tilted her head as if she was confused.

“Mad at you?”

“I said all those stuff earlier. I’m afraid that you’ll be angry.”

Instantaneously, Amelia burst out in laughter. “Tiff, we’ve known each other for so many years. Am I someone who gets angry for no reason?”

“That’s not what I mean. I’m just worried that you’ll feel uncomfortable when you hear the word ‘blind.’“

“I am blind. Even if I want to run away from reality, I’m still blind. Don’t worry. I didn’t feel uncomfortable. Besides, I’ve already accepted the fact that I’m blind. You’re the only one who’s worried that I’ll mind.”

Tiffany took a careful look at Amelia’s side profile. After she became blind, Amelia had softened up.

The mild and mellow Amelia made Tiffany feel unfamiliar and distressed at the same time.

The woman who used to be arrogant has become easy to get along with now. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

In truth, Tiffany was pretty upset, as she still wanted to see the confident and energetic Amelia.

However, her thoughts instantly vanished when Tony came running to her.

“Mommy, Tiffy, you’re finally back. I miss you so much.” As he spoke, Tony threw himself into Amelia’s arms.

A smile crept on Amelia’s face as well. Then, she crouched down and touched his face. “Did you behave yourself while I’m away?”

Immediately, Tony gave her two pecks on the cheeks and answered, “Mommy, I’m extremely obedient. Why don’t you ask Daddy?”

“Daddy” naturally referred to Kurt, as Tony was brought up by Kurt. When Tony learned to speak, he called Kurt “Daddy” naturally. Amelia had corrected him numerous times regarding that, but Tony retorted wisely, “Mommy, the kids on TV called the man who brought them up ‘Daddy.’ Kurt was the one who brought me up. If he isn’t my daddy, then who is he?”

While holding his hand, Amelia corrected him with a serious face, “Tony, Kurt is your Godpa, not your daddy.”

“Then where is my daddy?”

Amelia was rendered speechless by his question.

In the end, Tony won the argument.

“Mommy, Daddy made me pasta. It’s really delicious. You should come and eat too,” suggested Tony as he took Amelia’s hand.

Tiffany was following behind them, pretending to be unhappy. “Tony, you’re only close to your mommy. I’ve spoilt you for nothing.”

In a flash, Tony let go of Amelia’s hand and ran in front of Tiffany. Waving his hand, he signaled Tiffany to squat down. Then, he kissed her on both her cheeks and whispered, “Tiffy, I love you too. Besides Mommy and Daddy, I love you the most.”

Tiffany was overjoyed when she heard that.

“Your son is two, but he already excels in comforting people. When he grows up, he’ll definitely be good at picking up girls,” exclaimed Tiffany.

Tony shot her a contemptuous look and declared, “Tiffy, I’m only interested in women who are as pretty as Mommy. If they’re not that pretty, I won’t even bother.”

Hearing that, both Amelia and Tiffany laughed out loud.

Shortly afterward, Tiffany helped Amelia to sit at the dining table. At that moment, Kurt happened to come out of the bedroom. Seeing that Tony was clinging onto Amelia all the time, he curled his lips into a smile and inquired, “Have you eaten? I’ll warm the food for you.”

Tiffany gave Kurt a thumbs up and complimented, “Kurt, you’re such a perfect man. Not only are you doing well at your job, but you’re a good cook as well. Not to mention you could be romantic at times. You’re the perfect boyfriend every woman could have dreamed of.”

While chewing the food in his mouth, Tony suddenly asked, “A perfect man like Daddy belongs to Mommy. Daddy and Mommy, when are you getting married?”

Upon that, Amelia almost choked on her saliva.

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