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Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 361

Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 361

Biological Sisters

Moments later, Tiffany called the boss of the advertising company. Since the boss and Derrick knew each other, the former did not make things difficult for Rory and hired her straight away. However, they had set a probation period for her. If she was competent for the job, she would become a permanent employee. Otherwise, she would have to leave the company. In actuality, that was what Tiffany requested in secret because she wanted to teach Rory a lesson that not everyone could take advantage of her and get away scot-free.

Rory did not care about that and went to work at the advertising company merrily. After working there for a week, she bought a lot of things and came to visit Amelia. She asked how Amelia was and seemed worried about her condition as if they were biological sisters.

After Rory left, Tiffany, who was sitting on the sofa, gave a sardonic smile. Seeing how good Rory was at pretending, she had to admit that Rory was a woman who was adaptable to her surroundings, and she was suitable to work in a company.

She enunciated sarcastically, “This woman’s temperament changed as soon as she entered a workplace. She’s quite suitable to work in a company. I only hope that we aren’t helping an ingrate.”

Upon hearing that, Amelia burst out laughing. “Tiff, Rory isn’t as bad as you said. Besides, we’re just her ex-employer. Now that she’s no longer working for us, she has nothing to do with us anymore. In fact, she didn’t even make any mistakes when she was taking care of me all this while. I don’t think she’s such an ungrateful person.”

Nonetheless, Tiffany still felt infuriated. If it was about other things, she would definitely turn a blind eye, but for some reason, she was not too fond of Rory, the girl from the countryside.

As a matter of fact, she had a good impression of girls from the countryside and thought that they were pure. Yet, when she was facing Rory, she could not stop feeling the urge to nitpick on her.

“Babe, I hope you’re right. We’ll see. I’m sure she’ll come begging us for help again in the future,” stated Tiffany firmly.

No one saw it coming, but Tiffany’s statement later turned into reality.

Unwilling to dwell on the topic, Amelia changed the topic. “Kurt has posted a hiring advertisement online. When the time comes, I’ll need your help with the interview. I can do some simple chores on my own now. You and Kurt can go back to work.”

“No problem. This time, you aren’t allowed to hire a caregiver without my permission,” remarked Tiffany.

“I’ll let you decide who to hire.”

At that, the incident with Rory was settled for the moment.

Meanwhile, a male doctor in his early thirties handed Amelia Hutton a folder and commented, “Ms. Hutton, this is your DNA test report. The genes of the person you tested have a 99.9% similarity with your parents’ genes.”

Amelia Hutton’s hand trembled a little, and her expression turned solemn. “Do you mean that the person I want you to test is related to my parents?”

“Ms. Hutton, isn’t that obvious? The similarity percentage is so high. If they aren’t related by blood, then the medical equipment must be broken.”

Holding the folder tightly, Amelia Hutton responded with a smile, “Thank you.”

When she came out of the hospital, she lifted her head and looked at the warm sun, having mixed feelings about the news. Previously, it was only a suspicion. Unexpectedly, Amelia Winters was really her biological sister. Little did she know that she would meet her long-lost sister coincidentally, and she even confirmed it personally.

What a dramatic plot.

Moments later, she cursed under her breath, “Isn’t this f*cking exciting.” Not even a roller coaster was that exhilarating.

After finding out that Amelia Winters was indeed her biological sister, Amelia Hutton hesitated. She did not want the former to go back to the Hutton family. The Hutton family was a big family. Not only was Amelia Winters blind, but she also had a son. It was obvious that she was abandoned by a man. Hence, she thought that it was inappropriate for a woman like Amelia Winters to enter the Hutton family.

In fact, Amelia Hutton was just being hypocritical. It was her who suspected Amelia Winters’ true identity and finally verified it. Yet, after verifying it, she did not want her parents to know about the truth.

However, she still called her elder brother.

Soon, the call was connected, and a cold male voice was heard over the phone. “What’s the matter? Are you out of money?”

Immediately, Amelia Hutton said coquettishly, “Do you think I only call you for money? Can’t I call you when I miss you?”

“If you run out of money, I’ll ask my secretary to transfer some to your account. Don’t stay too long in Beshya. You’re Mom’s only daughter; you should come back and spend some time with her. I’m busy with work, so I don’t have time to keep her company. Come back soon.”

“Okay. I just went back to see her a week ago.” Amelia Hutton acted like a little girl. “By the way, what will you do if I say that I’ve found our long-lost sister?”

“We’re the only children of the Hutton family. There’s no such thing as a long-lost sister. Mom only talked about it because she was bored. Don’t get influenced by her,” said the male voice ruthlessly. “Mom’s mental illness is about to be cured. Don’t say things like this in front of her. Otherwise, I’ll cut off your allowance.”


“No buts. Amelia, you’ve grown up. Stop being so willful.”

Amelia Hutton was rendered speechless by his words.

“I need to attend a meeting now. After you’ve had enough fun, come back to accompany Mom. Then, it’s time for you to think about marriage.”

Soon, the phone call was cut off.

Staring at the black screen, she was at a loss for what to feel.

She could not comprehend what her elder brother meant. Everyone in the Hutton family knew that they had a daughter who was taken away since she was a child. However, they kept their mouths shut about it. Her mother would take out some old photos and tell her that the little girl in them was her elder sister. Yet, her father and elder brother would say that her mother was delusional and that they had never lost a daughter. Because of that, her mother was being sent to a psychiatrist for treatment. In the end, she stopped mentioning the missing daughter, but her body condition had never improved since then.

Looking at the folder, she could not quite put a finger on what was going on. Nevertheless, she had a feeling that her father and elder brother did not want to find the kidnapped daughter.

At least, that was somewhat in line with her intention.

But when she thought of how much her mother had missed her long-lost daughter, she felt torn.

Subsequently, she got into the car, hid the folder, and drove away.

Entering the neighborhood, she took the elevator upstairs and stood outside Amelia Winters and Tiffany’s apartment for a long time. After much hesitation, she rang the doorbell.

Soon, Tiffany opened the door and put on a smile. “Amelia, it’s you. Come on in.”

Coincidentally, Amelia Winters was walking out of the bedroom cautiously when Amelia Hutton entered the living room. “Is Amelia here?”

Immediately, the latter stepped forward and held the former’s hand. “Amy,” she called out affectionately.

Hearing that, Amelia Winters had a wide grin on her face. “Well, aren’t you the sweetest today?”

Amelia Hutton helped her to sit down on the sofa and stated, “I think that you really look like my elder sister.” After a pause, Amelia Hutton probed, “Amy, since we look so similar, have you ever thought that we might be biological sisters?”

Patting the back of her hand, Amelia Winters uttered, “Amelia, although my parents and I aren’t particularly close, all my neighbors know that I’m their daughter. I have never heard from anyone that I’m not the daughter of the Winters family.”

“But what if you’re really my elder sister?”

Confused, Amelia Winters stared at her and said puzzledly, “Amelia, what’s wrong with you today? Did someone talk nonsense in front of you? Don’t believe them. I’m sure we aren’t blood-related. There’s nothing unusual for two people to look alike in this huge world. Don’t overthink it.”


Amelia Winters could not help but chuckle. “Why? Do you wish that I’m your elder sister?”

Nevertheless, Amelia Hutton bit back the words she was about to say.

“Calling you Amy gave me a sense of familiarity. I’m sorry. I forgot myself just now. Please don’t blame me for being willful again.”

“It’s okay. I like you as my younger sister as well.”

For a while, both of them fell silent.

Shortly afterward, Tiffany broke the awkward silence. “It’s time to eat.”

“Amelia, let’s go. I had asked Kurt to head to the market to get some of your favorite crabs. You should eat more later.”

“Thanks, Amy. You’re the best,” flattered Amelia Hutton.

“Fate brought us together. Let’s go over now. Don’t be shy.”

“Okay. I’ll eat a lot later.”

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