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Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 355

Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 355

Head Over Heels

Seeing that Amelia Hutton was about to leave after the meal, Tiffany asked, “Aren’t you going to stay around for a bit?”

“I have to go to the hospital with my friend. She was discharged a few days ago, but for some reason, she still can’t speak. We need to get some answers from the doctor,” Amelia Hutton answered.

Tiffany then cast a glance at the mute girl and asked Amelia Hutton, “Oh, right. What’s your friend’s name? This isn’t the same friend of yours I’ve seen the other day, right?”

“She’s another friend of mine. Her name is Michelle Yates. She’s from Saspiuburg as well. The person you’ve seen that day is busy at work at the moment.”

Tiffany reached out her hand toward Michelle for a handshake, and the latter responded accordingly.

“Nice to meet you, Michelle. Sorry for not greeting you earlier. Don’t hesitate to visit more often.” Tiffany smiled.

Michelle merely flashed her a smile in response.

Amelia Hutton chimed in suddenly, “In that case, Tiffany, I’ll be heading to the hospital with Michelle now.” Then, she turned toward Amelia Winters and said, “Amy, I shall make a move then. I’ll come over for a meal again soon! If that’s okay with you.”

“Of course that’s okay,” Amelia Winters answered.

Amelia Hutton and Michelle left the apartment afterward and waited for the elevator. Despite being claimed to have lost her voice due to surgery, Michelle suddenly voiced out, “Amelia, what’s your intention behind getting close to the girl that resembles you?”

Amelia Hutton flashed a smile as she watched the elevator approaching. “Michelle, do you remember anything about a sister of mine who was abducted when she was only five?”

Michelle gaped at her in disbelief. “Are you saying that she could be your sister?”

When the elevator reached their floor, Amelia Hutton said in a low voice, “Let’s go inside.”

After they had both gotten in, Amelia Hutton continued, “Because of the uncanny resemblance, I think she could be. Mom has always felt bad about what happened—so bad that she has fallen sick because of it. Every day, she would flip through the old photos she had of her. Hence, I think if I can bring her home, Mom’s condition might improve.”

However, Michelle was skeptical of such a coincidence. How could it be? Such an occurrence could only happen in scripted dramas!

“Amelia, that sounds ridiculous.” Michelle refused to believe.

“It could be fate! Mom has been missing her badly for so many years. She would be over the moon if I could really reunite them.” Amelia Hutton’s lips curled into a smile at that thought.

“But aren’t you worried that Mrs. Hutton might end up loving your sister more? You’ve always been the apple of her eye. If another daughter of hers was to appear out of nowhere, aren’t you afraid that you’ll be neglected of her motherly love?”

Upon that, Amelia Hutton fell silent.

Michelle pondered for a moment before continuing with a wicked tone, “Amelia, it’s not that I don’t wish for you to find your long-lost sister. But you’ve seen it with your own eyes as well—she’s blind. She has a son, yet her husband wasn’t there. That means she could be a divorcee. Considering the status of the Hutton family in Saspiuburg, do you think it’s a good idea to acknowledge a blind divorcee? Your family would be the joke of the town among the upper-class society.”

Amelia Hutton then lifted her finger off the button in the elevator. When the elevator doors opened, she stepped out into the empty corridor silently.

Michelle wasn’t sure of Amelia Hutton’s take on what she had said. So she quickly went after her and asked, “Amelia, are you angry?”

Her friend shot her a cold gaze and said sternly, “Michelle, forget everything I’ve just told you in the elevator. If she’s really my sister, my family would still welcome her with open arms even if she’s crippled. Although I care about my reputation, I love my family more. And despite being a successful businesswoman, my mom loves her children with all her heart. That’s why she has fallen sick as a result of her unfaltering love for my sister. So I’ve taken offense to your words. I’d like for you to apologize now.”

Michelle had a grim expression after Amelia stated her stance. “Amelia, I said all that because I have your best interests at heart.”

“Oh, please drop the act. I’ve known you for a while now, Michelle. Just like me, you’re a wolf in sheep’s clothing. So I know what you meant. You don’t have to fake a ladylike image in front of me. Go on, apologize to me now.”

Michelle was infuriated upon hearing that. “Amelia, what did you just say?”

“Not only you’re a party animal, but you hop from a man to another like they mean nothing! And you do all that just for the thrill. Just drop your act already, Michelle. I’m still waiting for your apology,” Amelia Hutton folded her arms and demanded.

Hearing that, Michelle became furious. She stomped her foot and fumed, “You’re so unreasonable, Amelia. Go on and play nice all you want. Let’s see if any good will come out of it. I’m leaving.”

With that, she turned around and left.

Seeing that Michelle had left, Amelia Hutton curled her lips in dissatisfaction. “You should’ve left long ago. Do you think I like having you around?”

Amelia Hutton was acting like a totally different person as compared to when she was mingling with Amelia Winters in the apartment just moments ago.

Meanwhile, Amelia Winters had no idea about the fight between Amelia Hutton and Michelle. She was playing around with Tony back at her apartment. Although he had just turned one, Tony was a smart boy, and he was good with words. As a result, both Tiffany and Amelia Winters had a great time with him around.

“Babe, I think Tony is going to be a sweet talker when he grows up! Despite his age, he’s already such a charmer. Besides, he learned to talk at such a young age!” Tiffany exclaimed.

“He got it from his father. Olivia used to say…” Amelia Winters paused for a moment before continuing, “Last time, Mrs. Clinton told me that Oscar learned to talk when he was only eight months old. The first word that came out of his mouth was ‘Mommy.’ And the funny thing is, Oscar, too, had never been fond of his father until he turned seven.”

Tiffany burst into laughter. “Really? It’s the same with Tony and Oscar as well. Tony would always cry his lungs out whenever Oscar held him. Who knows? Maybe they would even get into a fight when Tony gets older.”

After she said that, neither of them spoke.

Tiffany felt bad when she realized she might’ve said something wrong. “I’m so sorry, Babe. I didn’t mean it.”

“It’s fine. It’s a good thing they get to reunite. I took Tony away when he was still young. But once he has grown up and asks about his father, I wouldn’t stop them from seeing each other. In fact, I wouldn’t have a right to do so. Although he might not know much now, he’d eventually come to his senses when he gets older. So if he chooses to see Oscar, I will let him be,” Amelia Winters lowered her gaze and said calmly.

“All right, let’s not talk about this anymore. Go and get some rest. Tony seems like he could use a nap!”

Amelia smiled and agreed.

Meanwhile, Oscar was sitting at his desk while staring at Derrick with a dark gaze. “What brought you here, Mr. Hisson?”

“Are you not going to invite me to sit?” Derrick questioned.

When Oscar heard that, he stood up and offered Derrick a seat on the sofa. “Go ahead and say what you came here for. Are you here for a chat? I don’t think I have anything to talk to you about, considering that you’ve been hiding my wife from me.” Oscar shot him an icy look.

“Are you still mad at me, Mr. Clinton?”

“Well, shouldn’t I be? You’ve helped my wife escape and settled her down at Beshya. Not only did you not tell me where she was, but you’ve also tipped her off whenever I went there to look for her at Beshya. So, Mr. Hisson, do you think I shouldn’t be angry?”

After taking a glance at Oscar, Derrick said, “Mr. Clinton, the reason I came here, unannounced, is to offer you my apology.”

Amused by what he heard, Oscar crossed his legs and smiled wryly. “Mr. Hisson, what are you on about? Have I caused your business any trouble?”

Refusing to back down, Derrick smiled and explained, “Mr. Clinton, it’s not that. I’m here because I think you’re a friend worth having. I’m told that you’ve withdrawn your efforts in locating Amelia Winters. Hence, I’ve come to apologize. Tiffany and I think that you’re doing all this just to get Anthony back. Besides, admiration for each other can’t be forced.”

At his twisted words, Oscar’s fury morphed into incredulous laughter. Since I have some time on my hands now, let’s play along with you. Although you are as sly as a fox, you’re still no match for me.

“Mr. Hisson, you’re good with your words. In fact, I initially thought that we could actually be friends because we’re pretty alike. However, you should stop pushing my limits. The reason I haven’t gotten back at you ever since I came from Beshya isn’t that I’m afraid of the mighty Hissons you got supporting you. It’s because I don’t want Amelia Winters to clean up your mess for you when she’s still on recovery. In all honesty, you’re quite impressive. But do you think you can ever beat me?” Oscar snorted with his legs crossed.

Derrick remained unruffled as he smiled and said, “You’re a household name in the business world, Mr. Clinton. Hence, I’ve always wanted to be an acquaintance of yours. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to do so. However, Amelia has somehow brought us together. So if you don’t mind our history, Mr. Clinton, I’d like to invite you out for a few drinks with my friends. Since they’re all involved in business dealings, I think you’d be interested in meeting them too.”

In response, Oscar glanced at him and asked, “Is that all?”

Derrick nodded.

After that, Oscar stood up from the sofa and said, “Then you should leave. I don’t need fake friends around me. Also, stop using Amelia to get close to me. You’d only irritate me more. And I pity Tiffany for being with you.”

Derrick, nonetheless, remained cool and unfazed. With a grin on his face, he asked, “What do you mean, Mr. Clinton?”

“Tiffany is too innocent for you. I bet she won’t even realize your evil schemes until it’s too late. Both of you are from different backgrounds. Hence, I don’t think your love for her is sincere.” In other words, Oscar was saying that Derrick was too good for her in terms of both social status and appearance. There was no logical reason behind his love for her.

“Aren’t you the same, Mr. Clinton? From what I understand, Amelia came from a humble background. Since you can love her unconditionally, why can’t I fall head over heels in love with Tiff?” Derrick queried.

Oscar was taken aback at his response.

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