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[Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter No. 2088 ] Novel By Shallow South

On the second day, Freya knew that Ryan was going to go on a blind date.

Heidi took six or seven photos and asked Freya to accompany her to choose.

“Freya, which one do you think is more attractive?” Heidi was already dazzled, “I just picked out such a few photos for a long time.”


Freya was embarrassed.

It took a long time to choose six or seven candidates, and that’s probably the case for the selection of concubines in ancient times.

She leaned over and read the photos on Heidi’s phone one by one, and she had to say that they were all beautiful women, dignified, graceful, and hibiscus…

Hey, if she were a man, she would have envied Ryan.

“Godmother, they all have their own characteristics. It depends on what kind of daughter-in-law you want to find, and what kind of girl Ryan likes.” Freya couldn’t pick it out, and just said jokingly, “If I were Men, just accept it, haha.”

Heidi was also amused by her, “Although you are not a man, you can accept the little fresh meat you like with your current identity.”

“Huh?” Freya I was horrified, and I stammered, “This…this is not so good…if it spreads out, I am afraid it will affect the reputation of the presidential palace.”

“What’s wrong, men can get divorced .” Keep looking for young and beautiful women, why can’t women?” Heidi said generously, “Your godfather and I will visit the royal family of Country Y this time. The divorced eldest princess of Country Y often changes boyfriends. Young and handsome, the Y country news often reports that no one says that the eldest princess is not, but many women are very envious. Women nowadays are very depressive, so they all envy those women who live freely.”

“Godmother, I didn’t expect your thoughts to be quite broad,” Freya quipped.

Heidi smiled and said: “I’m not that old-fashioned. On the contrary, I often use Facebook to keep up with the times, but women still have to focus on their careers and can never put everything into a relationship.”

Freya has deep feelings, nod sympathetically, “godmother, in fact, I feel like meat Ryan, a little plump women, seem to be hearing the last time he happened to mention.”

“in this way, or to the right, the daughter of my old school, grow Fortunately, if he is not satisfied, just follow this…” The two discussed for a long time and finally decided on a candidate.

…In a few days, Freya’s injury has also healed a lot. Although it is not completely healed, at least he can walk normally.

In the morning, she drove a trip to Freycatheli Company.

It hasn’t been here for a long time, and Catherine is basically responsible for the company’s affairs.

After she went in, she inspected and found that the company was better than what she had managed before, and the employees were full of energy.

After arriving at the prime minister’s office upstairs, Catherine was working with a laptop, and Shaun stood behind and massaged her shoulders.

“Baby, how’s the strength?”

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