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[Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter No. 2087 ] Novel By Shallow South

At least now, it’s not the time yet.

Within a few days, Nathan and his wife also returned from abroad.

The couple went out to attend an international conference, and some new changes have taken place in the international situation.

But these are not Freya can worry about, she doesn’t understand anyway.

On the day he came back, when he had dinner, Nathan made a big fire on the dining table. “This Rodney is really getting better and better. You and Freya are good brothers and sisters, and you will go all the way with dirty hats. Click the button, and don’t want to think about the consequences of making trouble. I usually indulge him too much, and I still don’t have my mind.”

Heidi also frowned. Although she is getting older, her temperament is still there. There was also deep dissatisfaction, “I heard that Osher Corporation’s condition is not particularly good recently, and he is deeply caught in negative news, but we don’t care about his affairs in the future.”

“I won’t care about it anymore. It’s half a dime, so he shouldn’t flaunt my reputation outside.”

Nathan lost his temper before eating.

Freya and Ryan didn’t say a word.

After dinner, Heidi took a few gifts from abroad and gave them to Freya. It was not until eight o’clock in the conversation that Freya returned to her place of residence.

Ryan also wanted to go back, but in the end he was stayed by Heidi.

When the mother and son face each other, Heidi looked at the son in front of him, and suddenly asked: “Ryan, tell me frankly, do you like Freya?”

“Mom, when Rodney was talking nonsense, do you believe it too?” Ryan was stunned. Frozen, he laughed, “As long as Freya walks closer to a man, he will feel that Freya is unscrupulous.”

“Nothing is fine. After all, you are not related by blood and are about the same age.”

Heidi didn’t go further, just reminded, “Actually, Freya is a good girl, and I like it. If she didn’t marry Rodney, she just married someone who had nothing to do with the Snow family, even if she was divorced. I won’t oppose you, emotional matters, as long as you like it, I’ve never asked you to marry the right woman, but she married your cousin, and we recognize the goddaughter, so you and her It’s never possible.”

“You think too much.”

Ryan smiled faintly.

He understands what his mother thinks.

When he didn’t have absolute strength, he didn’t want to fight with red face. It was not necessary, it would hurt Freya instead.

Seeing her son so peaceful, Heidi also breathed a sigh of relief.

“Ryan, your dad is the prime minister. We are destined to be the model of Australia in every word and deed. As the son of the prime minister, we have to be cautious in our words and deeds during your father’s reign.”

Heidi said helplessly. “You are not young anymore. Take time to go on a blind date. You can’t get along with other girls except Freya.”

“Mom, what you said is too exaggerated, where I work. A bunch of women, and I don’t want to go. Every time after the blind date , those women cling to me, which is very annoying.” Ryan refused impatiently.

Heidi was speechless, “That’s because you are good, they bother you.”


“That’s it.” Heidi made a decision, “You go back to sleep.”

Ryan turned his head and left.

Oh, a blind date is a blind date.

It’s just that he doesn’t like it.

But he couldn’t refuse. Once he refused, maybe Heidi would suspect that he liked Freya again.

Really annoying.

Which fool of the Snow family let their parents adopt Freya as their goddaughter.

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