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[Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter No. 2086 ] Novel By Shallow South

Jason is speechless.

With so many relatives today, what happened will surely reach the ears of Nathan and his wife who are far away abroad.

Rodney originally disgusted the Nathan couple. Such a disturbance would even offend the Nathan couple to death. Ryan is the only son of the two of them. He usually has a very precious baby, but Rodney gave everything tonight. Ryan was embarrassed.

After a long time, Mr. Snow said, “Maybe the Snow Group handed over to Jessica to be the best choice. I figured it out. If you really give it to Rong, you may be defeated by him. He is too calm, Freya. Remember, don’t let him take Dani to see Sara. My grandson is ruined like this, and I don’t want my great-granddaughter to be ruined.” Jason and his wife nodded.

They also saw that the old man had completely given up on Rodney.

But let alone the old man, they had no idea about Rodney.

Let him go from now on.

…A commercial vehicle is driving on the road.

Freya kept looking out the window without speaking.

She found that as long as she met Rodney, she would be in a bad mood.

She doesn’t know what will happen to other couples after divorce, anyway, she and Rodney can only be enemies.

The car was parked in the parking lot of the Presidential Palace.

After getting off the bus, Ryan pushed Freya back into the house. Freya turned around and said politely to Ryan: “Go back and rest. Today you are tired too. We will coax Dani to sleep at night, and she can’t I have always been dependent on you.”

“I didn’t want Dani to always rely on me. This is not just temporary. When you get better, you will naturally be able to coax Dani to sleep.” Ryan’s deep black eyes locked at her, “You Wouldn’t you still mind those words that Rodney said tonight?”

Freya: “…”

Of course she also minded, and even on the way back, she was still wondering if Ryan liked her a little bit.

“You don’t think too much, right.”

Ryan’s mouth roused playfully, “You recall what it was like when I met you.”

Freya was taken aback , of course she remembered that she was considered a goddaughter. That day, Jason and his wife brought Ryan over, and she was holding a teacup and called to godfather and godmother. At that time, Ryan stood by her side and looked at her curiously.

Ryan said in an awkward tone, “After you were pregnant, you didn’t paint at all, and your complexion was not very good, and you were sick. Later, you became pregnant and had a big belly. Either you had a big belly, or your face was as big as a plate, and you gave birth. After Dani, the appearance in the confinement is even more ugly. Just like you, how could I have a man and woman affection for you ? Don’t think too much about it.” Freya directly exploded, “Ryan, you Do you know how to speak, your face is as big as a plate? Is that exaggeration? Whoever gives birth will not get fat.”

“I’ll be honest, you’re still mad, can you only listen to good things.” Ryan laughed.

“Yes, I just want to listen to good things. Even if I’m a little fatter, my facial features are beautiful. I’m also a beautiful lady with a heavenly fragrance. I don’t want to see you.”

Freya sent him temper.

“Well, I’ll get out.”

Ryan left with a helpless expression.

It wasn’t until he walked out of the villa that his handsome face sank with loss.

If so, he really wants to tell Freya that he likes her.

He didn’t care how those relatives would talk about it.

But after speaking out, Freya would avoid him, and the two could no longer be like before.

That’s not what he wanted.

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