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[Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter No. 2084 ] Novel By Shallow South

Doesn’t know if Rodney questioned too loudly or too surely.

Freya’s head went blank for a few seconds.

Ryan likes her?

No, no, this is unlikely.

But Ryan is always very good to her, and very good to Dani…

She suddenly felt a little flustered.

Not only her, everyone also looked at Ryan.

Especially Mr. Snow, his face was extremely ugly.

In the eyes of everyone, Ryan still said calmly, “Of course I like her. Not only I like her, but my parents also like her. Of course, it’s not just like, but also sympathy and compassion. My mother said Freya, the more you come into contact with this person, the more you will understand her pure quality. Perhaps in your eyes, Rodney, she is a vicious and despicable woman, but our whole family doesn’t think so.”

“Don’t give it to me .” Playing Tai Chi…” Rodney sneered impatiently, “You just don’t have the guts to admit it.”

“Rodney, don’t you think it’s despicable.”

Ryan’s eyes were soft and cold. Replace with a little bit, “Today is your daughter’s Hundred Days Banquet. In front of everyone, you have to admit that a nominal brother likes your ex-wife. Do you want to make yourself a little better, or hope that everyone feels yours?

Marriage is cheating, you are innocent, or your wife divorced you, you will be better off with another man right away, don’t you think you are too selfish. You need me to tell everyone that you and Sarah Did get the certificate the day before yesterday?”

He has always been a gentleman who loves to laugh. In the eyes of the Snow family, it is the first time that Ryan has been angry.

His face is somewhat similar to Nathan, and he will be young next year, but his angry look is exactly the same as Nathan, which will make people fear from the heart.

Suddenly, the whole restaurant was silent.

Those who were still skeptical about the relationship between Ryan and Freya immediately became even more disappointed with Rodney.

The relatives of the Snow family couldn’t figure out how Rodney would marry such a woman.

Rodney’s face turned pale and blue in the eyes of everyone, “I can’t do anything to marry Sarah, she has been ruined in her life, and I have to take responsibility.”

Ryan dragged away the chair, walked out, and said coldly. “You can be responsible, whatever you are responsible, none of us stop you, but you can’t say this in front of everyone today. You will make it difficult for Freya to step down. What do you want? I want her to fall into the love triangle of the two brothers in your Snow family, with a reputation for being unscrupulous, and let her have no place in your Snow family.”

Freya’s pupils trembled slightly.

I have to say that if things are not handled properly today, the Snow family might really not wait to see her.

She didn’t care, but she was afraid of affecting Dani.

Obviously, the faces of Jason and his wife are not very good.

Jason directly patted the table angrily.

“I haven’t thought about this.” Rodney glared at Ryan, “I just want to expose your hypocrisy, and I dare to swear to the sky that you have thoughts about Freya.”

“Enough, don’t you anymore. Hold on to this point.”

Freya couldn’t bear to stare at Rodney with red eyes, “You’re endless, we are already divorced, and Ryan and I are innocent, and I didn’t even have a hand. I’ve met, even if I live in the Presidential Palace, he lives in one building. I live in one building and I don’t understand. He helps me and just likes me. Don’t I deserve the sympathy of others? Am I not enough? Are you pitiful?” “What pitiful do you have, do you have Sarah pitiful……”

Rodney yelled back without even thinking about it.

Freya smiled “Oh”.

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