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[Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter No. 2083 ] Novel By Shallow South

“Why, I was kicked out of the Snow family group, do I even have the qualifications to return to the Snow family?”

Rodney glanced lightly at Freya. Freya was still sitting in a wheelchair. She wore a goose-yellow sweater, which matched her skin, and her whole face was radiant under the crystal lamp.

Ryan sat quietly beside her like a flower protector.

Deep in his pupils flashed gloomy, and his handsome face became tighter.

Jason said solemnly: “We didn’t let you come back…”

“Since I didn’t let me come back, why did all the relatives of my daughter’s Hundred Days Banquet come? He was not notified at all.”

Rodney raised the volume, eyes surging with anger fell on Freya, “Freya, we are divorced, but my blood will always flow from the child.

There is no right to unilaterally deprive me of the right to see her.”

Freya frowned and Wendy hurriedly got up to explain, “Freya didn’t stop your father and daughter from meeting, but I was afraid that you would be embarrassed when you meet… “

Just because of embarrassment, can’t I see my daughter for the rest of my life?” Rodney glared at Wendy, “Mom, you will miss your grandson, and I will miss my daughter.”

He roared like a little beast. , Making Wendy a little uncomfortable.

Freya raised her head and stared at Rodney, “I didn’t prevent you from meeting Dani. You can see her in private, but I don’t agree with you taking Dani out privately, because…. .. I don’t want my daughter to have any contact with Sarah.”

“It’s my business who I want to take Dani to meet. Wouldn’t you find a man in the future and wouldn’t you bring Dani to contact him?”

Rodney glanced at Ryan next to her, and suddenly smiled, “Or you have brought Dani and the man you are ambivalent with, right? Is Dani familiar with him now? Do you want to call him next time? Dad, Ryan, don’t you say it?”

Everyone’s complexion changed.

Ryan’s face became cold.

Freya’s beautiful face flushed with anger, “When Rodney, keep your mouth clean.”

“My mouth is clean, but you are not clean. You dare to say that you and Ryan are nothing, he has long been attracted to you. You two live in the presidential palace every day, who knows…”


Jason slapped the table angrily, “When Rodney, were you crazy? There must be a limit to nonsense.” “I’m nonsense.”

Rodney laughed, “Haha, Ryan, you dare to be in front of everything. Human face swears that you don’t like Freya? Have you ever thought about her? You f*cking don’t like her.

Will you take her into the presidential palace? Will you take care of my cousin?

Freya has half a dime relationship with your presidential palace. There is no blood relationship at all.

You f*cking hid deeper than anyone else. You covet your own sister-in-law and want to give it to Dani Being a stepdad, I didn’t dare to admit that he was a scumbag.”

Everyone was taken aback when they heard it, and even the elders of the Snow family sank their faces.

Indeed, Ryan and Freya have no blood relationship, but they are really good to her, and good…

If Ryan likes Freya, then this relationship is really messy and unusual, and it would really be a scandal to spread it out.

Elder Snow also clenched his chopsticks unconsciously.

“So did I help her wrong.”

Ryan, the client who was the most calm at the table, stood up slowly, “I shouldn’t help her divorce, shouldn’t take her into the presidential palace, shouldn’t deal with it. You cousin, I should let your cousin flutter outside, and the wife at home swallows, and should let you take Dani to meet Sarah and let her be the child’s new mother, right?”

Rodney’s beautiful handsome face twitched slightly, and he stared at Ryan with hatred, “I’m asking you, Ryan, do you have the courage to admit that you like her?”

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