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[Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter No. 2082 ] Novel By Shallow South

Hadn’t arrived at the meal, Freya was physically inconvenient, so she simply sat in the lounge and watched Ryan and Carson’s brothers play pool together.

When it was almost time for dinner, Jessica also came back. She was wearing lipstick, with pearl earrings on her ears, and wearing a long woolen coat. However, she was tall and had a cold and lonely temperament and also appeared mature and Sexy.

There was silence in the dining room. After all, everyone knew that the Snow family had changed a bit a few days ago. The old man Snow was almost forced by Jessica. He was a lot older and forcibly handed over the power to Jessica.

“Freya, this is a gift I bought for Dani.” Jessica handed over a square box with exquisite packaging. “It’s a small robot, it’s fun, and there is a red envelope inside.”

“Thank you.”

Freya is grateful. Now, she is sincerely grateful to Jessica, “Sister Freya, sit down.”

“Freya, your posture as a strong woman is getting stronger now, but work is important, so don’t ignore your feelings. Don’t let your aunty introduce you.” The aunty on the side said with a smile.

“I just want to manage the Snow family well, I don’t have much thoughts about the relationship at present.” Jessica replied lightly.

Freya couldn’t help but glanced at her more.

In fact, Jessica is quite beautiful and many men should like her, but after her husband died, she has not been looking for a partner…

My brother didn’t look for it either.

These two people shouldn’t…

“I’ll help you put away the toys, and take them back later.” Ryan suddenly took the things in her hand and interrupted her thoughts.

The nanny brought the dishes.

Freya picked up the chopsticks and was about to start eating.

At the gate, another slender figure came in, a light gray motorcycle leather jacket, jeans and boots underneath. Although the outline was a little thinner, the lines on the face were still as beautiful as before. After death, a pair of peach eyes became indifferent. a lot of.

He suddenly appeared when he saw Rodney.

All the guests were strangely quiet again.

It was different from Jessica before.

Jessica is here, and everyone is at most afraid that Mr. Snow will feel uncomfortable, but they also understand that Mr. Snow has compromised, and later he also accepted the reality.

And friends and family have a good impression of Jessica.

As for Rodney’s emergence, it was because relatives had received news before. Don’t tell Rodney about this. The main reason is that Freya and Rodney might be embarrassed when they bump into each other.

But he didn’t expect Wendy to exhort her thousands of times, and Rodney still came.

In fact, Rodney rarely came back recently. After Sarah was discharged from the hospital, Rodney knew that the Snow family didn’t like Sarah, so Rodney stayed with Sarah in a private villa outside.

These few days are considered the first day to come.

At this moment, after seeing Rodney, everyone looked at Freya again, and the atmosphere was very strange.

Finally, Jason gave a light cough and asked, “Why are you here?”

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