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[Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter No. 2081 ] Novel By Shallow South

Don’t frighten people.

“What are you laughing at.” Freya was inexplicable.


Ryan yawned as soon as he finished speaking.

Freya hurriedly said when she saw this, “You should take a short break. You must be very tired today. I was very tired watching the art photos taken by me.

Forget it, I will use my mobile phone to take pictures of Dani in the future. Children can’t take photos of art, and adults are tired.”

“I can’t say that. It’s a tiring and happy thing to be with a child. It’s just that you have to spend more time thinking about art photos, but when she grows up in the future Now, I’ll be very happy to look at these photos.”

Ryan said gently, “I have a five-year-old nephew, and I like to look through the photos of his baby when her mother took him. I made a photo album and took several artistic photos. My little nephew often took it out and looked through it. Every time I went, he would take it out and share it with me. Every time I read it, he laughs, but he is happy.”

“Is it.” Freya was surprised, but she thought of Suzie and Lucas, Lucas did not like to take pictures, but Suzie asked Catherine to take pictures of her when she went to the park.

“Well, our Dani is so cute and beautiful, we must take more pictures, and then we can make a lot of photo albums for her.”

Ryan looked down at Dani’s sleeping face and smiled slightly.

Freya looked at him sideways and lost consciousness for a while.

In fact, it’s no wonder that the instructor before felt that Ryan was married, and that he was really patient, gentle, and caring for his children.

The two people met from morning to night, and he even coaxed Dani to sleep at night.

He may be more tolerant of Dani than his own mother.

How could there be such… in this world.

Forget it, what on earth is she thinking.

No matter how good Ryan is, he is only his brother in name, the kind of brother who was a few months old.

The car journey to Snow’s old house was a bit far away. After the two did not chat, Ryan fell asleep leaning on the seat.

He lifted his head slightly, revealing a very stiff nose, and his eyelashes were thick and distinct under the sunlight outside the car.

Dani lay in his arms and slept soundly for one child but even if he fell asleep, his arms were bent subconsciously, as if he was afraid of Dani falling.

Aunty Cally stretched her hand over, trying to hug Dani.

But the sleeping Ryan subconsciously stretched out his hand to block it, but changed his posture to hold Dani tighter.

Dani’s sweet sleeping face also leaned against the sweater on his stomach.

Freya moved slightly in her heart, took out her mobile phone, and took a picture of the two of them.

…After arriving at the Snow’s old house.

Ryan woke up when the car stopped.

Wendy rushed over and immediately hugged her love-sun over with a smile.

Dani fell asleep this time and didn’t wake up.

Soon the old man and some relatives of the Snow family also came over.

“Oh, my little niece has grown so big all of a sudden.” Carson said, leaning his head, “Before, she was like a little mouse, but now it’s round, like a pig.”

“Can you speak Little pig, how cute Dani is?” Wendy gave her son a blank look and smiled, “Freya, don’t stand outside, come in quickly.”

Freya followed in.

Coming here again, she has been divorced and her mentality is different. She feels that she is completely a guest, although she is upstairs, and there is still her room.

It is true that Wendy did not engage in a big banquet, but called a few relatives in the family to come over for a meal, but there were a lot of relatives, and there were two tables after he got it.

When the relatives saw Freya, they said hello as before, but everyone did not mention Rodney in a tacit understanding.

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