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[Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter No. 2079 ] Novel By Shallow South

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2079

“You child…” Wendy regrets that she has not had such a good daughter-in-law again, “but my waist is okay recently, but I have a headache, get angry, and worry a lot.”

Freya thought to herself that if she had a son like Rodney, she would not only have headaches, but also high blood pressure and cerebral hemorrhage.

On Saturday, Ryan was resting.

At 9 a.m., the driver drove a commercial vehicle all the way to a children’s photography studio in Canberra.

Freya has never inquired about the photography studio, but she believes in Ryan’s ability to do things.

After that, she knew that the photography studio was in a group of villas near the seafront promenade. The decoration inside was exquisite, and there were various styles of children’s photography. There were also various styles of children’s clothes.

“It should be very expensive here, how much money, I will pass it to you…”

Freya said to Ryan while the staff was going to pour the tea.

Ryan smiled and said, “No, didn’t you tell your aunty that Dani took an artistic photo? She asked me privately how much I spent, and I reported a number, and aunty transferred me a sum of money.”


Freya was speechless for a while, helping her forehead, “There is no need to take it, will you tell me directly…”

“Don’t be silly, your money came from a strong wind. When you got divorced, Rodney didn’t give a dime. What happened to their family taking an artistic photo for

Dani ?” Ryan suddenly said seriously, “Even, even for a hundred days of wine, in order to make the elders of the Snow family happy. , You all agree to work at the Snow family.

People in the Snow family are my relatives. They are usually very good to me. I can’t comment on anything, but you have to understand that if I’m not to help you this time, It is absolutely possible that Rodney will become the successor of the Snow Group.”

Freya said: “I just don’t want their money just because I know…”

“Okay, I won’t accept it next time.” Ryan nodded.

Freya was stunned , “You don’t persuade me, didn’t you just say I’m stupid.” “Maybe it’s because you are so stupid that I will always protect you.” Ryan smiled at her.

Freya’s nose suddenly became a bit sour.

Can’t tell, the way is unclear, but she understands that Ryan is really good to her, “Ryan, you are so good to me, and I will be good to you in the future, and will be good to your wife and your children.”

Ryan: “…” I beg you, just shut up if you can’t speak.

…The next art photos did not go well.

Originally Aunty Cally wanted to help, but Dani was obedient at first, and became impatient after less than half an hour of shooting. She also ignored the guide at all, always crying, Aunty Cally couldn’t figure it out, and the guide couldn’t help. The other servants confessed Dani that they were born again, and later Ryan took the initiative to step forward and interact with Dani, making Dani giggled from time to time.

Freya sat in a wheelchair and looked at it and felt that it was tiring to accompany her children to take artistic photos, but Ryan didn’t find it bothersome at all. Every time Dani was about to cry again, he hugged Dani in the house. Walked around and nursed her again.

The facilitator poured a cup of hot tea for Freya and said with a smile: “Your husband has done such a good job. I have no chance to use it at all.”

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