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[Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter No. 2078 ] Novel By Shallow South

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 2078

“Well, I was wrong. I shouldn’t be joking about your big breasts.”

Ryan squatted next to her, staring at Dani, but what he said was to her, “Although you and I am stupid in life, but I am still very clever at work. You see that you can research so many bottles and cans. If I can’t do it, I admire you researchers the most when I was a kid.”

Freya was praised, red lips curled up, and quickly pressed down, “What kind of researcher I am?, I just research some cosmetics.”

“What’s wrong with cosmetics, it can make everyone beautiful, wow, if it weren’t for your greatness Researchers of, I don’t know how many vicissitudes of old faces need to be added to this world. It is you who make the world more beautiful.” Ryan suddenly turned his head, and his dark eyes blinked mischievously at her.

After Freya met his eyes, she subconsciously raised her hand and lightly hit him on the shoulder, “You are too exaggerated.”

“I’m not exaggerating. I respect the positions of all walks of life.” After Ryan finished speaking, I glanced at the watch on my hand, “I have to go to the front yard to help my dad meet a guest. I will come when Dani is going to bed later. By the way, I have an appointment with the photography company and I will take it on Saturday. Dani went to take a hundred-day photo.” Freya was startled, “If you are busy…”

“It’s okay.” Ryan smiled, her back disappearing in the street lamp outside.

Freya looked back at her daughter, the little guy was almost a hundred days old.

Not only did Freya think of this, but the Snow family also thought of it.

The next day, when Wendy came to see her, she mentioned this matter, “Your grandpa said, should you hold a good banquet on Dani’s birthday…”

Freya shook her head and refused. “No, Rodney and I are divorced. At this time, we are still arrogantly offering Dani a 100-day wine. The guests will think it’s ironic, unnecessary.”

Wendy sighed, “What you said is not unreasonable, so let’s have a meal with some relatives in the Snow House. Your grandfather hasn’t seen Dani for a long time. It’s weird. Don’t worry. Necessary trouble, we haven’t notified Rodney, anyway…”

“In fact, it’s not impossible for him to see Dani.” Freya interrupted her, “Legally speaking, he is always Dani’s biological father, I can’t stop him from seeing his daughter, but I don’t want him to take his daughter out alone. I don’t want him to recognize Dani, I’m just afraid that he will take someone out to see him.

Sarah, the promise from his mouth is very good, but I will not believe what he said.” Wendy nodded, “Freya, if you can think about it this way, you can see that you are a very reasonable girl, but unfortunately. …Forget it, Rodney won’t cherish it, and I can’t help it. I understand your concerns.”

Since knowing that Rodney made Sarah pregnant, Wendy didn’t quite believe what this son said. .

Moreover, the recent intrigue between the three children has also made her very tired. She and Jason finally discussed with them that the children are all grown up, and they don’t want to worry about the messy things anymore.

The more you manage, the more people will end up hurting.

Rodney wanted to marry anyone with whom he would marry.

But they would never allow Rodney to bring Sarah into Snow’s old house.

“By the way, do you want to take some artistic photos for Dani , I look at other children…”

Dani had already taken the pictures yesterday.” Freya lied, if Wendy knew to give it to Dani the day after tomorrow will definitely follow when taking art photos, but Wendy’s waist has not been very good. Taking art photos is also tiring, and she doesn’t want to trouble Wendy anymore.

“Why don’t you tell me.” Wendy complained.

“I thought about your bad waist, so I didn’t call you.”

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