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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2920 By Desirenovel

Chapter 2920

Shaun laughed out loud. He can’t help but eat melons for this sake.

Shaun: “Dean Edwards, you don’t know something. Last night, Miss Eliza thought he was useless, so she agreed to get back together with him. Now you said he was fine. If Miss Eliza knew the truth, would you think that Chester bribed you to deceive her.”

Dean Edwards was stunned for a moment, then said with a dark face, “My wife usually thinks I’m not good enough in bed, and this is the first time I’ve heard that women accept relationships because men are not good enough.”

Chester said with a dark face angrily: “Since I have no problem, why didn’t you tell Eliza directly last night, and lied to her that I was useless.”

“Didn’t I scare her.”


Chester didn’t want to speak for a moment, he was really thankful.

Dean Edwards saw that his face was very bad, and he was also in a very bitter mood. It was the first time he tried his best to save someone, but he said that he shouldn’t have saved him, “Why don’t you make it up again? This time I’m sure I won’t save you, can you?”

Shaun was happy, and immediately handed over the fruit knife, “I support, I have never seen such a shocking scene, why don’t you open my eyes?”

“Get out.” Looking at the knife, Chester felt a dull pain somewhere, “Do you think I stabbed cotton? It was because I was not so clear-headed last night that I had the courage. The pain is even a hundred times worse than when I was in my big leg.”

If Chester did it all over again, to be honest, he would never dare to fear of pain again.

Shaun was funny, so he took an apple and peeled it, “Let me tell you, if you don’t talk about it, I won’t tell and Dean Edwards doesn’t tell her, so Eliza won’t know. When your relationship is stable, you can find an excuse to say that foreign medical skills are advanced, or that Australian medicine is extensive and profound. If you want to try hard to treat her, you can go abroad for half a month, or drink Australian medicine for a period of time, and then tell her that you are fine. I think that time She’ll be happy to see you, too.”

“Yes.” Dean Edwards said, “Women can’t afford not to live for a lifetime, not to mention that Eliza is still so young, it’s a hurdle for a woman to reach 30.”

Chester: “…Okay, then you keep it a secret.”

Dean Edwards: “No problem.”

After visiting Chester, Shaun went upstairs to find Catherine.

“Husband, Chester is okay.” After Catherine finished speaking, she suddenly smiled again, “Charity agreed to get back together with him. Although she is probably injured, she should be very happy.”

“Yeah, when I went in, kept laughing from ear to ear.” Shaun said while sneaking a glance at Charity who was not far away.

“Okay, go get busy, I’ll wait for Mrs. Robbins to wake up here.” Catherine told Shaun to leave first.

Mrs. Robbins slowly woke up from the anesthesia at 1:00 p.m.

Charity was injured and couldn’t do many things. Fortunately, Dean Edwards introduced a capable nurse over there.

For the next few days, Charity stayed at the hospital during the day and went back to accompany the child at night.

On the morning of the fourth day, she came over with breakfast.

In the ward, Mrs. Robbins was sitting on the bed, Chester was sitting in the wheelchair, the two chatted happily.

“Eliza, are you with Chester?” Mrs. Robbins asked gossipingly as soon as they met.

Charity glanced at the instigator Chester speechlessly.

Chester quickly coughed lightly, “Auntie will know about this sooner or later.”

“It’s good to be together.” Mrs. Robbins said, “Eliza, you can’t dislike Chester’s legs, he became a leg for you this way.”

Charity: “Okay, I see, Mom, you can have breakfast.”

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