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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2917 By Desirenovel

Chapter 2917

When Charity returned home, it was already late at night.

She went to the nanny’s room to look at Levi for a while, but when she returned to the room, she didn’t feel much sleepy.

Maybe it’s the hand that hurts, or maybe it’s something else….

The next day, after an early breakfast, when Charity arrived at the hospital, Dr. Walker was already preparing to operate on Mrs. Robbins.

There was gauze on Charity’s hands that couldn’t be covered, Mrs. Robbins saw it at a glance, “Oh, what did you do with this hand?”

“Oh, I accidentally scratched it.” Charity explained in a calm tone.

“Eliza, you are too careless. How can you let me have surgery with peace of mind!” Mrs. Robbins chattered a lot, and her words were full of a mother’s concern for her daughter.

Until Dr. Walker gave Mrs. Robbins anesthesia and pushed her into the operating room.

The patient was pushed in first, and after Dr. Walker changed his clothes, he walked up to Charity apologetically, “I’m sorry, Young master Jewell was threatened because of my granddaughter last night. Don’t worry, today’s operation I will perform the operation myself, and I will make your mother recover as soon as possible.”

Charity: “Thank you, Dr. Walker.”

Charity knew very well that this kind of operation was usually performed by doctors instructing interns, and if Dr. Walker can perform the operation himself, Mrs. Robbins will be fine in all aspects.

Not long after the operation started, Catherine and Freya came over.

As soon as they met, Freya reprimanded her head and face, “Charity, you are too much. You didn’t tell us about such a big thing as auntie’s operation, and you didn’t tell us about your injury. Are you a good friend?”

“It’s just a minor operation.” Charity was surprised by their appearance, “As for my hand, it was just a cut and a few stitches. It’s not a big problem, but you guys, how did you know?”

Catherine said angrily: “My husband heard that something happened to Chester last night. When I contacted him, I found out that your mother had undergone an operation. So, Freya and I came over. Shaun was visiting Chester in another building. It’s not that I said, is the number of times he was hospitalized a bit too frequently, and what’s wrong this time!”

Charity: “…”

So they didn’t know about this kind of thing How should Charity speak, after all, it’s too embarrassing.

Freya had already used her imagination, and said gossipingly: “We see that your hand is also hurt, maybe Chester was drunk last night and wanted to cheat on you, but you resisted desperately and accidentally picked up Knife, and then both lose?”

“Your imagination…is very rich.” Charity couldn’t laugh or cry, “But this matter…cough, it’s very embarrassing, you must not talk about it.”

“I promise to keep my mouth shut.” Freya’s eyes lit up, she was extremely curious.

Charity briefly told about Chester being threatened to go to Jewell’s house, and then said embarrassingly, “I went to look for him later, it seemed to have stimulated him, and he was not very conscious at the time, so… …swinging the knife like that, I wanted to block it, but my hand was scratched like that.”

Freya was very excited, “Why was I not there for such a wonderful scene?”

Catherine blushed, “Why did you go to the scene?”

Freya: “I’ve never seen a picture of a man falling in love with someone so crazy that he swings his knife from the palace. Usually when men encounter this kind of thing, don’t they always take advantage of the opportunity to jump on their hands? Tsk, Chester is awesome. He is really the most ruthless person I have ever seen, he used to be ruthless to others, but now he is even more ruthless to himself.”

Catherine wanted to say something to refute, but after opening her mouth for a long time, she found that she had to admit Freya’s words.

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  1. Freya is absolutely right. Chester used to be ruthless to others but now he is even more ruthless to himself. So happy that Charity gave him a chance! 😀💞

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