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Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2916 By Desirenovel

Chapter 2916

“You should have said earlier… I could have lost that thing long ago, so why wait until today.” Chester’s handsome face was full of childlike joy.

Charity: “…”

Seeing his indifferent attitude, Charity was really speechless. Did Chester think that thing was a hair, and if she said no, he didn’t want it.

For a man, it was a lifetime of shame.

He’s fine but he didn’t wish.

“I don’t know that you don’t care so much.” Charity said intentionally, “In the past, you changed women like you changed clothes, but now you change your mind and become like a lover.”

Chester could hear that Charity was mocking herself, but he didn’t care anymore, “Charity, if I hadn’t separated from you because of a misunderstanding when I was young, I wouldn’t have fallen, and I wouldn’t have had so much malice towards you.”

Charity didn’t take it seriously, “If you trust me enough, why would you be a misunderstanding?”

“Charity, if you put yourself in my position and someone imitated my handwriting to write a diary, do you think you can not misunderstand?” Chester asked with a soft sigh, “I have understood the past for so long, there is no need to pursue it, but I want you to understand that it is because I care about you that I can’t keep calm about some things. Even if I am a few years older than you, I will not feel safe.”

“Maybe you’re right.” Charity sighed softly, let her go with the wind for the past.

At this moment, Chester was very satisfied, “Charity, go back and rest, Auntie Robbins will have an operation tomorrow, and Levi can’t leave you. For me, kaiden is enough to accompany you.”

“Yes.” Charity could tell which was more important, she still had a lot of things to do, the most important thing was to take care of herself first.

Although she promised Chester to get back together, after so many things, she would no longer put him in the most important position like before.

“I’ll come see you tomorrow.” Charity tucked in the quilt for him.

When Charity was about to leave, Chester suddenly grabbed her hand.

“Charity, can you… kiss me.” Chester greedily stared at her pink lips.

Charity raised her brows and bent slightly.

Chester’s breathing seemed to stop suddenly, he nervously watched her lips getting closer and closer, and when they were about to touch each other, Charity stopped.

“Just as soon as I reluctantly agreed to you, I want to kiss you but it’s a dream.” Charity shattered his delusion with a smile.

Chester froze. After seeing the loss visible to the naked eye and catching the narrowing in her eyes, enduring the pain, Chester lifted his body vigorously and put his thin lips on hers.

The Kiss was so soft and sweet.

“Chester, you really don’t want your body…” Charity quickly stood up straight and stared at him fiercely.

“For you, I will definitely get better as soon as possible. OK, You go now.” Chester chuckled.

Charity gave him a helpless look before finally turning around and leaving.

Not long after, Kaiden came in. At first he was worried that Chester would be overwhelmed but he was in a good mood, his lips curled up, but his face was not too pale, it could almost be described as beaming.

“Young Master Jewell, are you alright?” Kaiden was a little worried, maybe it just irritated his mind.

“It’s okay, Charity has promised me to get back together.” Chester said and smiled.

“Really?” Kaiden was speechless. He felt that Miss Eliza’s brain was not very good, and Young Master Jewell couldn’t do it anymore, but she agreed to get back together.

Was it because Kaiden didn’t understand the love between Chester and Charity? He had already loved to the point where the happiness of the lower body was not important.

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  1. The writer dragged this story so much and the translator of this chapter has failed us….. you guys are probably a group and whoever is available is the one that does the translation… you have to figure it out yourself what they mean.🙄

  2. Sometimes the translation is very good while sometimes it’s pure “Chinese English ” hah!! Pull up your socks guys.but anyway thanks alot.

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